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Monday, March 5, 2012


If you are looking for the perfect way to save and show off your treasured family photos and memories, look no further than Rustico Leather's Family Leather Photo Album. This gorgeous leather album is so soft and smooth to the touch. It is really a delight to hold it. I also love the leather buckle that keeps the album closed. The inside of the album contains 80 rough cut, acid-free pages. It has a very natural look and feel. The pages are black too, so they serve as the perfect background to all your colorful photos. The album is elegantly bound together with its hand-sewn spine. You can easily see that this album is of the highest quality. It really is the finest way to preserve your memories, and best of all, it is made right here in the USA!

With the economy the way it is, if people are going to spend money they are looking for something to really connect with. They want quality, craftsmanship and more than ever products that are made in the USA. One company that has been doing all of that since 2001 is Rustico. They make handsome, handmade leather products. I just love their Family Photo Album which comes in five great colors. This is a perfect Father’s Day gift for your Dad or for your children to give to their Dads. All hand sewn and buttery soft to the touch. Love the flap tie closure that is secure but easy to open. With 80 pages that are rugged and rustic, you can fit quite a few memories on the stiff parchment paper. Love the option of engraving the cover as well making it even more personal. 

Rustico Family Leather Photo Album in Burgundy is so beautiful! I love the way the way the photo album looks. I love the color and the texture! It's a beautiful piece of American crafted leather. A very unique photo album - they really don't make it like this anymore. I think that the pictures look even more amazing in this album then it would in any other. Nothing compares! I know it's hard to imagine but if you see your pictures in the album you'd be shocked at how amazing they look. This is perfect to have in your home or to give as a gift. The stitching on the outside of the album speaks for the quality itself! 


Growing popularity in online shopping has allowed more and more consumers to discover a host of different worldwide retailers, but a worldwide economy interconnected through technology also gives rise to an entirely different consumer: the local buyer. As global goods become more widely available with new technology, the trend to buy local products has also gained traction in recent years. Rustico Leather in Orem, Utah is rooted in the shadows of the mighty Uinta Mountains and has manufactured a variety of quality leather products since it was founded over a decade ago. 

“Every product we sell is 100 percent American, made in Utah, from materials to craft,” said Isaac Childs, Founder of Rustico Leather. Rustico intends to stay 100 percent American, not only by employing American craftsmen, but by purchasing American products for their own use. Their dedicated and seasoned craftsmen only select and purchase leathers from tanners located in the United States. 

While some businesses find that overseas manufacturing and assembly help keep costs down, local-centric businesses and consumers recognize several ancillary benefits of buying and selling products made only in the U.S.A. The newest iPad or iPhone is being assembled in China by employees working for $2 per hour, and this likely helps reduce the cost of these products, but local buyers and sellers understand what’s lost in outsourcing their business. 

Imported products can be cheaper, but consumers have begun to recognize American made products often encourage employment opportunities for U.S citizens. Also, some products made here in America are often cheaper than those made overseas. Buyers might be surprised to find lower costs for products made right here, because the overhead to package and ship products is less. Many companies also realize the trend of buying local is becoming a huge selling point right now. For Rustico, “buy local” has never been a fad. They help to employ American craftsmen and create jobs for American leather tanners. 

It is common practice for the “buy local” consumer to appreciate and even demand environmentally friendly products and conservation techniques that encourage “green” production and manufacturing. 

“Rustico is a responsible steward over the leather products we make,” Childs said. “The leathers we use are a byproduct of cows that are raised for food. We take the proper steps to ensure that none of our leather goes to waste.” 

The quality of Rustico Leather products is second to none. The durability of each product, from their hand-sewn journals to their leather shoulder bags are made with lifelong toughness that assembly line production cannot mimic. For your chance to be part of the “buy local” movement, “like” Rustico Leather on Facebook for a chance to get freebies and the latest promotional deals from Rustico Leather. Learn more here:

About Rustico Leather: 

The first journals we created in 1998 drew admiration and applause from delighted friends and family. After significant interest from local ski resorts and boutiques, I knew we had found support for our high-quality handmade leather products. Rustico was officially founded in 2001 and, on the strength of our top-grain cowhide and proprietary creation processes, we have become a respected maker of handmade and custom leather products throughout the world. At Rustico, we take pride in knowing that we provide only the best leather products. To provide the finest, we must first demand the best--from ourselves, from our materials, and from our methods. Visit Rustico Leather online at

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