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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Champagne Wishes Panel of Whom You Know Highly Recommends Las Rocas 2009 Garnacha! It is a Summer Red You Must Have!

It is rare that I will pick up a Grenache at the wine store, but every now and then it is really nice for a change. Unfortunately, since I don't purchase it very often, I never have a vineyard in mind to look for. Now that has all changed! I have tried Las Rocas Garnacha. This wine is made from 100% Garnacha from Spain's Calatayud Denominacion de Origen. The color of the wine is absolutely gorgeous. The hue is of a bright cherry red. Once that gets your attention the aroma and flavor will keep it! The scent of the wine is full of sweet berries. After taking a sip you will be lured in by flavors of fruit, oak, and spices. Once you finish a glass, you will want to fill it right back up again!
It's been a long time since I've fallen in love with a Spaniard, but this wine has won my heart. Las Rocas, a Garnacha, by San Alejandro, in the Calatayud region produces such a wine that you must buy a case just to have, and to give. The Aragon region where these wines are made by a collective is dry, hot, arid. But the grapes that thrive here come from vines that date up to a hundred years old. They're happy grapes, to be sure, with a rich flavor and a thick skin. In 2009 the climate was especially hot, and so the vintage is higher in alcohol than other years. Well-balanced, this grenache (outside of Spain, it's the name that Garnacha goes by) gives a vibrant berry parfum (or nose), and taste. The spice underneath the berry may bring out the vanilla, perhaps a hint of chocolate as well. The tannins are smooth, and along with it's vibrant color, the wine has a good finish. time to think of recipes for dinner (maybe a coq au vin), and some good company, because this Garnacha loves a good crowd. It's a wine to have, often. 
Is there anything better than cuddling up with a big glass of red wine on a chilly, rainy night in New York City? Not many...but you know what makes it even better? When said glass of red wine comes from a bottle of Las Rocas Garnacha. Known as Grenache in the U.S. and France, the Garnacha grape used in the wines produced by Las Rocas is grown in the Calatayud Denominacion de Origen in Spain. The Las Rocas vines yield less fruit than typical Garnacha vines, which results in a richer, more flavorful wine, as the flavor is concentrated among the smaller amount of grapes. I first tried the Las Rocas Garnacha at the end of a long, frustrating day, and from the time I took my first sip, I felt my cares and worries dissipate. The raspberry, cherry, and pepper flavors in the nose give way to a delightfully lively and complex wine. It has a full mouth-feel and a remarkably smooth, fruity finish. It is a wonderfully enjoyable wine, and very easy-drinking. In addition to being a terrific comfort on a cold, rainy night in New York, it would also work well as a crowd-pleasing wine at a party or get-together. An enthusiatic two thumbs up from this panelist!
Sometimes all you need is a nice glass of wine. Before trying Las Rocas Calatayud Garnacha, I had never tried Garnacha wine! Garnacha is from Spain and is a deep colored red wine which I adore. It has flavors of strawberry, blackberry and raspberry which makes it nice and sweet! I decided to try this wine during dinner because I thought it would be a nice addition. I had barbecue chicken which ended up being a delicious pairing! The chicken really brought out the slightly peppery aftertaste of the wine. As a red wine lover, I can now say that I truly enjoy Las Rocas Calatayud Garnache! The next time I enjoy this wine, perhaps I will share the bottle amongst friends. It's tough to do though with a wine that is this delicious!
Las Rocas Calatayud Garnacha is a beautiful vibrant wine. The beautiful dark ruby color brings such an alluring draw to it. Pour a glass and not only will you see the beautiful color of the wine but you will also enjoy the aroma. This spicy fruity mixture draws you in. This wine is a true pleasure to drink. It does not disappoint! I love how it tastes and I just can't get enough! I also love the long lasting after taste. This is a great wine to serve with a meal or simply to be sipped on its own. Give it a shot you won't be disappointed! 



Las Rocas 2009 Garnacha SRP $14 107k Cases Imported 

Deep in the interior of Aragon, Spain, lies a place few have heard of: Calatayud. Here, the air is dry, the terrain is unforgiving, and shattered rock stretches as far as the eye can see. It would seem that nothing could grow here. 

Yet somehow, Garnacha vines thrive on the arid, rocky slopes of Calatayud , creating some of the world’s most sought-after wines. Spain is one of the few places on Earth where vintners bottle pure Garnacha – or Grenache, as it is called outside of Spain – and Calatayud is home to some of the country’s highest Garnacha vineyards. 

Rooted deep in rocky, limestone soils at elevations of up to 3,500 feet, these vines see intense sunlight, prompting thicker skins and, ultimately, grapes with richer flavors. Cool evening temperatures mean fruit with greater acidity, giving Las Rocas wines a unique elegance and structure. 

Many of Calatayud’s Garnacha vines are nearly a century old, producing rich, robust wines. With flavors and tannins reminiscent of a Cabernet Sauvignon, matched by a structure similar to Pinot Noir, Las Rocas Garnacha has a distinct palate of red fruit, black pepper and earthy notes. 

“Las Rocas wines are unique in every sense of the word,” says Yolanda Diaz, managing director of Bodegas San Alejandro, a co-operative of 350 local farmers who grow the grapes for Las Rocas wines. “The rocky slopes create vines that can only be found in Calatayud. The precise combination of climate, soil and elevation here makes our Garnacha unlike any other wine, anywhere else in the world.” 

Founded in 1962, Bodegas San Alejandro is located in Miedes, a town of 530 inhabitants about 55 miles north of Madrid, in the valley of the Ebro River. The dynamic winegrowers and winemakers of Bodegas San Alejandro bring the distinct characteristics of Calatayud and the unique flavors of Garnacha into every bottle of Las Rocas. The collection includes a Garnacha made from 30- to 50-year old vines, a ViƱas Viejas Garnacha made from vines that are 60 to nearly 100 years old, and a Spanish Red Blend that brings Garnacha together with Tempranillo and Syrah. 

The wines of Las Rocas – which translates to “the rocks” in Spanish – are a vivid expression of the rocky terrain that is a hallmark of Calatayud. 

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