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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Needless to say, as soon as I opened the giant flat box that arrived at my house, my three year old daughter was jumping up and down that I had bought her a giant present. It did not take her long to realize when I pulled out the cardboard panels that this was going to be an enchanted princess castle for her to play in. And boy was she right! Crafty Kids Playhouses nailed it with this one. A Made in the USA product that allows children to have imaginative play. In addition, children can paint, use stickers, color and truly anything to design the castle of their dreams. Parents too! I loved helping her decorate this spectacular castle with pom poms and jewels and more. It certainly takes the days of using a card board from your refrigerator to build a clubhouse to a whole new level. With four towers and a pointed roof with star cutouts, this will provide hours of fun for you and your little ones. Also, super easy to put together so mothers do not need to wait for Daddy to come home to assemble. Each panel slides into each other creating the structure. So let the Princess or Knight games begin!
We weren't prepared for the shrieks of delight when we opened the rather large package that arrived on our front porch. When my four year old son discovered there was a castle inside that he would be able to play in, things got loud! "I've ALWAYS wanted a castle, mom!" "We get to BUILD it AND PLAY in it??!!" "I am the King and I am going to read all my books while I sit in my castle!" My father-in-law happened to be over at the time and very skillfully assembled the little king's castle (much to my appreciation!). The finished product is quite impressive. I would have loved to have this castle when I was a child! Crafty Kids Playhouses has a great product here! Made from high quality corrugated cardboard, the castle is quite sturdy! My son loves to dress up as a construction worker (bright orange work vest, hard hat, tool belt, etc.) and work on his castle. Or he dresses up in full fireman regalia and fights fires at the castle. Sometimes he sits quietly inside with his books and reads. The one thing he refuses to do is to decorate the castle. It comes in white and is a wide open canvas for creative little minds, but my son likes it that way and doesn't want to "do artwork" on his castle. I like that this product is made in the U.S.A. using 100% recycled cardboard materials. My son likes that he can play, "work", and pretend. Does it get any better than that for a four year old?! The castle by Crafty Kids Playhouses is fabulous. It will make any rainy day an awesome day...or any sunny day for that matter! 
As the thermostat goes lower and lower (hello Northeast!), I find myself looking for fun ways to stay inside AND have fun. I know, it may be annoying, but I am not a fan of letting my kiddos crash on the couch and watch tv. It's ok now and again, but not regularly. You can only imagine how ecstatic I was to find Crafty Kids Playhouses' castle. I grabbed my girls, and we worked together to assemble the pieces. Believe me, if I can assemble this on my own, anyone can!!! It took about 15 minutes (with little the little girls help, which as any mom knows can slow you down!) to assemble and it was a blast! With each piece going up there were giggles and squeals of delight! Once together we had to assign doors and windows to each. Note, I have two girls so it worked
out quite well! We monogrammed as necessary. Our Springer Spaniel also was loving it (of course, a girl too)! They all put their princess costumes on, yes, even our dog! The coloring has been going on for days. It is a great way to get creative juices flowing. I think this is a great project for kids of all ages. Truth be told, I am loving coloring this castle in too. Oh, and even better, I was happy to learn that this is made in the USA. All parents should keep an eye open for gifts that are made in the USA. 

Imagination is something I remember having when I was in school. One of my favorite things to do was pretend I was a princess. The one thing I had missing? My castle. This castle was perfect thing to bring to school for students to have during recess to help spark their imagination. One of the things I like about this castle is that you have to assemble it yourself. If you have your students help you, they will take more ownership of the castle. Plus, once it's constructed, the students will be able to decorate it where their imagination takes them. I might also have some tiaras, crowns, and dress up clothes to keep set aside for when my students want to play like they are royalty. I love when I can watch students use their imagination and have something as wonderful as a castle to help them foster it. In the day of the age of video games, it's so important for us to have other things for our students and children to learn from. Not only can this castle be used for recess, I can also turn a lesson on American made products and how it helps our economy. I always am in support of any product made in the USA. Any time a teacher can find a product that they can get multiple uses/lessons from, the better. This castle is the best idea I've seen in a long time. I know I will be telling my friends about it.


This cardboard playhouse is made in the U.S.A using 100% recycled cardboard material. The Adventure Castle will take your child on an enchanting adventure every day. The unique design allows for a sturdy drawing surface and reliable stability during play. From brave knights in shining armor to carriage riding princesses, every child will enjoy creating there own.The Adventure Castle is eco-friendly and encourages creative play. This playhouse is perfect for birthday parties, play dates, everyday play and rainy day fun. Made from very sturdy 44ECT corrugated cardboard. Measurements(Assembled): 48"L x 48"W x 48"H 

About this brand:

When is a box not a box? When it is a Shuttle, a fort, a classroom, a Cottage, or anything else a kid can dream it to be. As any parent who has seen their carefully-chosen present pushed aside while their child plays with the box it came in will tell you, kids love boxes – and the bigger the better. Anyone who buys a big appliance soon finds the neighborhood kids beating a path to their door to play in the wonderful box.

Better than electronics, board games, or any ball of any shape, the humble box is the iconic plaything that won the hearts of the judges who inducted it in the National Toy Hall of Fame. And it deserved the honor, for nothing else can replace the box’s ability to inspire creativity and “become” anything a child can imagine. Child-Development experts agree, as well, because best toys are those that encourage and develop the natural creativity and imagination inside every child’s ever-expanding mind.

Crafty Kids Playhouses was founded with a few basic goals in mind, to provide a high quality outlet for play to our children that will stimulate their imagination and foster creativity while maintaining a strict, eco-friendly awareness.

Months ago during a move to a new office we were left with an abundance of empty, broken down cardboard boxes. Kids being kids, they were naturally drawn to the boxes and wanted to rebuild and play in them. They also took out markers and crayons, drawing on them for what seemed to be hours on end. As with many great ideas, this one simply needed to be uncovered or seen from the proper perspective. We instantly knew our kids were onto something BIG and that we had to share it with others.

The pure enjoyment and creativity that they exhibited is ultimately what inspired us to start Crafty Kids Playhouses. Having 8 young children and grandchildren between the 3 of us, we knew firsthand the value of encouraging children to be creative and imaginative. We also understand the importance of the future of our children's environment, a consciousness even our kids have gained at an early age, which is why our product is made of 100% recycled cardboard materials and 100% post play recyclable.

Most of all, though, Crafty Kids Playhouses is dedicated to the health and welfare of children, as demonstrated in their corporate support of children's charities and fund raising activities benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. A percentage of all sales of Crafty Kids Playhouses have been devoted to a variety of worthy like-minded groups. Crafty Kids Playhouses is dedicated the simple idea of supporting our future through our children first and secondly by our continuous efforts to be socially and environmentally conscious.

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