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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Pound Dark Chocolate Bar from Original Hawaiian Chocolate Recommended by Whom You Know

Chocoholics of the world, take note: there is a new must-have in the world of chocolate, and that is the One Pound Dark Chocolate Bar from Original Hawaiian Chocolate. This utterly delectable, 60% cacao bar is intoxicatingly delicious. All of Original Hawaiian Chocolate Company's products are 100% sourced from cacao trees grown in the rich, volcanic Hawaiian soil. The cacao beans from these trees are hand-picked, sun dried, and processed in Hawaii. The end result is a rich, unique, extremely high-quality chocolate. The 1 lb. dark chocolate bar is hand poured, and a true chocolate-lover's fantasy. The flavor is rich and complex, with an underlying earthiness, and a ever-so-slightly bitter finish. The bar is perfect for sharing (or hoarding, if you so choose!), or for baking, and would also make a lovely gift! Thank you, Original Hawaiian Chocolate, for making such a remarkable contribution to the world of chocolate!

Original Hawaii Chocolate Big Dark Chocolate is not only the perfect 
size but it is beyond delicious! The bar is perfect to snack on for 
that chocolate fix, for baking, or cooking. I love everything about 
the way this chocolate tastes. The size of the bar is great to have 
around the house. I have used it in my baking, cooking and for 
nibbling. On all levels this chocolate is the finest quality. Give it 
a try and you will see what I'm raving about. It really doesn't get 
any better than this!

Original Hawaii chocolates won my heart with all their different types of chocolates. I've had the pleasure of trying their selections and I'm particularly fond of the big Dark chocolate. As the name suggests, it is really big and is dark (there is more cocoa in it). This is the type of chocolate you can use for cooking with actually. Use its shavings to sprinkle your ice cream or melt it to make a yummy fudge. I already did both and I was blown away by the taste. It's dark and creamy and the chocolate flavor really comes out. I also love breaking off little piece to satisfy my chocolate craving.

When it comes to chocolate, more is more! More delicious chocolate is what you get in The Original Hawaiian Chocolate's big dark chocolate bar! This box contains a one pound bar of solid chocolate (dark or milk) for the chocolate lover in your life! All of their chocolate is made and grown in the United States, specifically Hawaii. The cocoa beans used for their chocolate are non-blended to assure their quality and purity.Their flavors are considered "robust and fruity," which translates into a decadent, deliciously unique type of chocolate! The chocolate is obviously perfect right out of the box, but also works great for fondues and baking as well! I am looking forward to the day I visit Hawaii and will be sure to make visiting their factory a top priority! 



KEAUHOU-KONA, BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII - The slogan “made from scratch” rings true for The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory, which marked its 10th anniversary in 2010. The Made in USA Certified company produces Hawaii’s premier chocolate, a 100% locally grown-and- made product that has won numerous awards and accolades, including a top rating from UK chocolate reviewer, Lee McCoy.

Founded, owned and operated by Raleigh, North Carolina natives Bob and Pam Cooper, The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory creates three kinds of single-origin chocolate exclusively from 100 percent Hawaiian cacao. Their latest variety, criollo, is a rare chocolate, says owner/operator Bob Cooper. “Only 15 percent of the world’s chocolate is made from this type of bean. The criollo has a unique, earthy and complex flavor.”

The Coopers grow their cacao on the leeward slope of Mt. Hualalai on the Big Island of Hawaii, as well as purchase cacao from local artisan cacao growers. Small tours and tastings are conducted at their chocolate factory and plantation. During farm tours, Bob Cooper tells visitors a combination of factors give their chocolate its unique flavor: soil, environment, tree variety and the Cooper’s meticulous care in small-batch processing. Their “tree to bar” operation is the only one of its kind in the country. 

In hindsight, it was fate that brought the couple into the chocolate business. Moving to Hawaii in 1997, they bought a farm with coffee, macadamia nut and cacao trees. Bob decided he could make something special right in his own back yard, American-grown chocolate. “Out of principal, we made the decision to both grow and process the chocolate right here to keep it locally made in the 50th state,” shares Cooper. “Cacao only grows 15 to 20 degrees north or south of the equator so Hawaii is the place for growing in the USA.”

Although Cooper admits he had no previous farming experience, there were pods to pick and so he harvested the cacao. Determined to keep it "made-in-Hawaii", Cooper had his cacao tested by a world-renowned chocolate institute. Favorable findings reported the cacao as “prominent and forthright in flavor.” Encouraged by this, plus supported by a loan from the state’s Department of Business and Economic Development, Cooper had processing equipment set up for a micro processing facility. The first batch of grown and made-in-the-USA chocolate was produced in September, 2000.

The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory is a member of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Seal of Quality program, which identifies the state’s premium, “cream of the crop” agricultural producers. Being the first to grow, hand-pick, sun-dry and process only Hawaiian grown-cacao has earned The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory national acclaim. The Kona company’s chocolate has appeared in the New York Post, the LA Times and on the Food Network, National Public Radio, America’s Heartland and Seattle P-I. 

Original Hawaiian Chocolate is used by chefs in Hawaii and across the nation, including Peter Merriman, owner and chef of Merriman's Restaurants, Chef Ron Miller, owner and chef of Hukilau Restaurant, Roy Yamaguchi, owner and chef of Roy’s Restaurants, and Kathy Smoot-Barrett, chef and owner of Kailua Candy Company. 

The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory offers its delicious milk, dark and criollo chocolate in bars and attractive, flower-shaped Plumeria pieces. For the true chocolate connoisseur, the factory also has roasted cacao nibs, which are the essence of pure chocolate. Plantation tours are Wednesday and Friday mornings. For more information, call The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory at 808-322-2626, toll free 1-888-447-2626. Original Hawaiian Chocolate is available at numerous retailers in Hawaii and on the mainland, and online at:

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