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Thursday, February 9, 2012

READ THIS: How I Got This Way by Regis Philbin Foreword by Dave Letterman

If only those two Major Marines could see him now! Regis Philbin has won one for The Gipper with this killer autobiography which is flying off the shelves quite literally. Peachy does frequent Manhattan bookstores to check out what is selling well and we see a lot of people with this one checking out with smiles on their faces, and they can’t all have graduated from Notre Dame. 

After 17,000 hours on television, it’s no wonder why Regis Philbin now has enough material to write a book!!! And to think that he once said he really didn’t have any special talent-nonsense! “How I Got This Way” is a fantastic read for anyone that likes to be intelligently entertained by a product of an outstanding Jesuit education with discriminating tastes in football. Modestly told by Regis himself in chapters dedicated and credited to the individuals that were most influential in his storied career, “How I Got This Way” segues seamlessly from person to person adding color to a life that is clearly Technicolor already, and it is perhaps his humility and gratefulness that impresses us the most. If you are in Peachy’s generation you’re going to have no idea who many of these characters are that he refers to-but that only gives you an excuse to employ google search and learn something-and wish you had been there to see it yourself.

Many autobiographies have inflated views of self while in contrast this one by Regis eagerly connects with the reader who clearly is engaged right off the bat by David Letterman’s cheeky foreword-though we are still trying to decipher the Lincoln connection. You know we admire Regis greatly and Peachy’s dream of making a bet with him for the Holy War (Notre Dame vs. Boston College for those of you that don't practice Catholic football as a religion) came true last fall…although the score was not what she had dreamed of (David Gordon where are you when we need you?! Note: The Holy War Score was decided by a good field goal by Gordon in 1993-You know Peachy’s shirt: God is Good (front) So Was Gordon’s Kick (back)) Though he is now unemployed, Regis did forgive that bet when Peachy spoke to him on Geraldo’s radio show…after she complimented him on how fantastic this book is! By the way Regis, Peachy highlighted her favorite parts of this book in green in tribute to Notre Dame…but she couldn’t help but notice that the color of the book is a beautiful maroon hue and the book cover is written in maroon and gold-what a combination! 

How can anyone not love Regis! He has lived a life of true quality from his first position in the military and his strong upbringing by his parents-consistently throughout his life you can tell he is genuinely a great person true to his word that echo his actions. In this book you'll hear it all and learn so much from someone that is worth learning from.  It was not always rainbows and sunshine we see now and remember, overnight success does not happen overnight.  Regis has old school values that we embrace and admire that are not nearly celebrated enough today in the mainstream media-and we celebrate them in a big way with this book: Regis has style with substance…and we ought to know about the style part he is a winner in black tie:
Of course, that is Peachy, Regis and Joy...And the substance you will find in this great book. 

We hate to give too much away, but here are the Top Ten Reasons Why You Want to Read this Book (Letterman maybe you should have done this instead of marking up Lincoln): 

1. Don’t you want to know how Regis came to serenade Bing Crosby! What did he sing? You must read this. 

2. Elaborately planned pranks by graduates of Notre Dame, particularly while in the military, may in fact supercede the talents of more recent Jesuit grads-read up to have one up on the next last laugh! 

3. It’s not what you’re doing but how exciting you make it-see the Piggy Bank story 

4. Patience is a virtue and twenty years may be worth it 

5. George Clooney has a villa in Italy where amazing dinner parties are thown…and wouldn’t you like to know what happens there! (If in fact, it can be remembered…) 

6. The photography included is both priceless and classic; and let’s face it: don’t you want to see Regis in a flight suit! And driving the 1240 KSON News Vehicle! And dressed like Fonzie…and…and!!! 

7. Don’t you want to know what Steinbrenner’s box was like? 

8. You’ll know what to do once you know you want it! [Conquer the world to get it! See how Regis did just that…] 

9. What I Took Away From it All Summaries: Eloquence and Wisdom that we all need! And look, Joey Bishop was right…you ARE a great listener, Regis!: 

10. Don't you want to know How He Got This Way?

Whom You Know Gives "How I Got This Way" by Regis Philbin our highest recommendation.
God Bless You Regis Philbin! 
..and we shall change some lyrics in tribute to you:

Every time you turn the page, it rains stories from Regis~!
Don'tcha know each chapter contains anecdotes that he did?
(You'll find your fortune fallin' all in your smile)
(Be sure that you listen up)
It’s all his style

This book is better than a package of sunshine and flowers
If you want to get to the goals you set, you will have showers
(So when you sit in wonder) just reach for a cup of tea
There'll be stories by Regis for you and me

(Every time you turn the page) Stories of Regis
(Don'tcha know each chapter contains) Laughs that he did
(You'll find you wisdom increasing) With each person in his personal town
(Be sure that your ears are open) and you'll hear quite a sound

When you're done you're going to want to send him flowers
But he'd rather have Notre Dame undefeated with all of God's powers
So when you watch in wonder when you see him on tv
You'll know How He Got This Way cause it's that we told you to read!


After five decades in show business—and nearly 17,000 unforgettable hours on television—Regis Philbin has a lifetime’s worth of stories to share. 

In this entertaining memoir, the irrepressible Reege—consummate talk show host, man about town, loving husband, father, and obsessive sports fan—looks back at his years in show business. How I Got This Way (It Books; on sale: November 15, 2011; ISBN: 9780062109750) is filled with stories of lessons learned—and elbows rubbed—with extraordinary, and often unsuspecting, teachers: David Letterman, Donald Trump, George Clooney, Howard Stern, Jack Nicholson; legendary Notre Dame coaches Frank Leahy, Ara Parseghian, and Lou Holtz; and, of course, longtime cohosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Kelly ‘Pippa’ Ripa, as well as his own lovely wife, Joy—to name just a few. 
Whether he’s revealing what really drove him “bonkers” on the set of Seinfeld, how he survived the first known bomb scare on live TV, what Jack Nicholson said about his beautiful leading ladies during their guys’ night out together, or poignant memories of his last moments with his idol and dear friend, Jack Paar, Regis packs every page of How I Got This Way with his signature heart, wit, dynamic energy, and gratitude for everything life has brought him. 

REGIS PHILBIN has been entertaining television audiences for more than fifty years, in daytime reigning as a beloved morning-show host, in nighttime as an über game-show host and also as a fixture on national and local late-night shows. He is most widely known for Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee and its subsequent incarnation Live! With Regis and Kelly; Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Million Dollar Password, and the first season of America's Got Talent. Regis is the proud recipient of five Emmy Awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, a Broadcasting & Cable Lifetime Achievement Award, the Walter Camp Distinguished American Award at Yale University, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2006 Regis was inducted into both the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame and the Television Academy’s Hall of Fame. Regis lives in New York and Connecticut with his lovely wife, Joy. 

It Books 
On Sale: Nov. 15, 2011 
Hardcover | 336 pp | $25.99 

ISBN: 9780062109750 

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