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Monday, May 14, 2012


Satin Serenity Pillowcases are famous for reducing hair damage, minimizing sleep lines on the face, and maintaining moisture balance in the hair and skin. And, they are made in the USA! The Chez Peachy panelists, all beautiful and interested in staying that way, were sent to nap and try this out in green and white. They rave:

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I thought I knew all of the secrets. I have gels and serums and potions galore. However, I'd never heard of the wonders of satin pillowcases before! Thankfully, my ignorance has turned into bliss, with the discovery of Satin Serenity's satin pillowcases. Co-founded by Christa Sellman-Jones and Lisa Damron, Satin Serenity's luxurious linens are all made in the U.S.A., and are extremely popular with spa professionals and beauty-loving individuals alike. Christa's great-aunt, Amy, was a hairstylist in the Golden Age of Hollywood, and often exchanged beauty secrets with her stylish clientele, which she would then pass along to her sister, Christa's grandmother. Well, one of the best beauty tips she received was to sleep on satin pillowcases, which helps to create and preserve great hair and youthful skin! The soft, silky texture of the satin is much gentler on sensitive facial skin, and causes much less friction, which helps to prevent wrinkles! Likewise, satin causes far less friction with hair than traditional cotton pillowcases, so hair remains smoother, healthier, and shinier! Now, this all sounds great, but is it for real? Well, after sleeping on the pillowcases for over a week, I can answer that question with a resounding "yes!" My normally frizzy hair has been much smoother since I've started sleeping on the Satin Serenity pillowcases, and while prevention of wrinkles is slightly harder to judge, I can honestly say that the fabric feels much, much gentler on my skin - which has to be a good thing! And, in addition to the great beauty perks, the pillowcases are so soft, smooth, and comfortable, I've had a much easier time of settling down and falling asleep since I've started using them. My only complaint? That I actually have to get up in the morning and leave them behind for the day!

My Aunt Elva had a satin pillow on her bed. Just one. On her perfectly made up bed, there was always this one satin pillow. And she told me that it was her "hair-do" pillow. That meant that she could sleep on the satin pillow and never muss her perfectly coiffed hair-do at night. So when I had a chance to sleep on a satin pillow case, I thought of my Aunt Elva and her hair-do. We don't have the same hair-dos today, but this little trick of preserving beauty in another little way is absolutely geisha worthy. Satin Serenity, the company that makes the pillowcases, had their Aunt Amy, a hairstylist to the stars in the Hollywood heyday of the `1940's. Satin pillowcases became a family tradition, and are made today in Idaho, keeping America busy sewing peau de soie. The pillowcases are gentle on the skin, too, not just the hair. Remember those quirky lines on your face in the morning? Now it's time to get sexy instead of sleep-marked, and awaken fresh as a newly opened flower. Satin is the answer. Perfect as a shower gift, housewarming gift, wedding, birthday, Mother's Day....the list goes on. You, too can have your satin pillow on your perfect made up bed, like my Aunt Elva. It's an affordable luxury. 

I've never had a satin pillowcase before and was thrilled when mine came in the mail. I knew that this was an American made product and that the company hires local seamstresses to sew them, which is why I wanted one. I was so glad I did. I went to sleep with a smile on my face the first night, it was so soft. Upon waking up the next morning, I noticed I had no pillowcase marks on my face from sleeping on my side and stomach. The more I slept on the pillow, the more I liked it. I noticed almost immediately that my hair was looking so much healthier. I know I toss and turn at night because my covers are usually messed up in the morning. Because of this, my hair usually looks crazy in the morning. I now don't have to take as long to style my hair in the morning. The usual tangles and knots were gone! If you are looking for that perfect gift for that fabulous woman in your life, look no further than the Satin Serenity Pillowcase! I know I'll never use another pillowcase again. I highly recommend it! 

Satin Serenity pillow cases are AMAZING! I love the beautiful colors of the pillow cases. I also love the way they feel. They are so soft and so smooth. When I need to get some rest the first think I think about are what kind of sheets would I like to have in my bed. Well these are the ones! I can't even tell you how well I slept. I didn't wake up and literally had sweet dreams. These are great to give as a gift as a gift. They will love it!!! I can't get enough of these pillow cases - I'm going to have to order a bunch of sheet sets for all of the beds in my room. Give it a shot you'll have the best sleep of your life! 

Get your beauty sleep….on a luxurious satin pillowcase! Recommended by top beauty experts from hairstylists to cosmetic surgeons, sleeping on a satin pillowcase is a necessary luxury for those who want to maintain beautiful hair and skin. Satin Serenity's pillowcases are made of the finest Peau de Soie satin, and are famous for reducing hair damage, minimizing sleep lines on the face, and maintaining moisture balance in the hair and skin. The incredibly soft silky texture of Satin Serenity's pillowcases promotes a good night's sleep, and is sure to bring sweet dreams! 100% Poly Satin.

Satin Serenity, an Idaho based luxury satin sleep, relaxation, and spa products manufacturer, plans to spend most of their IECSC tradeshow floor time educating spa and salon professionals about the beauty benefits of sleeping on a satin pillowcase that include reducing hair damage, minimizing sleep lines on the face, and maintaining moisture balance in the hair and skin. 

“It’s important for beauty professionals to realize that what you put your face on at night is just as important as what you put on your face at night,” says Crista Sellman-Jones, co-founder of Satin Serenity, and a lifetime satin pillowcase sleeper. “Many people spend a small fortune on night creams, only to have it absorbed into their cotton pillowcase minutes after their face hits the pillow.” Cotton is absorbent, like a towel, and can rob skin and hair of their natural moisture. Cotton’s course, rough fibers can not only cause sleep lines on the face that eventually lead to permanent wrinkles, but also catch and pull on the hair causing breakage and frictional alopecia. Satin’s tightly woven smooth fibers prevent sleep lines on the face and allow hair to gently glide across without the catching and pulling that leads to breakage. “My satin pillowcase is the best anti-aging secret I have,” adds Sellman-Jones, and I am thrilled to share this timeless beauty secret with our spas and salon clients through our retail product line.” 

Satin Serenity Pillowcases are easy to spot in fine spas and salons across the nation, as presented in satin wrapped display boxes; they stand out among the usual bottles and containers that patrons typically find available for purchase. “Today’s clients are looking for simple ways to maintain their healthy skin and hair after receiving professional spa or salon treatments. Beauty professionals advise clients to sleep on our satin pillowcases every night, and while their clients are benefiting from satin beauty sleep, the salons are benefiting from a boost in their retail sales,” says co-founder Lisa Damron. 

About us:

Satin Serenity is a women-owned business founded in 2004 by lifelong friends and former paramedics, Crista Sellman-Jones and Lisa Damron. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase to maintain beautiful hair and skin was a family beauty secret passed down from Crista’s grandmother. (Read more about the family beauty secret on Satin Serenity’s “Pillow Talk Blog”:

Satin Serenity has expanded their product line to include other popular sleep and relaxation items such as Aromatherapy Eye Pillows, Throw Blankets, Travel Pillows, and Luxury Travel Kits. They also have a luxury line of treatment table linens and apparel for spa professionals. Their products can now be experienced and purchased in some of the finest spas, salons, and resorts nationwide. 

Satin Serenity co-founders, Crista Sellman-Jones and Lisa Damron, have personally designed and created each product in their line. Their products are all made in the USA, in Southern Idaho where the company is based. They use the finest American made satin fabric and employ local seamstresses to manufacture their products. 

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