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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gotham Gadgets & Gorgeous Gifts for Mr. and Ms. Impossible to Shop For Exclusive from Hammacher Schlemmer: Hammacher Schlemmer Introduces The Best Portable Pocket Digital Television, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Peachy Deegan Just Loves to Watch Football Games on It!

The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute announces The Best Portable Pocket Digital Television after it outperformed all other models in tests for reception, ease of use, and durability.  Peachy Deegan just loves it: the reception, the clarity of the screen, the sound, and the compact nature all impress us.  You just have to remember in our Manhattan bubble where as far as we know you need a cable box for a tv to work you're going to have issues with reception-but you know Peachy went to Washington DC last weekend and the reception was great down there and also on the way down.  It works best when it's upright and it smartly has a little tab that folds out in the back so it stands up on its own like a picture frame.  This actually is the size of a picture frame!  Who knew something so small could be so capable!?

“For 28 years, the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute has performed comparison tests to determine which products are The Best of their kind,” explained Sheri Camarata, Manager of Product Research for the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute.  Never before have we reviewed a portable tv at Whom You Know due to the simple fact that we have not found the best.  Well, we have now!

The portable televisions were tested from the 21st floor of an urban high-rise, inside a suburban, brick ranch house, and in a corporate office. The Best model displayed an average of 34 channels, 47% more channels than any other television, and its percentage of stations with crystal clear reception was 57% higher than its closest competitor.

Built for ease of portability, The Best model is only 4¾" long and its durable construction helps it withstand the rigors of travel.

“The Best Portable Pocket Digital Television did not incur any damage after repeated drops from 3½' high, unlike other models that suffered damage to their battery compartment or housing,” explained Ms. Camarata.

The Best Portable Pocket Digital Television’s superior features include 480 x 272 resolution that produces crisp images and sharp motion devoid of streaking or blurring and a generous 60ยบ viewing angle that allows adjacent viewers to watch programs easily.

The Best Portable Pocket Digital Television is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $199.95. For more information about this product, please visit

About Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer is America’s longest running catalog, offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected since 1848. The company provides unique products that solve problems or represent the only one of their kind, backing all products with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee. Hammacher Schlemmer’s innovative offerings are available through its catalog, website, and its famed landmark store on East 57th Street in New York City.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected Since 1848

163 Years of History

The Reinvention of the Hardware Store

Thirteen years before the Civil War, an uncommon hardware store in New York City's Bowery District made a first impression that still reverberates in the history of retailing to this day.

High-quality hardware was not easy to come by in the early 19th century, and this little store quickly gained a reputation for offering some of the best mortise gauges, saw bummers, plumb bobs and fine tools sold anywhere in the city. Its reputation grew.

Shortly thereafter, a 12-year-old William Schlemmer began selling tools in front of his uncle's hardware store, making $2 a week ($1 of which he mailed home to his family). As years passed, he rose through the company ranks and, with the help of Alfred Hammacher, bought out his uncle's interest in 1867. The two of them then set to reinventing what could be expected of a retail goods store.

Under their tenure, salesmen canvassed the country promoting the company's exceptional selection until a common refrain among craftsman became, "If you can't find it, try Hammacher Schlemmer." In 1878, the store was listed among the initial 271 subscribers in the first New York City telephone directory. The store published its first catalog in 1881: a fully bound hardcover book. By 1912, the catalog contained a total of 1,112 pages and confirmed Hammacher Schlemmer as the most complete hardware source on the East Coast.

So complete were its offerings, that when the first "horseless carriages" arrived, Hammacher Schlemmer offered a Motorist Touring Kit for flat tires and blown gaskets, well before service stations existed. The store's stock even included every replacement part for the most popular pianos of the day.

Having outgrown its Bowery establishment, the firm moved in 1904 to 4th Avenue and 13th Street. The imposing (for its day) seven-story building featured a mahogany-paneled vestibule, oaken display cases and velvet beds for the display of wares. By 1926, even this space proved insufficient, and the company moved to its present location on East 57th Street. There it occupied all twelve floors and offered household essentials, personal necessities and the first electrical appliances.

Products as Unique as Our Name

During the 1930s and 40s, the name Hammacher Schlemmer would become synonymous with innovation. It was here that the world first encountered the pop-up toaster (1930), the electric razor (1934) and the steam iron (1948). Later, Hammacher Schlemmer would offer the first electric pencil sharpener, food processor, electric can opener and automatic coffee maker. Other notable introductions include the first microwave oven (1968), telephone answering machine (1968) and cordless telephone (1975). At their introduction, these products were viewed by many as intriguing gadgets, but the company saw them as functional problem solvers.

Hammacher Schlemmer continues to serve customers' needs in ways that no one else does or can. While some of the products may appear unusual, they all share the common goal of meeting the special needs of our many customers, just as a one-of-a-kind plumb bob did over a hundred years ago. From the beginning, our standards demanded quality, functionality and exemplary service. Some things should never change.

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