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Monday, February 13, 2012


If I were a kid not understanding geometry, I would have loved my teacher for getting this fabulous tool to help me understand. I love all the different shapes that can be made. I found myself wanting to play with this more than my students did. I found with this teaching tool, my students wanted to continue using the Zometool during recess. I am going to have to order more products so I can have more of a complete set. I loved that I could get downloadable lessons right from their website as well. I have never used such a tool that my students couldn't put down. I have to keep them hidden during reading class. I now have more students "getting" geometry faster and in ways I was never able to. This is a must have for any math teacher or parent. I know I plan on telling all my teacher friends about this awesome tool! 

Zometool, Creator 1. What is this you ask? It's an educational experience. I hesitate to call it a toy because it is so much more then just a toy. The Zometool is used by scientists, but it is actually designed for kids! Zometool links nature, science, art, math and more. Based on the relationships between the numbers 2, 3 and 5, the possibilities are endless with Zometool! Although my four year old didn't quite understand the premise behind the Zometool, he really enjoyed building with it! This particular kit came with 246 pieces (yikes!)! A mother's biggest fear? Millions of pieces (ok, 246, not millions) rolling off the table, landing underfoot, making a big mess. Not the case here! Thankfully, the Zometool comes with its own case complete with separate compartments for the different groups of balls and struts. This is most definitely something that my son can grow with as he matures. I look forward to working on different configurations with him and to seeing what he can create all on his own. If you are looking for a rainy-day, "I'm booooo-red", fix for your kids, look no further than Zometool!

Learning about exciting new toys is always a challenge. Trying to find ones that are both educational as well as fun are not as easily available as I wish. Zometool is truly a step above. It is a kit that includes 246 balls and different width rods to create all kinds of models and structures. It links nature and science to architecture and allows one to build an infinite amount of models. In early development, it inspires creativity and as your child grown there is more and more to learn. In addition to the kit, a book is provided that helps you take the Zometool to another world by adding a bubble component. You can create the wildest bubbles ever. Then there are challenges to makes different construction projects. Thirdly, try to discover the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids by building them. So get your brain and your hands working together and start creating anything your mind can imagine.

Today I find myself always looking for gifts that are fun yet educational. Specifically, it is nice when you can find something that engages both imagination but also math and science. Enter Zometool. I've never seen anything like it. My 8 year old nephew has found a new love in the Creator 1 set. It comes with 246 parts and let me start our by saying that you should register it online! From the time I gave it to him, he started taking all the pieces out and working on different project. The pieces are color coded, which helps with sorting and constructing. His mother tells me that he's been showing off with his friends and they are all asking their parents to get their own kits! I think I am going to have to add on to his collection for his birthday. I can't wait to see how far this will take him!


Dan Shechtman was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of quasicrystals which "fundamentally altered how chemists conceive of solid matter"; he was not the first Nobel Prize winner who was also a Zometool user.

Zometool is a unique and versatile building system that bridges math, art, science, nature and architecture. It is used around the world as a toy by children, as an educational manipulative by educators K-PhD, as a creative medium by artists and as structure modeling system by scientists and engineers.

Professor Shechtman used Zometool to build models of his quasicrytalline structures as did intellectual giants Linus Pauling (2-time Nobel Prize winner) and Roger Penrose.

Why has this "toy" has garnered a following among both scientists and children? 

In two words: Math and Design. The mathematics behind Zometool give it power and depth while the shape-and-color coded design of its parts make it easy to use; the result of this combination is a unique building experience that has earned it raves from children and adults alike.

The Zometool ball is the culmination of more than 20 years to research and development and its manufacture required a technological breakthrough that was considered impossible by most industry experts.

Zometool components are precision manufactured in the USA and are guaranteed for life.


Carlos Neumann

Zometool Inc.

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