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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Something All Medical Professionals of Children Should Know About: The Wunderwagon, Made in the USA!

Jack Heller of Wunderwagon tells Peachy:

The Wunderwagon-HC has been designed as a mode of transportation to assist in the movement of pediatric patients within hospitals and healthcare facilities. In an effort to produce a wagon that best meets the needs of its primary user, children, while also meeting the needs of the hospital staff, we have integrated certain features which are largely unique to the Wunderwagon-HC product line. The features that are often most appreciated by the patients and staff include:

● A body, offered in several color combinations, and animal shapes, made entirely from a chemically inert High Density Polyethylene

● Compatible with nearly any hospital cleaning and disinfectant product

● Voluntary safety certified to ASTM F-963A

● Low step-in height, 3-point safety belt, reclined back rest at 15 degrees

● A heavy-duty IV Trailer is available as an option

● Optional text/logos/artwork added to the Wunderwagon™-HC handle and/or back rest

Their site tells us:

Wunderworks of America is committed to improving the lives of children and adults through the design, development, and manufacture of exceptional products. We understand the requirements for safe, durable, and value-added products. More importantly, though, we appreciate the need for children to feel engaged, playful, and comfortable with their surroundings and the products they use.

All Wunderworks of America products are manufactured entirely in the United States of America. The designs are created, and materials researched and developed, to appeal to the “whole child” and foster creativity, comfort, and peace.

The values that we embrace – imagination, courage, innovation, quality, and respect – are the foundation by which we hope to improve the lives of our customers.

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