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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE WITH CALIFORNIA NORTH! Titanium Self Tanner by California North Highly Recommended by the Gorgeous Women of Whom You Know

When it comes to self tanners, I am very picky about the brands I use. When I tried the California North Titanium Self Tanner, I have to say how impressed I was. It went on smoothly. It didn't leave my skin sticky or tacky afterwards. I liked that it didn't take long for it to absorb into my skin. It left a very even tone and got darker each time I used it. I had friends ask which tanning salon I was going to. I just smiled and told them it was a self tanner. I know I plan on getting more for myself as well as for gifts. 

Three cheers for California North’s Titanium Self Tanner. Finally a self-tanner that is guaranteed not to turn you orange. Instead you get a natural tan but without the sun. Even better, it contains skin conditioners and SPF7 sunscreen. It is also broad spectrum. It is oil free and will not streak. You apply it twice the first day and tanning starts within about 4 hours. Then reapply every 2nd or 3RD day. It is really fun to have a tan in the winter without flying somewhere and risking the BIG C! 

During these winter months I long for my amazing summer tan. Thankfully there's a great product that helps me look tan all year round! Titanium Self Tanner is one of California North's most popular products and for good reason too! Just apply it like body lotion and voila! Everyone will think you snuck off for a weekend getaway in the tropics! It isn't greasy and doesn't give off that orange, fake tanner look like some other brands do. It has a great scent too! It also has SPF 7 so it protects your skin while in the sun as well. Titanium Self Tanner is a product that I will continue to rely on year round to maintain a great looking tan without having to rely on the sun!

California North makes the best tanning product I've ever used! No streaks, orange tone, or dryness. the lotion based tanner with an SPF of 7 has a light "botanical scent unlike other products I've used in the past. Every winter, it's time to get out the tanning products! No more experimenting with recommended lines, because now I'm hooked. And, according to the text on the bottle, it "allows you to stay in the sun 7 times longer than without sunscreen..". California North will be coming with me on my next vacation, to be sure.
Apply the lotion twice for the first go 'round, and then every few days to keep a natural color. None of this is surprising to me, since the line was targeted for an active, perhaps rugged lifestyle. Northern California sportsters are not an easy bunch to please, I would imagine. When it comes to "beauty,"products must be functional, practical, and absolutely the best. Across the board, California North hits the mark.

Ah, yes - winter in Manhattan! The hustle bustle of holiday shopping, cheerful carols being blared from every which way, the gleam of all of those pretty lights...and what's that, gleaming brigher than everything? A giant star, perhaps, or a light-up angel? Oh, no wait, that's me and my pasty-white skin! Well, thanks to California North, I no longer have to worry about that scenario! Their Titanium Self-Tanner is, in a word, fantastic! It is dermatologist-recommended and pH balanced, and it's safe for both face and body. Unlike other self-tanners, which often contain a carotene orange colorant, this active ingredients react with your skin to create a perfectly natural, sun-kissed glow - so there's no risk of looking coppery or orange (not that I, um, have any experience with that)! It's lotion-based and oil free, so skin is left soft and moisturized, but not greasy at all! And the best part? It smells unbelievable! It's like spreading a pina colada on your skin! Yes, the California North Titanium Self Tanner is a fantastic find, and a definite keeper!

CALIFORNIA NORTH® a Made in America Company presents: 


CALIFORNIA NORTH® Titanium Self Tanner creates a rich, warm Lt. Caribbean brown tan without the sun. Carotene is not an ingredient in our formula and as a result skin does not turn orange like many other products available. Titanium Self Tanner is dermatologist recommended and contains complex antioxidants. It has a great scent unlike other dihydroxyacetone products. The moisture-rich formula contains Aloe, Arnica, Chamomile and Vitamin E so skin won’t itch or flake. Titanium Self Tanner also has a non-drying Broad Spectrum SPF 7 sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. 
Directions: Apply Titanium Self Tanner twice the first day about 3-4 hrs apart to bring up the level of color, then maintain every 3rd or 4th day!. 

CALIFORNIA NORTH® is a member of Born Free and The Leaping Bunny for many years where we agree not to test any of our products or ingredients on animals, only humans. 

CALIFORNIA NORTH® Titanium Self Tanner is available online at and

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