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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

IT REALLY IS A PETITE PEACHY: Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Folkmanis Mini Bunny Rabbit! The Absolute Cutest Ever!

By now you know that bunny rabbits are Peachy's favorite animals, and the cutest one around anywhere is this supercute finger puppet by Folkmanis!  With soft fur and eight wispy whiskers, she will wiggle her nose (for pretend!) but when you put your finger in, you can animate her!  Folkmanis makes the best puppets around and we have profiled them many times because they are simply the best.  Inside her ears is a peachy hue and right down to her cottontail, the design of this rabbit is total quality.  Few things are cuter than baby rabbits, as this two-toned Bunny Rabbit finger puppet will convince you. Cuddle him in the palm of your hand and prepare to see some twenty-four "carrot" smiles!  Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Folkmanis Mini Bunny Rabbit!

How to care for Stuffed Animals according to Elaine Kollias, 

Marketing Director of 
Folkmanis, Inc.

Cleaning Recommendations for Furry Plush Puppets:

Our number one rule: DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER. The heat on the dryer drum will singe the fibers and make it coarse and/or frizzy. Even dryers with low heat features can destroy your puppet. Furry plush puppets are best surface-washed in this manner: Use lukewarm water and sponge with Woolite® or other mild laundry detergent to wet and lather fur. Rinse surface with sponge. Heavily soiled furry plush may be washed by hand or in a washing machine in a laundry bag on a gentle cycle using gentle detergent—no bleach, using cold or warm water—not hot. Dry by gently squeezing between towels, or hanging from clothesline to drip-dry. After it’s air-dried, brush with wire dog brush to fluff the furry plush. When brushing face, be careful to avoid scratching the eyes or pulling out the threads in ears, nose, or mouth areas.

We also post this for our customers:

Care and feeding of your Folkmanis Puppets:

You can maintain your puppets' appearance by brushing whenever they need a touch up. Animals with long plush also enjoy a nice fluffing once in awhile. To freshen them up, we recommend a shake-out and thorough grooming with a wire or coarse-bristled brush. By brushing with – rather than against – the fabric grain, you’ll quickly restore the quality and realism of the animal’s fur. BUT NOTE THIS WARNING: a strong brush is no friend to the eyes and ears of an animal. Both can be scratched and damaged if care is not taken to avoid these sensitive areas.

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