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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peachy Picks Jeanne and Gaston Our Coverage Sponsored by Liz Barbatelli's The Laundry at Linens Limited and E. Braun & Co. in Beverly Hills

Peachy Deegan and Claude Godard

Both of the brands owned by Liz Barbatelli equally embody luxury and fine living, and we all know that quality linens go hand in hand with fine dining. Both exemplify the word luxury and the finest living, embellishing your entertaining style. 
Her company is the premier laundry service that takes care of their customer’s linens from all over the U. S. and In the past Whom You Know has highly recommended 
The Laundry at Linens Limited, one of Liz Barbatelli's companies:

In addition, now they offer The Laundry’s Finest Laundry Powder which is the perfect detergent to enhance your lifestyle. The concentrated detergent formula is more effective than plant extract formulas and contains no synthetic chemicals and polluting additives. It is free from optical brightening or bleach alternative additives and protects your clothes against fading and discoloration. It is eco-friendly with its pH balanced, biodegradable and organic formula. Recycled materials make up the sturdy, refillable canister good for 40 high efficiency loads of laundry or 20 loads in a conventional machine. The canister comes with a handy dispensing scooper and can be easily refilled with pre-measured plastic refill bags, thereby reducing landfill waste. As a result, today the company is recognized as the foremost fine linen laundry service in the country and its commitment to being environmentally friendly and being biodegradable make the world a better place!

For generations, E. Braun & Co. in Beverly Hills, Liz Barbatelli's second venture, has been the unrivalled source of the world’s most luxurious linens for the table, bed and bath. You can customize your entire home with E. Braun & Co. in Beverly Hills making for a comfortable fit of use and lifestyle! In this generation, the legend is renewed, as E. Braun & Co. emerges as the classic American linen house with the 21st century perspective. Whom You Know highly encourages that you consult E. Braun & Co. in Beverly Hills for your linen needs where Liz and her team of experts cater to your bespoke vision. Today, E. Braun & Co. assembles the finest collections of traditional and contemporary linens, staffed with experts ready to guide you in selecting the linens that will give you the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come. 
At Whom You Know we embrace all aspects of the best lifestyle, it is with E. Braun linens laundered in the finest detergent on earth by The Laundry at Linens Limited and dining at Jeanne and Gaston.  Both Liz and Claude are entrepreneurs that their grandparents would be proud of as they each follow in their footsteps!!!
You know we think it is fantastic to feature anything in tribute to your grandparents-check out Peachy's grandmother to the right.  Our pal Claude Godard of Madison Bistro, a Peachy's Pick (& you know what to drink there!), has a new venture named after his grandparents, Jeanne and Gaston.  Located at 14th and 7th on 14th, this hot new french spot is cozy and spectacular and you need to know about it.  Do not miss the tribute to the real Jeanne and Gaston when you walk in:
They are Claude's paternal grandparents from Joigny, Burgundy.
As soon as you sit down, you'll meet Albert Durer via self-portrait!  Another painting you'll see is the Wine Merchant Guild by Ferdinand Bold.
Jeanne and Gaston was previously featured in Tasty Tidbits:
Its phenomenal French cuisine, the true care and commitment of Chef Claude Godard and its welcoming atmosphere make it a must among the ranks of Peachy's Picks.
Escargots in fine garlic and parsley butter are a phenomenon at Jeanne and Gaston that you simply must experience.  Tender and succulent, they arrive piping hot, practically sizzling in each little circle.  Just as good as the tiny snails themselves is the sauce.  You will want to soak up every last drop with the toasty french rolls that come to the party.  Peachy is still dreaming of that lovely sauce.
Fois gras, yes please!
There is fois gras in general, and then there is FOIE GRAS by Claude.  The Pan Seared Duck Fois Gras "Laque" is exquisite on its own but then when you take a bite paired with mango and turnips, it turns into an out-of-this-world delight that you'll find unequaled.  Bravo Claude!  We knew it would be delicious.  Sebastian was a charming server who was completely on the ball for the duration of the evening.   You are one lucky duck if you work with Sebastian.
The diver sea scallops are a commendable choice in the entree selections, and we found them to be seared to perfection.  Juicy and tender, the creatures of the sea found an even nicer home in our stomachs.  Everything was beautifully presented.
Claude told Peachy that the three main attractions in the Entree section- though they all look amazingly inviting- are the Steak Tartare, Le Bourguignon Braised Short Ribs, and the Steak Frites.  Peachy is a big Steak Frites enthusiast so she was dying to try arrived perfectly medium, as requested:
Every bite of that thick and juicy steak was as enticing as it looks on your computer screen.  And the french fries were equally divine.  As for the wine, Peachy sipped on a fantastic red that paired well with the entire meal: La Garnacha (Grenache) 2009 Domain D'Andezon Rhone Valley which boasted ripe notes of pure black fruit, floral hints and it had a soft, organic texture.
Do not even think of leaving without trying the desserts!
We are not recovering chocoholics at Whom You Know and Claude happily fed the desire with warm chocolate molten cake, hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.  This is completely essential.
The Maine Blueberry Tart was quite convincing as well, with its delightful flavor perfect for spring.  Tahitian Vanilla Cream Brulee with a Lemon Cookie spoon was delightful too.
Open since December 14, 2011, Jeanne and Gaston is a winner that you all should visit.
And, the Vanilla-Raspberry Vacherin is the first of its kind we've ever tried and we'd highly encourage you to experience it too!  If you don't have French grandparents to feed you, you have them now!
Our Esteemed Panelist Says:
3rd Generation French Master Chef Claude Godard’s latest culinary venture, Jeanne & Gaston, is a charming little bistro on edge of Chelsea. Its homey yet chic ambiance offers a calming and unexpected escape from the grind of West 14th Street. We were greeted by a server named Sebastian, who thoroughly enriched the evening with his kindness, knowledge, and attentiveness. 
To drink, I had a lovely and never empty glass of the 2010 Jean Marc Brocard Chardonnay, which sells for $10 a glass and $37 a bottle. It was crisp, non-oaky, and lighter bodied with pleasant citrus notes. 
 It proved a fine compliment to the baby calamari served on piperade toast with sautéed peppers and onions and black ink vinaigrette appetizer. The calamari’s presentation was artful yet not over the top, like the next two dishes sent as compliments of the chef. This included pan seared duck foie-gras “laqué” (cooked just right!) served atop a bed of sweet and sour sautéed mango and turnips and an appetizer-sized portion of the diver sea scallop “tarte tatin” Provencale entrée. The former was an original and pleasantly unexpected combination of bitter and sweet. These dishes were followed by lavishly presented entrées. 
 The rich bourguignon-braised short ribs served over creamy mashed potatoes were a decadent treat! So was meeting Chef Claude, who is charming and wonderfully humble. He treated us further with Maine blueberry tart, a splendid warm chocolate molten cake, Tahitian vanilla cream brulée (the real vanilla was well appreciated!), and vanilla-raspberry vacherin. 
 We left smiling, well fed, and happy to eat there again soon.

Peachy Picks Jeanne and Gaston!
Jeanne and Gaston is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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