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Monday, February 27, 2012

Peachy's Picks Delmonico's Our Coverage Sponsored by Miraclesuit® and Miraclebody® Jeans by Miraclesuit®®


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Delmonico's is more than just a bastion of old-world excellence that dominates the downtown dining scene, it is a destination experience that has no rivals when you consider both its history and its top-notch cuisine, which you will anticipate for days prior to your arrival and lament days after your departure. We keep telling you, it's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and you know we know our friends Freddie and Omer Grgurev from Scaletta, which has a relationship with Delmonico's. You remember Scaletta, Picked by Peachy, Also Endorsed by Barbra Streisand?!  Yesterday we featured Delmonico's in Tasty Tidbits:
Why the world loves Delmonico's-and we absolutely agree:
*They are America's first fine dining restaurant
*They are the originators of a number of "firsts"
*Signature Dishes today will blow you away
You can read that all in Tasty Tidbits....they even have their own book, which we would like to read someday:
You know they are one famous place.
Today we are going to tell you why we love them!
As soon as you walk in the door, you know you have arrived somewhere special.
The decor is spotless, timeless, and inspirational to a decadent feast.
It is perfectly lit with just the right amount of white light for dining.
There are lovely conversation pieces that are only found at extraordinary unique places.
When Peachy Deegan arrived she had to check out the bar and the cocktail menu of course!
It is absolutely gorgeous:
Murals are on some of the walls that are notably gorgeous:
You know Chandeliers are the only kind of furniture that have their own column:
As you sit down you will notice how precise every aspect of Delmonico's is.
Of course we are enamored of all kinds of precision.
From the menus to the plates, you know you are sitting in one special place.
The menu actually rivals some short stories we've seen, and the wine list is a total novel in length and it would be Shakespeare by quality.
We were thrilled to hear that Executive Chef William Oliva is from County Cork (Peachy once lived in Cork) and the Sous Chef is fantastic-Angelo Panageas was on duty the night we dined.
Even the butter is gorgeous!
Delmonico's boasts clientele such as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and Abraham Lincoln.
Sarah Porter could have dined here!  (We wish we could ask her...)
We were totally honored to dine at Delmonico's!
We have had many, many crabcakes and if you read all of the reviews you'll see quite a lot of them.  However, we have not had a Blue Crab-Lobster Cake, so fresh, so thick, such a combination!  So cannot be beat.
Joined by inviting green apple, horseradish, and maple mustard, this is the appetizer you want to have any time of year to begin your Delmonico's experience.
The wine was robust and versatile and Peachy paired it with most everything all evening. We sipped on a splendid Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2009, suggested by owner Dennis Turcinovic (who also had interesting things to say about Electric Elephant!
Here is Dennis with the Delmonico's Steak!
Of course when you go to Rome, do as the Romans do.
So, Peachy ordered the Delmonico steak!
It is a boneless ribeye and it originated around 1830.
It was the most fantastic steak she has had in ages-succulent and juicy, enormous (No, she did not eat it all in one sitting but she did eat it all!  And she enjoyed it!), and precisely what you should order as well on your jaunt to Delmonico's.
Eating the Delmonico's steak makes you feel that life is beautiful!
And the expertly thin onion rings that join the party will also make your day.
Delmonico's serves 220-230 people every day and we were lucky enough to see a Scottish wedding while we were there.  Many weddings that take place at City Hall later come here. Typically they do 150 lunches and 200 dinners daily.
Frank the waiter absolutely cannot be beat.
He was on the ball at every second of our experience, and not only was he diligent and knowledgeable, but also he was the quintessential personable angel of a waiter.
You want to meet Frank when you dine at Delmonico's!
The sides we ordered are the best sides we have ever had, and the ones in the past were excellent, but just not as good as these three!
Front and center is the King Crab Macaroni and Cheese.
We have all had Macaroni and Cheese and most people love it.
Many of us have had Lobster Macaroni and Cheese.
We have NEVER had King Crab Macaroni and Cheese and we shook its hand, we were pleased to meet it, and our stomach applauded.  Just genius.
Left back are the Whipped Potatoes.  You know Peachy is Irish and must have her potatoes.  They were classically flavorful and fluffy and just what you want potatoes to be.
Right back are the Roasted Brussels Sprouts, which joined by a unique concoction of honey sprinkled with bacon interspersed, they are the kind of vegetable that you would welcome with open arms!

I was in an enormous rush and became a little flustered and frustrated on my way to Delmonico's. Finally arriving in the financial district, I jumped out of the taxi, barely noticing the stately and historical looking entrance to Delmonico’s Restaurant. Within a quick few steps I was transported from the quiet downtown sidewalk to animated chatter and clinking silverware within a warm and opulent, colonial dining room. And in that instant, I forgot about my embarrassment for being late, calmed down instantaneously, and knew I was here for something extraordinary. 
Our waiter Frank could not have been any better. Knowing when to come to the table and when to let us savor our food and drink, he was such a gentleman and a knowledgeable one too! Frank started our experience at this historical restaurant with a glass of Decoy 2009 cabernet sauvignon. I relaxed immediately, absorbed the surroundings and began to appreciate the beauty of Delmonicos. 
Looking at the menu, Tuna Tartare was going to be my first course. I wanted something fresh and light, and I was not disappointed. With three thin pieces of Seared Hamachi resting on a little bed of tuna tartare, the dish was topped with flavorful, julienne radish and pear. When I noticed the spicy mango sauce drizzled on the plate, my mouth began to water. The fresh and spicy combination was delicate yet satisfying. 
After some conversation and enjoyment, I was brought a glass of Ramspeck 2009 pinot noir to pair with my dinner of sea bass and shrimp risotto served with a balsamic reduction sauce, a special for the night. 
The light and mellow wine balanced perfectly with the sumptuous fish and risotto. 
 Along with my main course, I was served a side of brussel sprouts that were flavored with a honey tabasco sauce that was out of this world. I never thought my favorite vegetable could be so spectacular!
What I found so fabulous about Delmonicos was not just the culinary skill and delight it served, but it was the combination of ambiance and food that catapulted this experience as one of my best in New York City. With large paintings spanning from impressionist style to simple (yet large) portraiture, there is no lack of boredom. Just to look around and see the patterned walls in contrast to the dark stained wood and lush curtains, one cannot help but to sit back and relax. The staff is attentive and smart, and the food is for sure the best New York has to offer. 
For dessert I had the Baked Alaska, a dish that was originally concocted by chef Charles Ranhofer in 1862 at Delmonico’s! When the dessert was brought to the table, I thought it deserved photographing. The meringue was both beautiful and full of flavor. A bit more wine and a full stomach ended this experience. Would I return? Absolutely! Delmonico’s represents a culinary experience at its finest with rich history and exceptional service. The perfectly lit dining room and its embellishments create a lasting impression on the patron. And the expertise in culinary skill and creation remains to be topped in my travels to the city!
We also tried this amazing wine with Dennis!
Peachy Picks Delmonico's!
Delmonico's is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
56 Beaver Street, Downtown
212 509 1144

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