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Monday, December 5, 2011

Peachy's Pantry: Dorian's Seafood Market's Beau Soleil Oyster Platter Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

You know Dorian's Seafood Market is the best around for platters for your Christmas parties.  Earlier today we spoke of their shrimp cocktail platter: Equally enticing is their Beau Soleil Oyster Platter, which boasts supreme freshness not often found in oysters.  Even if you are not convinced of the merits of oysters yourself, once you try this variety you will be sold.  The jewels of the sea dipped in the accompanying sauce will complement every sip of champagne you take along the way with these winners.  
The beauty of the presentation will also impress you as well as the attention to color that Dorian gives her remarkable platters-cherry tomatoes and fresh-cut lemons punctuate each and every beautiful beau soleil oyster which rest upon a lovely bed of greenery.  These platters come ready-to-serve so all the work you need to do is decide what dress to wear to the party!
Their close up!
Beau Soleil Oysters by Dorian's Seafood Market are highly recommended by Whom You Know!!!

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