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Monday, April 2, 2012

READ THIS: The Garden in Art by Debra N. Mancoff Our Coverage Sponsored by Original Hawaiian Chocolate

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Spring is here, Manhattan!  It is time for blooms and gardens galore so we turn to one of our favorite publishing houses, Merrell, to celebrate the season.  From famous gardens to working gardens to public gardens to artists' gardens, they have it all covered in this beautiful work of art which of course, chronicles other works of art.  It makes a superb gift for anyone aesthetically inclined and for anyone with allergies like Peachy, this is the kind of book that brings spring to you without the sneezes.  It is also terrific for city-dwellers...not too many people in Manhattan can talk about having their own garden!  This boasts the gorgeous Van Gogh's you would expect and Winslow Homer, Gaugin, Monet.  We would not mind having a Palm House in Potsdam-depicted by Karl Blechen on page 134.   And the cover picture is by John William Waterhouse.  However, it's not all flower power-we like the lobster depicted on the bottom of page 12 from the Workshop of Master of the Duke of Bedford (1440-50).
Whom You Know Highly Recommends The Garden in Art.
And may we suggest reading it on the roof of the Met, once it opens!  You'll oversee the entire "garden" of Central Park as you turn the pages.

ich in symbolism and metaphor, and blessed with its own varied and dramatic palette, the garden has proved to be an extremely fertile source of artistic inspiration. In The Garden in Art, acclaimed art historian Debra N. Mancoff reveals the many different ways in which artists from all periods of history – from ancient Egypt to the present day – have employed the motif of the garden. Featuring more than 200 illustrations of both renowned and lesser-known works, the book approaches its subject thematically, exploring such topics as working gardens, the garden through the seasons and artists’ gardens. Complete with a detailed timeline and a suggested list of gardens to visit, The Garden in Art is an absorbing and highly rewarding examination of the meaning and significance of the depiction of the garden.

A major new study of the garden in art, including works by such artists as Botticelli, Hiroshige, Monet, Van Gogh and many others

Extended captions provide detailed interpretations of each work, as well as insights into the artists’ sources of inspiration and principal themes

A delightful and beautifully illustrated book that will appeal to the armchair gardener and art lover alike

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