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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Canfo Products Recommended by the Beautiful People of Whom You Know...Literally Beautiful Inside and Out! Read Below To See~!

Living in Manhattan can take its toll on anyone, that's for sure! Late nights, early mornings, major social events, and other obligations add up to a lack of sleep and not-quite-healthy habits. Happily, Canfo Natural Products provides time-tested, proven herbal formulas to help the gal (or guy!) on the go to keep their bodies happy. Founded by Carl Chen, Canfo employs a team of dedicated researcher who travel the world in search of herbal formulas that aid the body with everything from preventing kidney stones to enhancing hair, skin, and nails. Many of these formulas have been handed down over centuries, and are tried and true recipes. I was very happy to be able to test out some of Canfo's products, and was amazed by the results! Flush Me, a 2-day "quick-cleanse" formula left me feeling like I had boundless energy and could walk on water. Unlike other popular "cleanses," this formula does not contain stimulants or laxitives, yet it thoroughly cleanses the blood and digestive system, cleaning out harmful toxins, and leaving you feeling completely refreshed and renewed! Beautify Me, which was designed with women in mind, helps to improve the appearance of hair, skin, and nails by improving the ability of the body, and more specifically, the female reproductive system, to absorb and retain nutrients. Building up strength and resilience from the inside out, this supplement truly works wonders. I was amazed to find my hair shinier, my skin more radiant, and my nails much stronger after using the supplement for only a week! Eye Care also impressed me; I didn't think I needed an eyecare supplement, but, since I sit at a computer for over 10 hours a day, I figured it couldn't hurt. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my headaches, which I'd attributed to stress and lack of sleep, virtually disappeared once I began taking this supplement, and I also felt more energized, because my eyes felt less dry. Who knew?! The final product I tried, No Stone, is designed to support the kidneys and facilitate their function. While I've never had any specific kidney problems, I did notice a difference in my overall energy and an improvement in my mood after taking this supplement, which I can only attribute to the fact that it helps the kidneys to perform their job - which is to eliminate waste and toxins from the body! Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Canfo's products, and will definitely be including them in my daily routine going forward!

Anything to be healthy, right? See a new product called "BeautifyMe" and it's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. As I tend to be as homeopathic and natural as possible, the list of ingredients in this little magic bottle is like a song to my ears. Some of them I'm familiar with, like Black Cohosh, which is great for female hormonal balance, and Aloe Vera, helps with digestion, and somehow makes me feel smooth on the outside , too. Add this to your daily regimen, and add to your overall well-being. The next product in the line-up by Canfo is their Eye-Health formula. Again, hand to heart, new love in my life, just what the doctor ordered. My eyes are my life, and so need great attention, thus, a new element in their care. As a herbal supplement, this seems to keep blurry vision at bay when tired, just from my own experience. I can't wait to see what will be a long-term result.
Canfo' s No-Stone will help with kidney support, should you have calcified build-up in your system. Of course, using this as a preventative is the best way to treat anything, so to avoid the possibility of ever having kidney stones.  
Their most impressive product that I've used has been the Flush-Me. It does. The option is to add it to your daily routine as a cleansing aid, or to do the recommended 2-day quick cleanse. If you happen to be coming out of a bout with the flu, or entering a detox regimen for weightloss, the 2-day plan is a marvelous way to begin a new cycle. Don't leave the house, and drink lots of water. it really works!!!

Beautify-Me is a secret, beautifying vitamin formula. Wow! Beauty in a bottle! It works by replenishing and enhancing the ability of a woman’s reproductive system to absorb and maintain nutrients. Beauty is the most obvious reflection of the body’s condition. When the body and more specifically, when a woman's reproductive system is deprived of nutrients, hair often appears less full and vibrant. One’s nails can have bumps and ridges. Nails can be brittle. Or our skin can be become drier and more prone to inflammation. However, as the reproductive system more efficiently absorbs nutrients, the byproduct is a healthy, replenished body with healthy, hair, skin, and nails. Or, in other word, more beautiful! Thanks to a vitamin pill. That works for me. NoStone is a vitamin formula. It works to support your kidney naturally. The kidney works hard to eliminate waste. The kidney also eliminates toxic substances from the body. At times, the kidney can become overworked. NoStone helps support the kidneys to facilitate its function. It focuses on the urinary tract's fluid elimination, NoStone acts as a natural cleanse. It ensures a smooth passage of urinary waste through the urinary tract. It thus provides a natural release for mineral buildup. All this occurs naturally. It gives your kidney a break. What a great idea! EyeCare is a vitamin formula for your eye health. It works by focusing on the liver. The liver is believed to nourish and moisten the eyes. When the liver is deficient in nutrients, common problems arise. These include blurry vision, myopia, and “floaters” in the eyes. They also include, color blindness, or dry eyes. And eye strain. When there is “heat” in the liver, eyes are likely to be bloodshot, often with a painful or burning sensation. EyeCare focuses on the liver by providing it the nutrients it needs for overall liver health and wellness. Eye strain is a serious problem, more than many realize. It is great to have a vitamin that helps with eye strain. For all of us who use computers regularly this is a godsend!

Vitamins are big for my children to help them get all of the daily requirements they need to be their healthiest. I am not a big vitamin taker myself and like the more homeopathic way with herbal supplements. Canfo Natural Products is a company you can trust for many different supplements. From a quick cleanse with “Flush Me” that rids your body of all the impurities inside helping you to feel less weighed down and more energetic. As a person, who has been wearing glasses since age 11 and contacts since 13, I know how important eye care is. Combine that will constant straining looking at the computer day in and day out and wow, my eyes are tired. Canfo Natural Products has a herbal supplement for your eyes. Helping them with the overall health and strength. Want to help your kidney work more efficiently? Then try the NoStone supplement that helps cleanse your kidney and keep it working in tip top shape. Lastly, I tried the “BeautifyMe” supplement mainly because the winter leaves me with the most brittle and splitting nails. My hair is also less lush and shiny due to the cold air. This supplement really enhanced the strength of the nails helping them to grow longer. My hair was also stronger with less splits and shined like the top of the Chrysler Building. These products improved the overall health of my body in a safe and natural way.

History of Canfo 

Carl Chen, the founder of Canfo® Natural Products, became immersed in the world of herbal formulas since he was a little boy. He observed that herbs can have profound effects on the wellness of human beings and quickly found that different herbal formulations, the positive effects are often compounded, having far greater benefits than any single herb. From that moment, Carl’s passion for herbs and ancient medicinal formulas ignited. In his quest for only the best quality of ingredients, Carl established strong relationships with many regional farmers across the globe. As a result, Carl began providing plant extracts for nutraceutical companies all over Europe and the United States. 

With his background as an organic chemist, Carl now leads a group of elite scientific researchers who circle the globe to discover ancient and often secret herbal formulas handed down from generation to generation. Coupled with the exactness of modern plant extraction technology, the researchers have created a modern application for traditional herbal practices. The fruits of their labor resulted in the birth of our company: Canfo® Natural Products, a unique, effective modern take on time-tested, proven herbal formulas. 

From GMP certified manufacturing facilities to third party microbial and heavy metals testing labs, we are truly thankful to our partners who ensure our ideas are realized to their fullest potential. As a result, we are excited for you to experience our years of passion, innovation and scientific research, reduced and sealed into each and every bottle.


Canfo Natural Products, blending state-of-the-art science and eco-friendly manufacturing processes with proven, centuries-old formulas, offers a line of 100% natural herbal supplements that enhance your state of well-being. Canfo products are comprised of the finest quality, pesticide-free, wild-crafted, hand-picked herbs. All the products are safe, fast acting, effective, and time-tested herbal formulas. Canfo believes in products that are non-GMO Project Verified, organic, vegan** and naturally gluten-free. 

The Canfo line includes EyeCare™, the eye health formula designed for the heavy computer user that supports overall eye health and function*; FlushMe®, the 2-day quick cleanse formula that helps you feel lighter and more energetic*; BeautifyMe®, the secret beautifying formula for women that improves the look of skin, nails, and hair*; DePuff™, the water retention formula that helps regulate water retention, puffiness, and bloating throughout the body*; GlucoseShield®, the blood sugar support formula that supports healthy pancreatic function*; LungCare®, the breathe easy formula that helps to combat harsh air and polluted environments and a cleanse for smokers*; NoStone®, the kidney support formula that promotes kidney cleansing function*; NoWorries®, the happy emotion formula that supports natural mood enhancement, helps restore calm and relaxation, and supports natural stress relief*; and OralEase®, the oral health formula that helps relieve canker sores and promotes oral health and freshens breath.* 

Canfo Natural Products is committed to globally advocating the highest environmental manufacturing and packaging standards. All product labels, brochures, and flyers are printed with 100% renewable wind energy. Canfo only uses FSC-certified sources, which boast responsible forest management, including sustainable, verified logging activities. All products are manufactured in GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities. Implementing fair trade practices, Canfo works diligently to empower local communities and to support fair trading practices. Experience Canfo’s years of passion, innovation, and scientific research, sealed in each and every bottle. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

**All of products are vegan EXCEPT OralEase®, which contains pearl powder.

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