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Friday, January 27, 2012

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE WITH CHIPP 2! Highly Recommended by Whom You Know, Chipp 2 German Shepard Tie Makes a Great Valentine's Day Gift For Every Tie-Wearer in Your Life With a Canine Admiration

We know you all remember the commercial where a dad gets a tie for Father's Day and his reaction is - "a tie, thanks.." lacking any enthusiasm in his mannerisms. Right off the bat we want you to know that THIS kind of tie we are about to discuss will deliver the exact opposite reaction because it is total quality, pet personalized, and made in the USA: three commendable qualifications. Chipp2 was founded by Paul Winston in 1962. The inspiration was seeded when a Chipp customer, Mr. Walter Wriston, (looks like he is another cool person from Connecticut) asked Chipp to make Citi Bank ties for him. He said the bank had a number of ties but none were good enough for him to give to anyone. And so Chipp2 was born. 

 Chipp2 has always made their ties in New York City and they were made to the high quality standards that Chipp customers found in the Chipp store. In the beginning Chipp2 did corporate and club projects and designed a range of novelty "Sophisticated Humor" club figure ties for the Chipp store. Chipp2 went to the dogs in the late 60's. It started with a small collection and added a few breeds each year. After the ties, cosmetic bags, braces, pillows, wristwatches, and travel alarm clocks were added. With the exception of the watches and travel alarm clocks, the other items are made using the cloth created for the ties.

Chipp2 still does corporate, club, and school ties. The novelty "Sophisticated Humor" ties are sought after by sophisticated individuals from coast to coast.

Chipp2 continues to make top quality neckties that sell for less than comparable neck wear. For example, Chipp2 Italian Grenadine ties sell for $47.50. Grenadine ties using the same Italian Grenadine sell for as much as $100+. 
Peachy Deegan prefers the German Shepard of course, because look at her with Trudy:
Trudy belonged to Peachy's grandparents and now both of Peachy's grandparents are up in heaven with Trudy, but the tie is a super way to commemorate even the dogs you love that aren't here anymore.  No one said you have to be a boy to wear ties and you know Peachy was even wearing them back in the day at Farmington on occasion...actually Peachy and Trudy are in Farmington in these pictures.  To be technical Trudy was half German Shepard and half wolf, and a perfect dog-very well-behaved.  They were very good pals:


If you love your Lhasa Apso, if you are enthralled with your English Bulldog, if your world revolves around your Westie, you can show it by wearing a Chipp2 dog breed tie. Located in the lobby at 28 West 44th Street and on the Web at, Chipp2 has been making dog themed items for 50 years. The individual breeds on the ties - there are 90 breeds in the collection - are woven into the cloth. The ties are made in New York City. Other dog breed products made by Chipp2 are wristwatches, travel alarm clocks, braces, pillows, and cosmetic bags. The wristwatches and travel alarm clocks can be made with the image of one's dog on the watch and/or clock face. If you would like to chat with the company founder, Paul Winston, he can be reached at 212 687-0850

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