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Monday, December 5, 2011

A quiet morning by Miller et Bertaux Highly Recommended by Whom You Know-The Lothanique Hit Parade Continues This Christmas Season!

A quiet morning? At Whom You Know? Are you kidding us? Since we will never, ever find one in real life, we turn to our friends at Lothanique with the Miller et Bertaux brand from Paris to find a fantastic quiet morning-bottled up of course! A spray invigorates and its complex enticing nature will draw you in and keep you inspired, even on a Monday during Christmas season! This makes a wonderful gift as well for others-but make sure you get one for yourself as well. Composed of curcuma, saffron, and basmati, surrounded with palm and orange tree flowers, on a calming base of Indian sandalwood and Tibetan cedar, A Quiet Morning will leave you in a state of serenity that you will just love, and as a bonus we believe it is appropriate from day to night as well. Whom You Know Highly Recommends A Quiet Morning by Miller et Bertaux, available through Lothanique!


Miller et Bertaux

“from our trips, with love”

Posh and poetic parfums from Parisian design house Miller et Bertaux reflect their continuing wanderlust. Like their clothing and accessories collection, unpredictable and independent, these fragrances for men and women are alluring in their ability to let one imagine, in between the silences where art, nature and life gently converge. Minimalist and precise, scents designed for pure freedom of exploration.

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