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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Terrific Takeout: Solera

We just adore garlic and so far in all of our culinary pursuits, there has never been any such thing as too much garlic.  Some garlic shrimp we have had in the past is seasoned in a delicate manner with garlic which makes some people happy, but what makes Peachy Deegan happy is this full-throttle flavor that is clearly a signature at Solera with the Gambas ajillo.  Solera has been a renowned restaurant and Tapas bar for 21 years now and we're glad we finally went.  Owner Rufino tells us he started it when he was seven... 
They were hot and sizzling literally when they greeted us and garlic shrimp, we hope to meet you again soon!  Totally succulent, this was our favorite part of the takeout.  Peachy would be eating them again for breakfast if there were any left!  They were THAT GOOD.  You must soak up the excess sauce with bread because it would be a shame not to.
A green salad toned down the garlic monster (Peachy) and as you see it was beautifully presented.  We commend the perfectly thin radish slices and the festive yellow tomatoes.  The greens were fresh and every meal should have a green salad, we say! 
Solera is known for their smashing Paella-and we understand that one of the most popular Paella choices is the Pollo y Mariscos: Chicken, shrimp, calamares, clams and mussels punctuated an experience with flying colors at Solera!
 Solera is Terrific Takeout!!!
And see how fantastic the Paella pan looks: 

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