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Monday, March 5, 2012


I never played with dolls when I was a child. However, dressing my 4 year-old daughter could not be more fun. However, she loves playing with dolls and dressing and undressing and dressing them again. Vee’s Victorian Doll Clothes are a great way to go when looking for quality made girly clothing for your daughter’s dolls. The pink pinafore dress is adorable with lace and flowers and great trim. It came with a dress, a bonnet and pantaloons. My daughter used it on her American Girl Bitty Baby and other stuffed animals as well. You can order them in different styles and sizes to fit her favorite doll. They are well made and you can see the difference between a more generic and mass made doll clothing. So splurge and go for Vee’s!

Ruffles, frills and little girls! Dressing dollies is a favorite past time of women young and old! At Vee’s Victorians Doll Clothes, we have fashions for dolls of many sizes whether for play dolls or collector dolls. Whether you love the femininity of lots of lace or prefer the simplicity of vintage fashion, you will find many styles to choose from. 

Vee’s Victorians is a family owned business. We have been doing what we love for over 25 years. Our mother and daughter team consists of Vee, who is a national award winning designer for her children’s fashions at Mini World and her daughter Gwen, who grew up in the sewing industry and has sewn limited edition outfits for doll artisans such as Cindy McClure and Elaine Campbell. Together we design and sew all our doll clothes right here in the USA. Our fashions can be found on many prize winning dolls and have been featured in doll magazines. 

Vee’s Victorians makes all of our outfits using high quality fabrics, laces, and trims. All inside seams are finished, so there is no fraying when they are played with or washed. Outfits are finished with buttons and buttonholes. They will withstand the test of time and the scrutiny of judges! 

If you have ever looked for something other than 18” play doll clothes and found it difficult to find, you won’ t have that challenge at Vee’s Victorians. We have outfits for dolls from 6” to 36” in baby doll, little girl, boy, vintage, antique, and fashion doll styles. Did you just inherit your grandma’s doll from when she was a little girl? We have outfits for your new treasure. What about the doll you grew up with? Yup, we have those as well. And your little girl’s Lalaloopsie doll? You will find an outfit to fit her in the 9” doll category. Are you looking for all natural fiber outfits for your children’s Waldorf dolls? You guessed it – we have those too. 

We also make a full line of doll underwear from knit and cotton panties to slips and their popular all-in-one chemise. We even have small lace anklets to fit your 1950’s 12” Ideal Shirley Temple doll. We specialize in hard to find, classy, and lacy fashions for all your dolls. Whether you are young or young at heart, you will enjoy browsing through our designs.

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