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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

READ THIS: Bermuda Spirit By Georgia Crowe-Benevides and Kathryn M. Deane

The bad news is that Peachy Deegan always says to herself that someday when she reaches the bottom of her inbox, she will go to Bermuda.  The truth is she gets about 1k emails a day and reaching the bottom of her inbox has not happened in the 3 years of Whom You Know.  The good news is that before she reached the bottom of her inbox one day, she discovered this fantastic new book by Kathryn M. Deane and Georgia Crowe-Benevides and she and you the reader can now feel like you went to Bermuda without ever leaving Manhattan!  Filled with glorious anecdotes and phenomenal photographs, Bermuda Spirit captures the spirit that must be quintessential Bermuda from what we have heard and can conclude.

The work kicks off with a quote by Mark Twain:
"You can go to heaven if you want, I'd rather stay in Bermuda."
With all due respect, Mr. McQuilkin would tell us that is a comma splice and should be replaced with a semicolon, however, Mr. Twain, our great-grandfather loved you so much he had all your books and Peachy read them for her summer book reports at MPS.  And we will take your word for it!  Do take us to where the sand is pink and the waters are turquoise.  And we are glad to hear that women can go through the main doorway of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.  

Bermuda seems no tiny place now either.  It is twice the size of Peachy's hometown in Connecticut at 50k these days but it seems just as preppy which is part of its entire intrigue.  St. George's the world heritage site has 28 years on her hometown.  Do bring your golf clubs, Rory McIlroys-to-be!  We think finding shipwrecks with Teddy Tucker must also be quite a fun activity.  Along with jumping from the steep cliffs on the coast, visiting the Carter House, and visiting the many homes that are known by a name alone (p. 58-59).  

Peg Leg Lounge, do you think you could start to serve The Peachy Deegan?   Tucker's Point Club Bar, same to you?   The traditions are fascinating and we are beginning to think one has not really lived until you've sipped rum on a roof in this to find out more!

Jack Lightbourne looks like he has even more shells than Peachy has collected...we would like to see these!  We were pleased to see Mover and Shaker Georgina featured!  Note that all profits from this sale go to Bermuda Charities, which is commendable.

Whom You Know Highly Recommends Bermuda Spirit.
Peachy, we also recommend you find the bottom of your inbox and fly there today-maybe you'll make it for Heritage day at the end of May.

Offering an insider's look into iconic Bermuda and its unique lifestyle, Bermuda is a new photography book candidly showcasing Bermudians, at work, at play, and in their own environments. Authors Georgia Crowe-Benevides and Kathryn M. Deane have amassed a collection of appealing portraits showcasing a beautiful island and the richly diverse and culturally vibrant way Bermudians live. Designed as a fundraising instrument, profits from the sale of Bermuda will benefit several Bermudian charities. 

With full-page photographs and anecdotal descriptions, Bermuda captures the country’s evolution from the oldest English-speaking community in the western hemisphere to a modern-day international business and tourism destination. A heartfelt foreword was written by award-winning actor and producer Michael Douglas, a former Bermuda resident whose mother, Diana Dill, was Bermudian. 

While Bermuda includes glamorous photographs of established institutions, such as the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, the Coral Beach Club, and the Mid Ocean Club, the book is also filled with photos of residents from all walks of life. Bermudian reggae star Collie Buddz, fine artist Otto Trott, and the band Mohawk Radio are all featured. Within its pages, the camera captures images of intriguing homes currently owned by celebrities and politicians including Silvio Berlusconi, as well as the former homes of notables such as Vincent Astor and Charlie Chaplin. 

Crowe-Benevides and Deane conceptualized Bermuda as more than a look book. “Bermuda has been an important part of our lives, and we wanted to give back in a way that could have a positive impact on several levels,” said Deane. “We chose four charities which represent a well-rounded spectrum of needs: children and families, art and education, environmental protection and ocean sciences.” Profits from book sales will be directed to The Family Centre (early intervention services for children), Masterworks Foundation (Museum of Bermuda Art), Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, and the Bermuda Audubon Society. 

Georgia Crowe-Benevides, Texan by birth, has lived in Bermuda for 25 years. Along with her husband David, she founded the architectural firm Benevides and Associates, a 14-time recipient of the Bermuda Architectural Design Award. Holding a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree from the University of Houston, she is also an accomplished painter and photographer. 

Kathryn M. Deane, a lifelong photographer and writer, grew up in both Manhattan and Bermuda. A graduate of Duke University, Deane most recently served as president of The TobĂ© Report, a prestigious fashion-merchandising consultancy. A frequently quoted fashion authority, Deane has also been an active volunteer on several not-for-profit boards. 

At 220 pages, Bermuda is a hardcover measuring 12 x 12 inches. Retailing for $75, it can be purchased online at www.BermudaSpirit.Com (ISBN: 978-0-6154753-9-4). 

More information can also be found on Facebook:

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