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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tasty Tidbits: Tamarind

It is a rare occasion when you see Indian food highlighted on Whom You Know...we find very few that have outstanding cuisine and that have people that effectively communicate in English, and we are pleased to say that Tamarind makes the grade in absolutely both.
Located at 99 Hudson Street in Tribeca, Tamarind has us interested and manager Gary Walia and bartender Daniel impressed us just as much as the presentation itself.
Gary suggested that Peachy try Bhel Poori.  What is that you may ask?  Peachy definitely asked.  It is classic Indian streetfood.  Still that didn't tell Peachy much as she does not eat street food unless maybe if it's a hotdog and she is in the mood for it...she thinks the best ones are at Fenway Park not to be found here.  Classic Indian streetfood we learned is puffed rice, assorted wheat, yellow noodles with chickpea, red onion, cilantro and mind with a tamarind (hence the name of the restaurant!) sauce.  It was beautifully presented and if you like Indian streetfood we surmise you will like this.
Peachy hardly ever meets a crab she doesn't like.  Well, she didn't like this, she loved it!  The color unnerved us at first as we never have seen yellow crab, however we learned this is sauteed with curry powder hence it becomes a sunny hue.  The official name of this beauty is Chimbori Jalway, and served with green chilies, scallion and toasted corn kernels, and it held together well.  We will call it a crab cake because it is close to one with a twist of course.  The crunks of crab were substantially amazing and the flavor was just right: not overpowering on the curry, just the right touch.  Tamarind has been around since April 2010 after going a huge renovation and this gigantic space in Manhattan looks like something we'll want to find out more about.

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