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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Amazing Accessories: Introducing ToeHugs!

They say you need to accentuate the positive. Well, I have great ankles! Honestly. I hate the bulky look of socks, but know I need some coverage on my feet, especially when wearing sneakers. Welcome ToeHugs. They offer their bamboo half socks. Ok, I admit, they look totally weird but they are a total find. They feel like a spa treatment for your feet. Especially if you are going to be wearing mules. No one has to know that you are rocking socks! Also, after a long day in high heels I put these on and then wear my sneakers and the balls of my feet are aching no more. They come in three colors, black, white and ivory. Check them out, you will need to buy a pair and try them! NB -- the awesome travel cases are great!

I tend to be someone who never wears socks with shoes. Frankly the shoes I wear would look ridiculous with socks. However, after I received my three sets of ToeHugs, I had a slight change of heart. They are thin, soft and supple. My feet felt dry all day long and there was no odor. They were great with backless loafers and other shoes that show your heel. ToeHugs even felt luxurious like cashmere pampering my toes. A great product that combines form and function in one and made with great materials giving you great style.

When I first saw these socks, I wasn't quite sure what to make of them. The really are socks that simply cover half of my foot. I threw them into my gym bag and the next day at the gym I found the greatest use for them. These socks were PERFECT post-workout. They come in a variety of colors (white, black, neutral) and are a new staple in my gym bag. ToeHugs are great!

Think of this: it's sandal weather, and you just got the perfect pair of mules. The possibility of blisters still exists: it always does with new shoes. But not now, because we have a secret weapon: ToeHugs are here. Billed as "The Sock For The No Sock Look", ToeHugs will do exactly what they say. In a little tiny package, you will find what looks like a half/sock: just the toe part, that covers and protects with alacrity. No more blisters. My nail polish might just last longer, too. Cream, black, or white, and made in two fabrications. Cotton is great for mules, clogs or sports shoes. The bamboo version is so soft, and light, it slides into the sexiest slingback with ease. Summer will be conquered, toes will be protected, and blisters will be gone! 


When you want comfort and protection for your Toes, choose the Original Brand of ToeHugs Socks. 

Judith Graddy, CEO of ToeHugs has captured the Hosiery Market with her new design of Sport Sock called "ToeHugs". The Unisex Sock that hugs the toes and can be worn with any type of Shoes; Boat Shoes, Deck Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Sling-backs Shoes, or Clogs . No more tan lines for golfers. 

Our latest addition to the ToeHug's Line which has been a huge success, is the Split-Toe Sock to wear with your Flip Flop Sandals. 

These Socks are imported and manufactured with Bamboo Fiber that wicks away moisture and are anti-microbial. 

ToeHugs are sold in Stores and Catalogs. 
You can find more information by contacting Judith Graddy at 239-768-1278, Email: or on the web at

Being a Business Owner and Entrepreneur is nothing new to Judith Graddy. She had been in business for twenty six years in South Bend, Indiana with a Full Service Salon & Boutique, before selling and moving to Fort Myers, Florida. She quickly realized that she needed a different type of Sock to wear with her Sling-back Sandals to absorb the moisture, hence "ToeHugs" began. 

Again in 2003, she found that she needed a Sock to wear with her Flip Flop Sandals for those cooler Florida nights. So Judith Graddy created another Sock Prototype and was able to produce the Flip-Flop Sock made of Bamboo Fiber and is imported from China. 

Since 2008 both the Original ToeHugs Socks and Split-Toe Socks have been manufactured with Bamboo Fiber and imported from China. 

The name ToeHugs is Trademarked and Copyrighted 

Judith Graddy was in Who’s Who Journal of Leading American Executives in 1992. She has been a member of the Edison Inventors Association and served on the Board of Directors. 

With the success of our company we are able to support these charities: 

Fort Myers Rescue Mission of Southwest Florida 

Harry Chapin Food Bank, Fort Myers, Florida 

Paralyzed Veterans of America 

St. Jude Research Children’s Hospital 

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