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Monday, May 14, 2012

Kona Peaberry Coffee by Kope Kapea Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

If there's one thing that I love, it's a good cup of coffee. It gets expensive to constantly stop at coffee shops in the morning for just an average cup of joe. After tasting Kopa Kapea's Meahuna Kona Peaberry coffee, I will be happily brewing this coffee instead, and it is far more than average! Kona Peaberry is coffee perfection with its majesty of Kona and heartiness of Peaberry! It is whole bean coffee which is artisan roasted to absolute perfection. All of Kope Kapea's coffees are single origin which means they do not blend their coffee beans. This is so they do not compromise the quality of their coffee beans. Kona Peaberry is a great tasting coffee that will certainly have you brewing coffee from home whenever possible! 

There is a new love in my life, and it's name is Meahuna Kona Peaberry. This top-notch coffee from Kope Kapea in Hawaii is truly remarkable. Kona coffee, itself, is such a rare treat, and peaberries make up less than 5% of coffee beans around the world! So, Kona Peaberry is a truly special coffee, and a true treat for a coffee lover such as myself! Kona coffee is known for its smooth, nutty flavor, and peaberries are known for their incredibly rich, when you combine the two, it's coffee magic! The flavor is rich and complex, without any lingering bitterness, and this is one coffee that doesn't need any milk or sugar - it's absolutely perfect on its own! If you're a coffee lover, you owe it to yourself to try this...and if you're not, this coffee may very well convert you! As for me? I'm hoarding my stash and not sharing with anyone!! 

Where would Manhattan be without the proper stimulation? And the kind I'm talking about has to do with the kind that is fresh-ground, served piping hot, and ready to sip and get your day started kind! We have found a fantastic new brand to love at Whom You Know and it is all the way from the state of Hawaii! The Kona Peaberry is particularly inviting, at first scent. Then at first taste, you'll be ready for Monday. We love the single origin philosophy of Kope Kapea, and the splendid flavor of Kona Peaberry. Its richness will make you feel like King of the world, even if you are just in your humble Manhattan abode! Bravo Kope Kapea!


American palates have been compromised by decades of over-processed coffee. They have been dominated by octane-label gas station coffee, bland-or-burn-for-profit franchise coffee, mask-the-taste flavored coffee, specialty coffee from places most wouldn’t dare visit, and now single cup convenience offering mediocrity for the price of premium.

It’s time to get what you pay for. Kope Kapea LLC has created a brand of coffee called MEAHUNA (may-ah-WHO-nah), the Hawaiian word for “secret.” Their cherry-picked collection of single-origin coffees will reinvigorate your palate. 

Their artisan roaster has perfected roasting profiles to offer flavor signatures with depth: layered textures, undertones, and hints of natural/organic influences. All offerings are single origin, a single varietal from single plantations. 

The MEAHUNA brand includes nine coffees from Hawaii and Jamaica Blue Mountain. Four of them are Peaberry, the bolder nuttier single bean per shade-grown cherry, typically only 3% of the crop. Two are from Kona. The others are from Maui and Kauai, with one a chemical-free 99.9% Decaf. All beans are graded and certified by either the Hawaii Department of Agriculture or the Coffee Board of Jamaica.

The product line (excluding JBM) is grown and harvested in the United States. All varietals are roasted, packaged and labeled locally to ensure peak freshness. The only process performed outside of the USA is decaffeination, which happens in Canada. The grower first sends beans to British Columbia, and then shipped back to Hawaii after the Swiss Water Process is complete.

For more information or to schedule a tasting, please contact, the office at 888-MEAHUNA/632-4862, or direct to Mr. Viens at 617-828-9375.

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