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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Our children testers report:

I am always on the lookout for new games I can bring to my class for recess on days we can't go outside. I was so excited when I was able to bring Pajaggle to school. Not only was it a huge hit, I couldn't keep the kids from anything else. We were all so involved in this game, we almost missed getting on the buses. Each round didn't take too long to play, so it was easy to get everyone a turn to play. Now I'm going to have to order more so I can have more games going at once during recess. Plus, since it's made in the USA, I am a huge supporter. I highly recommend this game. Not only would this game be the perfect addition to any game cabinet for a classroom, but at home as well. 

Owner and founder Bill Witt tells us:
Pajaggle was created by yours truly. This marks the 5th company that I have created. Pajaggle is the final chapter. If we can achieve our goals, we’ll be busy for the next 30 years.
Side note the brand. My wife and I created the name over a couple of beers. It’s play on words playing with jigsaw puzzles. The brand centers on one key element, building games that bring people together. The beauty about spatial recognition is that it captures such a wide audience. Therefore, we are able to reach all ages. Later this year, we will be releasing Pajaggle rings, which will be used by toddlers and assisted living folks (both ends of the age timeline). By having this new product coupled with our existing Pajaggle Boards and Pajaggle Sport, Pajaggle will be able to reach all demographics. Finally, Pajaggle can reach all languages. So Pajaggle will become a world-wide brand that embodies, fun and bringing people together.

Each year the game industry generates a new class of a few thousand new board games. Some are mere new models of an existing game, while others are an attempt to leverage from the latest fad. Still others, like Pajaggle boards, are truly original. The only plastic board game in the world (that’s right the only one) made in America, Pajaggle is a curiously addictive spatial recognition game that captures the attention of both young and old. A Pajaggle board is made of up one board with unique sockets that require players to match 61 inserts to a specific socket. 


Easy, you say? Not so fast, the tolerance between insert piece and socket is incredibly close (about 4000th of inch; we’re talking military specs). Secondly while each insert and related socket is different, by design they look very similar. New Pajagglers play once and then again and again to better their time. Currently, the world record to fill a board is 1 minute 28 seconds. If you can complete a board in less than 4 minutes, then consider yourself a worthy Pajaggler. 

The real gem of a Pajaggle board is the expansiveness of game play. Unlike traditional board games which may be only one way to play, Pajaggle boards are much like a deck of cards. Currently, there are a dozen ways to play Pajaggle. So, whether you wish to play solo and test your TIME, or play with a friend and play “BLOCK-N-BRIDGE,” there’s something for everyone when playing Pajaggle. 

Given the recent array of awards, Pajaggle is clearly one of the hottest new games in the marketplace. Not only was Pajaggle awarded ‘Best Family Fun Game” from Tillywigs awards, Pajaggle is the first puzzle game ever to receive the elusive Major Fun Keeper Award. In fact, Major Fun listed Pajaggle as one of the top ten games for 2011. 

"We’re delighted to have received such accolades so early in our company’s life. We’ve designed a platform to build a variety of games that people of all ages can enjoy and play together. We’re excited about the future and endless of possibilities that Pajaggle will provide around the world,” said Bill Witt, Chairman and CEO of Pajaggle. 

For more information about this product or to schedule an interview with Bill Witt, please contact Bill Witt at or by phone 866-966-6612.

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