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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Terrific Takeout: Serafina Fabulous Pizza

Do you know what Santa does when he is done delivering all the presents in Manhattan to the good little girls & boys?  He gets Serafina takeout, of course!  Serafina says on their takeout menu that they deliver between 72nd and 88th street from 5th to 3rd avenue-and we went to the one on 79th and Madison.  We bet that is the one Mayor Bloomberg goes to too since he is right around the corner.  If you think all you want for Christmas is something in a little blue box, think again: what you really want is a white square box that says this on the side: 
 The pizza at Serafina is not only fabulous, but also it is among the best anywhere.  What you see here is the Di Vittorio, surely named after our pal Mover and Shaker Vittorio Assaf!  (Along with Mover and Shaker Fabio Granato he owns Serafina...)  Now that we have been singing the praises of Serafina for over 2 years now we have even seen him Move and Shake....and though you should not shake the pizza it will make you want to dance like that once you eat it for sure.  They don't fool around one bit with the cheese: they use imported Italian burrata, and combine that with tomato and fresh basil and you have a total winner.  We also decided to add some mushrooms.  The crust is flaky and delicious and each component was decadently fresh and flavorful.  You won't want to eat pizza anywhere else after you try this.  Peachy is sure to dream about the burrata tonight!
 We next sampled - new from Milano says the menu - Il Sashimi Di Tonno - finely sliced fresh tuna with avocado and their special dipping sauce.  The sesame flavor additionally is a great touch and the thinness of the tuna slices will impress you tremendously. 
 The grand finale?  Their salads are simply divine and a great combination to every pizza, and we love the Insalata Di Portofino: baby shrimps, asparagus (ooh we love the slice on the diagonal!), cherry tomato (next to the shrimp of course, star of the dish!), cannellini beansand basil, served warm.  Peachy ate this while watching CBS Channel 2's Movers and Shakers Chris Wragge, Kristine Johnson and Lonnie Quinn delivering the news-they are fabulous too!  And we bet they wish they were eating pizza with us...Also: this is what everyone in the city should be ordering tonight while they watch Simon Cowell's X Factor!
Whom You Know highly recommends Serafina for Terrific Takeout.  When we talk about a restaurant this much over two and a half years, you can feel even better about our high opinion of them!

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