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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE with Wee Forest Folk, Inc. Handcrafted in the USA by the Petersen family since 1972.

Our favorite: Homegrown Stars & Stripes 
This little mouse is showing his USA spirit as he waves his American flag! 
You can't beat that!
We always say great things come in small packages!  And, better yet these are made in Massachusetts.  Usually when you think of mice in Manhattan you are not thinking of something so cute and charming, but now that we know Wee Forest Folk, our outlook has totally changed on the animal!  Wee Forest Folk makes quality miniatures that will delight both young and old - they are great for the person that has everything as you can get them going on a lovely collection that will be sure to be treasured by generations to come!  And generations of the Petersen family have enjoyed producing them since 1972.  They have every occasion imaginable covered; check out their website:
Also fabulous:
Wee Forest Folk® is a small family business that delights in producing a line of miniatures, most of which are mice! In 2012 Wee Forest Folk will celebrate its 40th year creating these enchanting little works of art! Annette Petersen crafted her first little critter in 1972. Since then her son, Willy and daughter, Donna have learned the ways of the mice and have created their own! 

A Wee Forest Folk mouse begins as an original, hand sculpted miniature clay piece. The finished sculpture is molded and hand cast at the “mouse factory” in Carlisle, MA. Carefully selected artists flawlessly paint each one by hand, bringing to life a sweet little mouse personality. Wee Forest Folk began as a cottage industry in 1972 and it continues to this day. 

Created, produced and copyrighted by the Petersen family it all started in Annette’s old-fashioned kitchen on a farm in historic Concord, Massachusetts – the birthplace of American Independence. Growing up near Central Park, Annette spent many hours in the Museum of Natural History, getting lost amongst the rooms and imagining life outside the hustle and bustle of New York City.  

After marrying and moving to New England, Annette’s dream of living on a farm in the country came true. She and her husband raised a family of three and although she had no formal training in art she was always creating things of beauty around the home. She painted pictures from nursery rhymes on the walls of the children’s playroom and decorated a dollhouse with her handmade furnishings. 

To help make ends meet, Annette combined her love of nature and its creatures with her imagination and natural artistic ability to make owls crafted from stones to sell in local shops. She also made other little woodland critters. Her first mice were made of bread dough, but they didn’t last very long - nibbled by the real thing, of course! Eventually she learned to sculpt her little friends in clay and cast them in a more durable casting stone. Her first mouse (named Miss Mouse, of course!) with her bonnet and basket was created and thus, Wee Forest Folk was born! 

Growing up surrounded by their mother’s creative influences son, Willy and daughter, Donna began to develop their own artistic talents. After graduating from college in the late 1970's, both joined their mother’s enterprise and the next generation had begun! All three family members have their own style as sculptors and are very supportive of each other’s creative endeavors. The Petersens feel especially grateful to have the opportunity to use and express their creativity in making these tiny and charming mouse miniatures and they extend their warmest appreciation to all of their collectors. 

Wee Forest Folk is sold in select gift shops and galleries across the United States and are lucky to have a wonderful following of loyal collectors. 

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