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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whom You Know in the News: Thank you Geraldo and Regis Philbin for Having Peachy Deegan on Your Show this Morning January 18, 2012!

Peachy, Regis and Joy

We agree that Regis is totally wonderful and an all time great of broadcasting and we can say he is also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, especially now that we've had an encore meeting with him.  We write in green in honor of Notre Dame winning The Holy War last fall, but Regis we did notice the color of your new book is maroon and the title is written in gold...We will be posting a review of "How I Got This Way" which is Regis's new book soon! It is about people that inspired Regis along the way during his career and we were thrilled to review it as you know Regis influences us!

Click here to listen to them this morning:
The show is 69:16 and you will hear Regis Philbin starting at 43:44 into it and Peachy starts at about 51:50.

Geraldo says on his site about today's show:

Today the one and only Regis Philbin joins us on our show today to give us the scoop on why he really left "Live with Regis and Kelly." New York Times columnist and author, Thomas Friedman, talks to Geraldo about the Italian cruise ship disaster and his recent adventures in Egypt. The NYPD created new body scanning technology. Geraldo discusses whether this new technology is really a good idea. Governor Cuomo and Governor Christie both gave speeches on how to handle some of the biggest problems in their states like education and tax reform. We talked to NY Post write Fredrick Dicker to give us analysis on their speeches. That and more on today's show! 

You know Peachy always wanted to make this bet-look at her talking about it in 2010:

And we were absolutely thrilled to meet him at Landmarks when he was being honored as a Living Landmark:

Here is when they were talking:

Regis, Joy and Geraldo-you will have to try The Peachy Deegan cocktail! 
Thank you for including us today.

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