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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My man cave is now complete with the Man Cave Candle Collection. My three frosty brew looking candle drafts by Castine Candle are creative, cool and smell unbelievable. I got the Lumberjack Brew, Deer Camp Ale and The Man Cave itself candles, each has its own unique strong scent that takes the stale beer and scotch smell out of my cave. Decorative and classy, these bad boys looks just as good on a high end bar as they do on a college dorm room makeshift bar like we had at Boston College. Each wax candle comes in its own draft beer glass with the casket logo and a catchy slogan such as "where men are men and guns are optional" and "a tribute to those who work hard and play harder" which sums me up to a tee. A great gift for all ages 21 and up, boys and men alike. Ladies this is the best best to get that nasty man smell out of his cave and give a classy look all at the same time. 

The Castine Candle Company, from Maine, have come up with a range of candles that have a scent that resembles men. This clever marketing ploy will appeal to men who want to smell good, as well as women who want to be reminded of them! The three candles I reviewed all have their own distinctive flavors. My favorite was 'Deer Camp Ale', 'Lumberjack Brew' was a close second, while I did not like 'The Man Cave' as much. However all three candles make men feel good about themselves without emptying a bottle of liquid. A bottle of aftershave or a bottle of beer could achieve the same purpose in a less interesting way. Also these products are cleverly packaged to look like the demon drink: in pint glasses, with a nice head on them as well! The witty marketing slogans that come with each one: such as Deer Camp Ale's 'where men are men and guns are optional' imply a sense of bravado that can only inspire: if you are being attacked in the woods, at least you have a pint glass to throw if things get out of hand...they do make great presents for Christmas or any season, and once the candle has burned out, they can always be refilled with a beverage of your choice! 

I really love lighting scented candles at home. They create a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, most of the scents you find in the store are way too fruity and girly. This makes it difficult for a guy to find a nice scented candle that still makes you feel like a man. Now, Castine Candle Company in Maine has created a new candle collection called "The Man Cave Collection." These unique candles come in pint glasses and actually look like pints of beer! "The Man Cave" scented candle smells sweet and spicy, yet masculine. The "Deer Camp Ale" candle has a pleasant aroma that reminds me of walking through the woods. The "Lumberjack Brew" candle reminds me of of freshly cut pine. Each of these candles creates the perfect atmosphere to help sooth and relax even the manliest of men.

There are so many different kinds of scented candles on the market. If you can imagine a scent, there is probably a candle with that same scent! Most of these candles, however, are made with women in mind. The scents are flowery - not manly at all. Fortunately, Castine Candle Company has started a new line of candles to fill this void in the market. Their new "Man Cave Collection" offers some very nicely scented candles all made with a man in mind! The "Lumberjack Brew" candle smells like pine wood that has just been cut. It is a perfect scent for the holidays! "The Man Cave" candle is a great candle to keep your man cave smelling great and still like a man! Finally, the "Deer Camp Ale" candle has a heavier masculine scent balanced with the light, sweet smell of caramel. All of these candles are made to look like pints of beer, and all are made in the USA in Maine. These unique candles would make a perfect gift for any man in your life! 


What do you get when a retired Maine State Game Warden finds himself the owner of a Candle Company? The Man Cave Collection!! Offering the Man Cave Collection~ great for your own Man Cave & is embraced by those who love the finer things in life~ Kathy Lee & Hoda recognized the brilliance of Man Cave Collection and brightened up their own set on the Today Show with a few. In addition to the Man Cave, we offer elegant hand poured pillars both scented and unscented in any color scheme. You can learn more about us at the WABI-TV news feature link on our website at

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