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Monday, December 5, 2011


A. Marinelli is focused on fine luxury footwear for women under its own name as well as the new hit line Au Naturel and the line Special Effects. The lines are influenced by the French Mediterranean in the spring and summer and the French Pyrenees in the fall and winter. Au Naturel features cane, wicker, stone-washed linen from Italy, sun-bleached canvas, natural bamboo, natural vaccetta Italian leathers, Italian technicians and designers comfort with style. Whom You Know has highly recommended these lines and you should know they are the brainchild of recent See Manhattan on Your Feet Feature Anthony Marinelli. Most of their products can be found on line at and and in Manhattan they can be purchased at Monaco Shoes 1108 Lexington Avenue (Between 77th and 78th) 212 452 2010 in New York. Other key locations on the East Coast include: Via a Vis in Nantucket, 12th step in Stowe, Vermont, Cuoio in Boston, and Petunias in Martha's Vineyard. If you are looking for other locations, Not only does A. Marinelli make fabulous shoes, but they also run a unique business specializing in doing back room work. For other small businesses that do their own design and sales, A. Marinelli offers superior order entry, accounts receivable, warehousing, logistics and EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! For a tailored program of this nature contact:

Superior Quality and Incredible Cushioning in an American-made product - ENER-GEL-has highly impressed the discriminating panelists of Whom You Know. 

The women rave:

As I am all sure you skipped the black Friday madness, you must have lots of shopping to get done before Christmas. So treat your feet to the most comfortable cushioning possible so that you truly can shop till you drop. Ener-Gel foot beds inserts are like nothing else I have ever felt. Soft and massaging, yet supportive, they make any activity from sports to just walking feel amazing. Even better, they are made in the USA! So pop a pair in your shoes and get out there spending money to lead the economy’s recovery!

If your life is anything like ours, than you know how tired and aching our feet can get at the end of a busy day but we have found a great remedy for our tootsies, Ener-Gel Cushion Maxx! These made in the U.S.A. insoles left our feet feeling wonderful after a 14 hour day out and about. They provided pain relief and support and fit great into our boots and even dainty heels. Unlike other insoles we have tried before, Ener-Gel Cushion Maxx kept our feet cool with their moisture wicking top layer. They provide cushioning gel in the forefoot and heel areas, right where we need it. We felt comfort with every step all day long. The insoles can also be used for sports shoes too, such as running and remain breathable and odor free. We can see why Ener-Gel Cushion Maxx Insoles are the #1 recommended insoles by Podiatrists. We also applaud Ener-Gel's commitment to community and giving back, including their donations to the Wounded Warrior Project. Ener-Gel Cushion Maxx Insoles will be our go to secret weapon when our piggies hit the dance floor at all our Holiday Soirées!

Being a teacher, I'm on my feet the majority of the day. By the time I get home, all I want to do is put my feet up. I've never used insoles before and was very excited to try out the Ener-Gel Insoles. I am so glad I did. My feet felt like they were walking on air all day. I forgot what foot pain was by the end of the first day of wearing the Ener-Gel Insoles. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who is on their feet most of the day. 

It's that time of year when working/standing on hard surfaces, like hospital , office and department store floors, is murder on your feet. To be in a good mood, and to be a happy shopper, your feet need to be quiet, and comfy, or else your day is ruined. We've got the answer to this predicament: Ener-gel Cushion Maxx. They're not kidding with the Maxx part. Just remove the insole to your favorite pair of high style boots, trace the shape, trim the Cushion Maxx to fit your boot, and ease into a new kind of heaven. Ener-gel, designed and proudly made in America by a family- run business in Pa., concentrates on the heel and metatarsal area for maximum energy return. Use these inner soles all day long, in your work-out shoes, your office shoes, and in your boots, and you will notice a huge difference. The shaped, contoured heel cup will comfort you and let you love your shoes again. Shopping will be fun again!
P.S. Ener-gel now makes a "Green Earth" innersole that replaces the petroleum in the polyurethane with soybean oil! Love this family!

The men echo the love:

WARNING: Ener-Gel Cushion Maxx insoles are extremely comfortable and addictive. Literally feels like you are walking on a sturdy custom fit pillow. My size 13’s will never be the same after having these in my gym sneaks and even my work shoes. They are by far the best insoles I have worn and I have had them all from custom fit molds in the NFL and college to Dr. Scholl’s, and Ener-Gel’s blow them away. Made in the USA and armed with an unconditional 6 month guarantee, these insoles help with comfort, foot, heel and arch pain. Their soft and extremely durable odorless top layer keep feet cool and comfy throughout the day. I have the large size which is men’s sizes 10-14 and it somehow fits my size 13 perfectly, so I can’t be happier with the overall quality and comfort of this product. A must try and thank you Paragon Development Corp for this fantastic product.

Ener-Gel make me feel like I'm walking on air. I love these shoe 
inserts. They're not only easy to use by simply comfortable. Slip them 
into any shoe and voila! I'm on my feet most of the day and hate it
when my feet are sore. Now with Ener-Gel I don't have to worry about 
anything. Slip them into any of my shoes and I'm good as gold!

Hyphenated words are in right now apparently: Ener-Gel is a new product designed to care for your feet while you walk the subway platform, run after a cab or patrol the streets of the city. Made in Pennsylvania USA, this insole is the perfect antidote to tired feet: it is durable, breathable and odorless and contains a moisture wicking top layer to keep your feet cool: similar technology is also used in jerseys of top sporting teams to achieve the same effect. It contains 'Energizing' high rebound foam for maximum cushioning and energy return. There is flexible support for your arch and separate heel and forefoot cushioning gel. I found them particularly useful when inserted in shoes that had stretched and had become a little loose: this cushioned insert takes up a little more room than your standard insole and suddenly my well-worn and well-loved shoes felt snug again. Likewise, be careful not to wear them in shoes that are already tight-fitting, or they will not work as well! They are made by a family-run company founded 20 years ago and are 100% made in the USA, They have been hailed by athletes and soldiers alike for their quality and energy-giving properties. The company name is Paragon Development Corp, the website is, without the hyphen! Walk taller, walk faster, get there sooner with Ener-Gel insoles in your shoes!

Our company was founded over 20 years ago in our garage as a result of our family's active participation in sports and the dissatisfaction with the insole products available in the market. Ever since, our commitment to both superior quality insoles and the American workers who create them has been unparalleled. Our Ener-Gel Cushion Maxx™ Insoles are used by consumers across America and are the #1 recommended insole by Podiatrists as an affordable alternative to expensive orthotics.

American Manufacturing Lives:
Ener-Gel proudly relies on our USA manufacturing associates to produce 100% of the insoles sold each year. We are committed to building relationships with US companies who can provide the superior quality materials used to make our insoles. As a company we are proud to invest in American workers who provide the greatest working spirit, commitment to advancement, and ingenuity in the world.

The “Made in the USA” label on the packaging is very important to Paragon. Gresko stated, “Most competitor insoles are made in China and producing the Ener-Gel Insoles for the American worker, athlete and soldier gives the company a sense of patriotism and pride knowing this is accomplished at our manufacturing plant in Penn Run, PA.”

Paragon's Giving Back Program includes support for Relay for Life and Military endeavors to include the Wounded Warrior Project, insole donations to workers at Ground Zero shortly after 9/11 and to platoons of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For more information please visit our website .

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