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Thursday, April 19, 2012


If you're someone who, like me, gets bored with the same old beverages over and over again (how many bottles of Poland Spring can a gal drink?!), then you've got to check out Big Train! An all-American company that started small and now produces over 200 products and exports to over 55 countries, Big Train is a classic example of the great American dream becoming a reality through creativity, hard work, and perseverance. They are the foodservice market leader in Blended Ice Coffee and Chai beverage mixes, and they recently won awards for their Fit Frappe Protein Coffee Mix and their Shaken Mango Passion Green Iced Tea Mix! I was delighted to be able to sample some of their tasty treats and, after doing so, can wholeheartedly agree that these products are, indeed, award-worthy! The Shaken Mango Passion Green Iced Tea is delicious and refreshing, and the perfect treat as we head into warmer weather in NYC. And the Mocha Ice Coffee is amazing! It can be blended with ice for a blended coffee drink or mixed with hot water for a comforting hot mocha. I tried it blended, and it was superb - this will definitely be a go-to treat over the summer! Another fantastic product is the Fit Frappe. It's available in 5 different flavors, and contains 21 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of sugar, and only 130 calories! I tried the mocha flavor and the vanilla flavor, and I am HOOKED! What a fabulous, guilt-free treat! The mocha has a great, chocolate-coffee taste, and the vanilla is just sweet enough, without being over the top. In addition to their beverages, Big Train also produces mixes for low carb baked goods, which is excellent news for people like me, who have a huge sweet tooth but need to fit into those cocktail dresses! The mix is super-easy to prepare (in addition to the mix, all you need is a stick of butter and an egg), and bakes in just 15 minutes. And the end result? Delectable, chocolately brownies - without the guilt! I thoroughly enjoyed all of my Big Train treats and can't wait to try some more!

I cannot believe I've never had anything by Big Train before. The first thing I couldn't wait to try was the Mango Passion Iced Green Tea Mix. I think this is my new favorite iced tea. Next on my list to try was the Fit Frappe in Mocha and Vanilla Flavor. I tried them both as blended drinks rather than iced or hot. Those had to be the best protein drinks I've ever had. They weren't chalky and tasted better than any other blended drink that I've gotten at any coffee shop. I also loved the Blended Ice Coffee Mocha flavored drink. Because I had already tried the Fit Frappe as a blended drink, I decided to try following the directions to make it as a hot drink. I didn't want the cup to end. It was the best mocha I've had in a long time. The best product- in my opinion, had to be the Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix. These were the best brownies I've ever had. If I didn't know they were low in carbs, I wouldn't have believed it if you told me. I brought these to a recent cookout and they were some of the first pieces of dessert that were gone. I know what I'm going to bring to social gatherings from now on.

Big Train drink mixes are great! I usually shy away from drink mixes, because they don't taste natural. That is not the case with these drink mixes. My favorite was the mocha mix. This drink tasted just like I bought the drink at a local coffee chain. The best part about these drinks is that they are really easy to make. I made them in the blender and they mixed up quickly and easily. The fit drink mixes were also really very tasty. Really the best product I tried was the lower carb brownie mix. It was easy to use (just add butter and an egg), which is how I like to bake. I gave them to my students at school (I teach high school) and they LOVED them!!! That really isn't a better endorsement! 

Big Train has such wonderful products! I would like to start with the chocolate chip brownie mix - OMG! It might be low carb but I'd like to say they taste like heaven! They are delicious and I can't get enough!! They also have yummy protein drinks. I had the pleasure of trying the vanilla and mocha flavors. Again another hit in my book! I also love their Mango Passion Iced Green Tea it is perfect. It tastes light, sweet and is delectable! I also tried the Mocha Iced Coffee and it's great warm or cold. I think its such a great treat! I love everything I've tasted from Big Train!


About Big Train 

The name Big Train was chosen by the founding partners in 1991 because it stood for a thriving enterprise that symbolizes strength and constant motion. Big Train® has evolved to become a global foodservice powerhouse brand. The foodservice market leader in Blended Ice Coffee and Chai beverage mixes, Big Train’s product portfolio now includes over 200 diverse products, the most complete in the industry. Big Train keeps moving forward, always in search of the next revolutionary drink that’s as delicious to drink as it is easy to prepare. 

For over 20 years, Big Train has established itself as a worldwide leader in specialty beverage mix products for the foodservice industry while building a top to bottom commitment to excellent customer service. With our corporate headquarters and distribution center in Lake Forest, California, and our nearby manufacturing facility, we are proud of our Made in the USA heritage. Big Train exports its products to over 55 countries including Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Chile, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and many others. 

The Professional's Choice 

Big Train got its start selling to coffee shops, which remain a key customer sales channel. Big Train now supports major food and beverage distributors and suppliers around the world. In addition, major national retail and restaurant chains, boutiques, government institutions, concessionaires, and other businesses have partnered with us to offer their customers some of the best beverage products available anywhere. Professional is our standard of quality. We’ve made it our business to help foodservice operators, and now home baristas, everywhere succeed by giving them a recipe for success: easy to make products that taste great, every time. 

Success is in the mix.

Big Train is a classic all-American company with entrepreneurial roots. We offer exceptional service as we are constantly striving to delight our diverse customers that span the globe. More than just a vendor, Big Train is an invaluable resource supporting coffee shops, retail store owners, distributors and national chain accounts with great products that stand out. We also offer innovative services like our OnTrack™ Rewards program, a Commercial Blender program, private label, contract packing services and tolling arrangements, all of which have helped to drive loyalty spanning decades. 

For over 20 years we have been the professional’s choice. Now consumers ask for Big Train by name and most of our products are now available to consumers and home baristas everywhere. Our success is due in part to a diverse, high quality product line that includes frappes, hot cocoas, soft serve products, real fruit smoothies, baked goods, cocktail mixes, and protein drinks. Because of a combination of win-win partnerships with the best distributors in the industry, thousands of devoted customers, tenured dedicated and friendly staff, and a company-wide commitment to quality, Big Train has paved the way to where we are today. 

Where can you buy Big Train products? If you are a business and wish to work with a local distributor in your area, please contact us so we can point you in the right direction. If you wish to purchase Big Train for home use, check out our store locator. You may also purchase select Big Train products directly from our website. If you can’t find Big Train at your favorite store, try asking your store manager to carry your favorite Big Train product and hand 


Big Train®, a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium powdered and liquid concentrate beverage mixes serving the specialty coffee, foodservice and retail industries in the US and abroad, was one of three companies honored with an award for Best New Products. 

At each of the Coffee Fest shows across the United States held annually, manufacturers are invited to spotlight new products for specialty coffee and tea retailers. Vendors can compete in two categories – consumables (like mixes) and non-consumables (like cups and lids). Submissions are carefully reviewed and sampled by a team of industry experts to determine the best new products available to coffee houses and other retailers. At the Coffee Fest show in Seattle last week, Big Train won 3rd place, and was the only drink mix manufacturer to win one of the 3 coveted awards. 

“It’s quite an honor to receive a best in show award at Coffee Fest”, says Frank Lindsey, General Manager of Foodservice at Big Train. “Fit Frappe has been well received by coffeehouse and new verticals for Big Train. It’s great to see industry experts acknowledge this new product line. It will give our customers an opportunity to capture incremental drink sales with more fitness-minded consumers that might otherwise seek high-protein refreshments elsewhere.” 

This is Big Train’s 3rd award from Coffee Fest since 2004, representing 3 categories of products, first chai, then shaken teas, and now Protein drink mixes. 

Big Train launched Fit Frappe™ Protein Drink Mixes in a response to customers demanding healthier beverage options. Packed with 20 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of sugar and 130 calories, a 16 ounce beverage can be a meal replacement or a refreshing mid-day snack that can be enjoyed guilt-free. Fit Frappe™ also has 19 vitamins and minerals, at least 5 grams of fiber, only 3.5 grams of fat and is gluten free. 

This gourmet protein drink comes in 3 pound bags in three mouthwatering coffee flavors, Vanilla Latte, Mocha and Espresso and two non-coffee flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate. Baristas can easily create these drinks by just adding water or combine their espresso with Big Train’s Vanilla and Chocolate Fit Frappe™ mixes to customize their own delicious coffee protein drinks, without the heavy chalkiness and aftertaste from other protein mixes. Coffee house operators like that Fit Frappe™ can be served blended, over ice, or hot. Other protein mixes tend to clump up whereas Fit Frappe™ creates a frothy latte richness when served hot. 

Samples of Big Train Fit Frappe™ protein drink mix are available to coffee house and foodservice operators through local Big Train distributors or by contacting Big Train directly at 800 BIG TRAIN (800-244-8724). For more information regarding Fit Frappe, go to or search #fitfrappe on twitter. 

Big Train will donate a portion of profits from sales of Fit Frappe™ products to a non profit organization called Good Sports. Good Sports’ mission is to increase youth participation in sports, fitness, and recreational programs by targeting one of the major obstacles limiting participation - access to sports equipment. Since 2003, Good Sports has provided $5.7 Million worth of equipment impacting over 300,000 kids, while serving the needs of over 750 youth programs across the United States. Big Train is excited to be a part of this great organization and the opportunity to help less fortunate kids get more involved in sports and encourage a lifelong healthy active lifestyle. For more information go to 

Big Train®, a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium powdered and liquid concentrate beverage mixes serving the specialty coffee, food service and retail industries in the US and abroad, won an award for the 2011 Gourmet Product Awards, in the Beverages (Mix) category, for their Shaken Mango Passion Green Iced Tea.
The product was introduced to Gourmet Products at the Summer 2011 Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC.
“We were delighted to have been approached at the Fancy Food Show in DC this year”, says Tim Pisarski, Big Train’s Strategic Marketing Director. “It is a great honor to get the Gourmet Products Award. This award echoes the overwhelmingly positive response we see in the marketplace for our Shaken Tea product line.”
The Gourmet Product Awards Program is solely dedicated to recognizing and honoring the most delicious and innovative new gourmet foods and gourmet products.  The Gourmet Product Awards recognize companies, products and services that stand out in tier quality, innovation and special merit. In total, they have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of gourmet and gourmet product standards and market environment, and may have achieved 'great' quality at the highest and broadest level. The products may also exhibit processes and/or innovations that have added to the profession of health and enhance personal well being, wellness and the enjoyment of their consumers.
Last month at the Coffee Fest Show in Seattle, Big Train announced that its Fit Frappe™ Protein Coffee Drink mix ( line had won one of three Best New Products awards. For this award, Big Train was selected by a team of specialty beverage industry experts, adding to a growing list of beverage mix product awards.

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