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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Champagne Wishes: Whispering Angel Rose 2011 Cotes de Provence Recommended by Whom You Know!!!

The name of this wine was totally intriguing- and how could it not be-it's from Provence! Whispering Angel Rose 2011 Cotes de Provence. I imagined it would be heavenly. Pure and delicate also come to mind. Love the label which is simple yet plays nicely off of the pale rose color. This is a winery that has declared their ambition to make the most spectacular Rose Wines anywhere and harvests between sunrise and noon sorted electronically and manually three times so no shortage of commitment to excellence here. At first taste this Rose is light. I prefer to drink my Rose in my very best glassware because it needs to stay somewhat cold. Plus, glasses really do make a difference…Don’t believe me try drinking the same wine out of different glasses. I would say this wine embodies lots of fresh fruit flavors in taste and aroma. You can taste the real attention to detail this winery has taken in creating this delicious rose! We highly recommend it.
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