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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kneipp Good Health Herbal Baths Breathe in… Soak in… the benefits. Highly Recommended by Whom You Know-It is What Peachy Soaks In!

What could be better than a good soak after a long, long day?  A good soak using the best bath oil in the world and for us, that means Kneipp.  We have worked with this brand for years and recommended it over and over again for the simple reason of that they work beautifully and you cannot beat the natural derivation of ingredients that have proven to make all the difference.  
Eucalyptus is Peachy's favorite whether she's well or sick, winter or summer.  
The 100% natural Kneipp Good Health Herbal Baths are alkaline free, preservative free, dermatologist tested, bathtub friendly (leaves tub clean), and skin-friendly (vitamin E). These pure essential oils are extracted through steam distillation, expression, cold pressing or CO2 extraction. 

How it works: The purest natural herbs in the form of highly concentrated Essential oils interact with the natural healing and soothing powers of water, releasing (evaporating) the Essential oils. Essential oils, known as the immune system of the plant, are inhaled from the steam in a bath, and absorbed through the skin by soaking in a tub, benefiting body and mind. 

Color: Natural food color that enhances therapy. 

Herb Benefits: Taking a Kneipp therapeutic Good Health Herbal Bath is suitable for all skin types. Kneipp Herbal Baths bathe away stress, strain, fatigue and stimulate blood circulation. When choosing which Kneipp Good Health Herbal Bath to use, it is important to evaluate the desired benefit. Each Essential oil used has a specific healing property and is formulated for safe and effective results. 

*Percent indicates amount of Essential Oils contained in each Kneipp Herbal Bath 

Eucalyptus (35%) – Cold and Flu relief. Anti-bacterial, stimulates and helps clear the sinuses especially during the cold and flu season. 

Juniper (34%) – Muscle soother. The Juniper Berry is a natural anti-inflammatory. Relaxes and soothes after physical exercise and exertion. 

Lavender (35%) – Balancing. Helps combat mental and physical fatigue. Helpful when you are feeling nervous from a hectic lifestyle. 

Orange & Linden Blossom (19%) – Pure Harmony. It’s fresh, uplifting citrus scent is the solution for jangled nerves and to reduce anxiety. 

Melissa (16%) – Stress Relief. Reduces stress and calms to improve sleep quality. Otherwise known as Indian Lemon Balm. 

Rosemary (37.5%) – Awakening Vitality. Exhilarates and wakes up the system by stimulating blood circulation. The color red is symbolic of blood circulation and heart healthy! 

Spruce (37.5%) – Warmth & Energy. Warms cold hands and feet, helps with chest congestion and soothes a recovering cold 

Valerian & Hops (18%) – Deep Sleep. Relaxes for deep, restful sleep. Calms down after stress to improve sleep quality and release tension. Recommended bed rest within 15 minutes of bath. 

Pure Bliss (Red Poppy & Hemp)- Provides an overwhelming sense of well-being, relaxation and peace of mind from the stress and strain of everyday life. 

Why use just one?  Peachy personally thinks of her tub as her very big cocktail glass and she makes her baths one big cocktail mixing different varieties of Kneipp!

Usage: Use one capful of Kneipp Good Health Herbal Bath for each bath. For best results, bathing time should never exceed 15 to 20 minutes. Most Kneipp bath therapy starts with water that is body temperature or slightly warmer (98.6°–104°F). Sleep inducing, relaxing baths should be a little cooler, (97°–98°F) and it is advisable to take a warmer bath (102°–104°F) with the onset of a cold or when suffering from rheumatism. Never bathe if you have a fever, and baths that are too hot put a strain on the circulatory system. A foot bath or partial bath is recommended when suffering from cardiac conditions or cold and flu. 

After a bath, replenish skin by massaging the body with a moisturizer or body oil. This helps the skin to regain its natural pH balance and form a protective layer. 

Availability: Kneipp Good Health Herbal Baths (3.4 fl oz) retail for $19.00 each at and fine apothecaries nationwide. For additional information, contact BeautyProphet, LLC at 800-937-4372 or visit the Kneipp US website. 

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