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Monday, February 13, 2012


Living on the Connecticut Shoreline, I love all things having to do with the beach and ocean. (Really the sound to be technical... but does not matter). Aquiesse has really incredible candles with scents that top the charts. Plus they are all made in the USA and we know how important that is. The perfect small gift for your home is the Shoreline Soy Votive Candle two pack. Also great for teachers gifts to give them something they will actually enjoy. Beautiful elegant packaging of a slide chocolate brown box with cream and blue label sets the tone for the product inside. Two Oversized votives in Aquiesse’s signature smoky brown glass appear as you slide the box open. The scent envelops me and I keep bringing them up to my nose and take a deep breath. This is when I know I am addicted as my arm mechanically goes from counter to nose over and over again. One of the must heavenly scents I have ever smelled in any candle paired with elegant packaging make these products many steps above the competition! 

Living in the Mid-West, being near the shoreline is something that I miss on a daily basis. When I saw the Aquiesse Shoreline Votives, I was ecstatic. Even though I typically think summer when I smell candles very similar to this, I am always burning them throughout the year. Burning soy candles is something new for me and I think I am hooked on them now. The aroma fills my house up better than typical candles. Plus, with these votives being made in the USA, it gets a double vote from me. I am absolutely hooked on the Shoreline Votives: so hooked that I'm going to have to order more. 

Ensconced comfortably in their own embossed box, from The Portfolio Collection, are two precious votive candles. The signature smoky topaz glass container holds a natural soy wax infused with a delicate fragrance. The one in my hand is "Shoreline", and when lit, carries with it a remembrance of summers past. As childhood memories settle in the dust of our busy days, things like the perfect scent will bring them back to the forefront of our minds. Shoreline is a scent that may remind you of sandy beaches, towels drying on the porch railing, digging for quahogs on the shore. All this in a candle? Oh, yes. Scent is one of the most powerful of our five senses, and can change a mood with one drifting , fine, fragrance. This is the votive candle to share with a friend, to place in various spaces of your life, and enjoy, as one would enjoy those far-away simple joys of childhood.


AQUIESSE has quickly become a leader in the home fragrance arena with an innovative, 
classic and timeless product line, recognized for exceptional quality and value. Coveted by the most discerning fragrance connoisseurs, chic shoppers and celebrities alike, AQUIESSE is distinguished in its mastery of exquisite fragrance compositions inspired by nature. While fragrance remains the cornerstone of the brand, home d├ęcor and timeless design is paramount in creating our portfolio of Aesthetic Scents™. The Company’s Founder and Fragrancier, Michael Joseph, has become a luminary in the world of fragrance and design, as well as a strong leader in the business community. In collaboration with some of the worlds’ most talented perfumers, he has created a sophisticated and unique fragrance Portfolio that offers something to please nearly every palate. Fragrance concepts originate from Nature’s bounty and are intuitively blended into complex formulations that intrigue without distraction or excess. At AQUIESSE, the art of creativity is backed by extensive science, research and craftsmanship. The Company always stays atop industry trends and uses only ingredients that are tried and true. Our candles are poured with the purest natural wax formulations, derived from soy beans and ⁄or coconuts for a luxuriously creamy texture, long clean burn, and perfectly balanced fragrance throw. Organic and renewable resources including essential oils are used whenever possible without jeopardizing the effectiveness or stability of the products. Only lead-free wicks are carefully suited to each size and fragrance while each and every product is meticulously hand crafted in the United States by true artisans who take pride in their work.

The Portfolio Collection of Aesthetic Scents™ is the brand’s founding collection first established a decade ago. Representing the very best in home fragrance, this collection is designed to convey a timeless sense of luxury and a diverse fragrance selection. The original fragrances in this collection were inspired by the rich coastal region of central California, home to Michael Joseph, with its incredible florals, mouth-watering fruits and citrus, ocean spray and mountain air. Fashioned in stunning smoky brown custom glass, adorned by the silver medallion crest, and accompanied with an AQUIESSE signature candle lid/pedestal, these products will illuminate your home and captivate your senses.

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