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Monday, March 5, 2012

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE WITH SWEET DOMESTICS- Sweet Domestics Gingerbread House and Cookie Cutter Kit Recommended by the Chez Peachy Panel of Whom You Know!

One of the highlights leading up to Christmas is going to our country club to decorate a Gingerbread House. My daughter loves every second of the icing and the candy and the make believe of who is going to live in this gingerbread house. Now you do not have to wait till Christmas to enjoy this project. Start a new tradition this Easter with Sweet Domestics Gingerbread House and Cookie Cutter Kit and support a Made in the USA business. With manageable cookie forms and cutters it is easy to make a mini house that your children will love to construct and design. Perfect for the Easter Bunny to live in covered in jelly beans, Cadbury mini eggs and surrounded by cookie animals and peeps bunnies and chicks. Want to have the ultimate playdate? Invite seven friends over as it only takes one hour to make and bake seven houses and let the creativity begin. 

One of my favorite things about December is making a Gingerbread House. It's the only time I make them. When I got the Sweet Domestics Gingerbread House decorating kit in the mail, I was excited. It gave me a reason to make and decorate gingerbread houses any time of the year. I first made the birthday themed house because my best friend celebrated her birthday recently. It was a huge hit. With St. Patrick's Day and Easter around the corner, I can't wait to make more. I am going to have to purchase more as gifts for my friends. When I found out that the Sweet Domestics products were made in the USA, I was even more thrilled. I can't wait to get decorating. 

Baking has been one of my favorite things to do since I can remember. I love the process of it! I also really love decorating after baking. When I saw that Sweet Domestics made a gingerbread house cookie cutter set, I immediately began looking in my cabinets for cookie ingredients! I always thought gingerbread houses were only for Christmas, but to my pleasant surprise Sweet Domestics makes different cookie cutter sets for every season of the year! I plan on using my spring set to make my Easter gingerbread house that everyone can admire (and possibly snack on) during the holiday. Sweet Domestics products are all made in the USA and are some of the best quality that I've ever used! I can't wait to have my first gingerbread house making party! 

My four and a half year old son loves baking! He loves measuring, mixing and most of all, getting messy (of course)! He was so excited to make a Spring Gingerbread House! "Don't we just make gingerbread houses at Christmas time, mom?" To which I replied, "Not anymore!" Sweet Domestics offers a fantastic Cookie Cutter Set which you can use to make your own gingerbread houses. They then have six different designs that come with instructions, to customize your house. The best part? All of their products are made in the USA!!! My son and I made the Spring Celebration/Easter House. All of the directions are very easy to follow and we had a great time working on this project together! I highly recommend Sweet Domestic's preschooler loved them and so did I! 


Christine Brooks created the Spicebrook Forest™ Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter Kit so people can have gingerbread house parties any time of year. The thirteen cookie cutters come with an instruction booklet that has recipes for gingerbread house cookie dough and royal icing. Packaging themes include: Spring, Summer, Birthday Parties, Fall, Winter, and Valentine’s Day. The cookie cutters and the instruction booklet are the same for all six packaging themes. The cookie cutters can be used again and again, and will last for many years. Customers can bake the cookies for seven gingerbread houses in one hour. The cookies can be made ahead of time and stored for weeks. Her pastry cloth and rolling pin cover set makes rolling out cookie dough easy. Her products are made in the USA. 

Christine Brooks started Sweet Domestics LLC in July of 2006. The company is located in West Hartford Connecticut. In November of 2006 she introduced her first product, the Spicebrook Forest™ Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter Kit (Retail: $24.95). It includes thirteen cookie cutters (six for the house, and a dog, cat, bear, elf, tree, boy and girl), and an instruction booklet. The booklet was written by Christine and has everything you need to know to have a gingerbread house party, including the recipes for cookie dough and royal icing. The cookie cutters and instruction booklet are made in the USA. 

Christine first designed her gingerbread house cookie cutters 25 years ago when her daughters were 3 and 5 years old. She believed they needed to make gingerbread houses to have a happy childhood, but couldn’t find a cookie cutter kit, so she made her own. She had parties for her family and friends for 25 years. She decided to start Sweet Domestics in 2006 because her oldest daughter’s best friend, who had been making gingerbread houses at Christine’s parties since she was seven years old, got married. Christine wanted her to be able to make gingerbread houses with her own children some day, and decided that it was time to share the fun of gingerbread house parties with families across the country. 

Christine is committed to providing her customers the same value and quality that she seeks as a consumer herself. The cookie cutters can be used again and again, and will last for many years. The cookie dough and royal icing mixes are all natural and don’t contain any preservatives. The assorted candies are a great value because they provide a broad assortment of candies in different colors, shapes, sizes and textures to inspire gingerbread house artists. Customers can bake the cookies for seven gingerbread houses in less than one hour. The cookies can be made ahead of time and stored for several weeks. 

Her products are made in the USA. They have been sold nationally through HearthSong, Plow & Hearth, Magic Cabin, Solutions Catalog, and King Arthur Flour, and at independent kitchen, and gift stores across the country. 

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