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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Penelope Giguere

Both of the brands owned by Liz Barbatelli equally embody luxury and fine living, and we all know that quality linens go hand in hand with fantastic fashion. Both exemplify the word luxury and the finest living, embellishing your entertaining style and are ideal for the finest celebrations on earth, including the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  

Her company is the premier laundry service that takes care of their customer’s linens from all over the U. S. and in the past Whom You Know has highly recommended 
The Laundry at Linens Limited, one of Liz Barbatelli's companies:

In addition, now they offer The Laundry’s Finest Laundry Powder which is the perfect detergent to enhance your lifestyle. The concentrated detergent formula is more effective than plant extract formulas and contains no synthetic chemicals and polluting additives. It is free from optical brightening or bleach alternative additives and protects your clothes against fading and discoloration. It is eco-friendly with its pH balanced, biodegradable and organic formula. Recycled materials make up the sturdy, refillable canister good for 40 high efficiency loads of laundry or 20 loads in a conventional machine. The canister comes with a handy dispensing scooper and can be easily refilled with pre-measured plastic refill bags, thereby reducing landfill waste. As a result, today the company is recognized as the foremost fine linen laundry service in the country and its commitment to being environmentally friendly and being biodegradable make the world a better place!

For generations, E. Braun & Co. in Beverly Hills, Liz Barbatelli's second venture, has been the unrivalled source of the world’s most luxurious linens for the table, bed and bath. You can customize your entire home with E. Braun & Co. in Beverly Hills making for a comfortable fit of use and lifestyle! In this generation, the legend is renewed, as E. Braun & Co. emerges as the classic American linen house with the 21st century perspective. Whom You Know highly encourages that you consult E. Braun & Co. in Beverly Hills for your linen needs where Liz and her team of experts cater to your bespoke vision. Today, E. Braun & Co. assembles the finest collections of traditional and contemporary linens, staffed with experts ready to guide you in selecting the linens that will give you the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come. 

At Whom You Know we embrace all aspects of the best style, and we do it with E. Braun linens laundered in the finest detergent on earth by The Laundry at Linens Limited. We know that fashionable living is shown not only in what you wear but also in what you are passionate about. 


It's the most wonderful time of the year: The Stanley Cup Playoffs!  Whom You Know has combed the globe to find the most enthused about Hatricks, Habs and Howes and we found an authentic Canadien who is truly in a class by herself!  Penelope Giguere may be the Public Relations/Brand Marketing Manager at Trimera Swim and Body Wrap shapewear, but we know she is just as qualified to be the next General Manager of the Montreal Candiens! Penelope became a hockey enthusiast at age seven; her mom and dad were always fans. At school, some of the kids liked the Quebec Nordiques and everyone knows they were in the Adams Division before it was renamed and back then there were two NHL teams in the province of Quebec, Canada. And we believe this franchise was relocated to Denver. Every time there was a game, Penelope and her school pals would put on their jerseys at school and Penelope hopes that they will get this back when hockey comes back to Quebec City. Historically, her favorite player was Guy Carbonneau and she still has her Carbonneau jersey. Penelope hopes to see him again coaching an NHL team. When she was 12, his older daughter was about age 4 and attended the same school so she was very lucky to see her favorite player from time to time and Penelope cried when he got traded. Penelope has never played hockey (except for fun in the streets with friends when she was young) but neither did Peachy and you don't have to play it to love it. Penelope also was a host in the VIP section during home games for the Montreal Juniors QMJHL ( now Armada Blainville-Boisbriand ) seasons 2008 to 2011 and she continues to watch the Junior Championship every winter and will definitely follow the 2012 draft selection June 22nd. Penelope tells us that sometimes people think because you are a girl that likes hockey games you must be a groupie, which we know to be a false statement. Penelope was simply in the know! She likes the game because of its fast pace and excitement. The skills of the players impress her and she enjoys the thrill and the positive stress when you want your team to score while she abhors hits to the head or cheap shots. She is a true blue Montreal Canadian Fan FOREVER and moreover a fan of hockey excellence as she is watching the playoffs while Montreal is not participating this year. Penelope believes that Montreal should pick Forsberg at the draft this year and is very happy about the new GM Marc Bergevin….the glory days are in the past and she believes he is the right guy to create new ones. (Though Peachy does not think Penelope would have been a bad choice either!) Eric Cole is her favorite Canadiens and her all-around favorite is Crosby…..but she loves the arrogance of Ovechkin!! 

We do believe we have her pulling for The Rangers now that the Habs are not contenders.  

While she prepares her brand for swimsuits and the summer season, Penelope Giguere made time to talk about the most important thing in life with Whom You Know, and we know that that is HOCKEY! Now if we could just review swimsuits on hockey players...we are absolutely thrilled to present this exclusive interview with Penelope Giguere! Peachy Deegan interviewed Penelope Giguere for Whom You Know.

Peachy Deegan: What are your first hockey memories? 

Penelope Giguere: Watching the game with my mom

What are the best games you have ever been to and what made them so memorable? 
I think I was 9 and I went to the game at the Forum. It was against the Toronto Maple Leafs and we all know the rivalry between those 2 teams are insane. We were down 0-4 after 1 period….but we won 9-4!

What are your predictions for the second round of the NHL Playoffs? 
LA in 5, Philly in 6, Rangers in 6, Nashville in 6

What teams have surprised you the most in post-season play so far and how so?
Ottawa…we all saw this team out of the playoffs at the beginning of the season

What teams have disappointed you the most in post-season play? 
The Habs 

If you could go to dinner in Manhattan for one week every night with a different NHL player, either current or retired, who would you go with and where each night of the week? What would you ask them over dinner? 
I love Dos Caminos, Milos, Abe and Arthur …..Guy Carbonneau- stories when he won the cup; Max Pacioretty- about the hit with Chara; Crosby- scoring the winning goal at the Olympics; Ovy- how crazy are you really?; Lindstrom- about him being still very strong in the league at his age; Daniel Brière- why did you REALLY turn down the Habs offer'; Rick Nash-where do you really want to play?

Mover and Shaker Russ Cohen has an awesome book on the Rangers that we reviewed. What should he write on next in the world of hockey? 
Go younger…midget stories

If you were GM of the Montreal Canadiens, what would you spend your summer doing? 
A lot of cleaning..not only on the ice..but in the offices as well..and find the best coach

If you were GM of the Montreal Canadiens, which seats in the Bell Center would you give your parents and what makes them the best vantage points in the house?
Red 101 or 113…but not too low. Center ice J

Do you think the league has been too diluted since having the 21 teams we knew growing up? 

Peachy still has not gotten over the 1986 defeat of Hartford by Montreal...what do you remember about that series? 
That Montreal won the cup!

If you could design bathing suits for the Montreal Canadiens, what would they look like? Hahaha!! Swim trunks I guess…probably like the pants they wear on the ice.

Do you know what Guy Carbonneau is up to now? 
He's an analyst on RDS (sports channel in Canada) and he is also the owner for the Chicoutimi Sags in the QMJHL.

Why should more people in New York and everywhere love hockey? 
Because it’s fast and exciting, it shows team work and exemplifies the maxim that if you don’t work as a team…you lose.

What do you think are the best French Canadien restaurants in New York? 
Didn’t know there were any!

What other commentary do you have on hockey? 
Hockey is like a religion here in Montreal and what is great about it is…that it always seems to bring people together!

Other than Sporty Peachy of course, what is your favorite Whom You Know column and what do you like about it? 
Fashion reviews..’cause that is my other passion

Have you drank The Peachy Deegan yet and if not, why not? 
Not yet but next time I come to New York! Actually let's drink it out of The Stanley Cup instead of a champagne glass if that can be arranged...

What else should Whom You Know readers know about you? 
That I am just a normal girl that is just passionate about Fashion and Hockey.

How would you like to be contacted by Whom You Know readers? 

Ask Peachy!

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