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Monday, February 27, 2012

Billionaire Boyfriend® by Kate Walsh 1.7 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum on HSN Recommended by Whom You Know

You know we love to watch CBS Sunday Morning, and in watching it two Sundays ago we discovered an intriguing new concept in fragrance: Boyfriend, by Kate Walsh. 

We wrote about it previously:
And so we got thinking...if you're going to have a boyfriend, he might as well be a billionaire!
There's a new Boyfriend in town — and this guy's loaded! Who wants to be a millionaire when you can have a Billionaire? Learjets, super yachts, diamonds and roulette, a drive down the Italian coast in a vintage sports car ... remember when you had to dress for dinner and a gentleman never let a lady pay? Live the fantasy with Billionaire Boyfriend. If we were going to pick one of the two, Billionaire Boyfriend we prefer the scent of regardless of the name.  It's even better!

Fragrance Details
Top notes: bergamot, tangerine, green lush leaf
Mid notes: black jasmine, black velvet orchid, gardenia, patchouli flower
Dry notes: sensual amber, cistus, vetiver, sandalwood

Comes in an opulent, rare and disruptively beautiful bottle that's inspired by a special reserve vintage champagne bottle
Antiqued mirrored finish exemplifies the wealth and glamour of old world Europe

Made in USA 
We understand it was derived from the fact that although Kate did not miss her exboyfriend, she did miss his scent and so subsequently set out to recreate it!
And she did!
Unique and lovely for 2012, Billionaire Boyfriend is a fragrance all women should have.
They are so much easier to manage in a bottle!

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