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Monday, June 11, 2012


I absolutely love the taste of most bottled water, but hate buying the plastic bottles over and over. Plus, god forbid you leave it in the car and then you might as well throw it out as there are scary reports of the plastic leaking into the water at hot temperatures. I refuse to drink tap water as you never know…so what is a girl to do? Well my problems have been solved by Hydros! They created a water bottle that is not only made of safe BPA-free plastic but has a filter built in. Yes, you read correctly. Twist and fill and in a mere 20 seconds you have delicious, clean water in a safe and cute looking bottle. What could be better? Oh yes, it is also Made in the USA. Shocking, I know. 

This is one cool, handy and lightweight water bottle! I love there is a filter in the bottle especially since my office at work is far away from the filtered water fountain. The contour shape makes it easy to hold onto and since it is so lightweight, it is easy to carry around all day. The bottle is made in the USA and for the most part very easy to use. I was a little confused about how to remove the filter, but Hydros has a link on their website with a video that shows you very clearly how it works. I really do like this water bottle. It comes in great colors and because it is so light you have no excuse not to carry one! 

The Hydros bottle is the perfect water bottle on the go! It's equipped with a filter, filtering harmful particles found in tap water. It also filters water quicker than normal pitcher-type filters so you can feel safe knowing you are drinking cleaner water. Plus the plastic used is BPA-free and prevents from buildup of bacteria or fungi. I don't think it can get better than that! I started carrying my bottle with me everywhere! I'm no longer afraid of refilling it anywhere I go because I know I'm drinking clean, filtered water. 

Hydros water bottle is a great way to take your water on the go! I love the compact design. It is so perfect to just drop in your gym bag and take it with you on the go. I think the best part is the filter that is inside the bottle. It actually filters the water fast unlike some other products like it. I honestly like the way the water tastes better than it coming form the tap. I think its a great product to keep you hydrated all day long. 

About Hydros 

Hydros, an innovative socially and eco-conscious company, develops products that provide active consumers easy access to great-tasting, filtered water on the go. The company’s signature product, the Hydros Filtering Water Bottle, is the only water bottle on the market with a patent-pending Fast Flow Filter™ that filters water on entry, filling the bottle in just 20 seconds. A cost-effective alternative to bottled water, Hydros Bottles can be used at any water tap or fountain; on average, each filter saves consumers $400. Made in the U.S., Hydros Bottles are BPA-free, reduce chlorine and odor causing bacteria, and are dishwasher safe. Every bottle sold helps fund sustainable water infrastructure projects worldwide and provides clean water to someone in need for one whole year through Operation Hydros®. Consumers can find Hydros Bottles in select Whole Foods stores, at specialty retailers and online at

What is Hydros? 

1. Hydros is a socially-driven, eco-conscious company with two primary goals: 

To develop innovative products that provide consumers access to great-tasting, filtered water on the go. 
To help lead the fight against the global water crisis. When consumers purchase a Hydros Filtering Water Bottle they are also helping fund sustainable water projects worldwide; every bottle sold provides clean water to one person for one whole year. 

2. Hydros is helping to fight the Global Water Crisis through Operation Hydros®, an initiative to build sustainable water infrastructure to aid the nearly one billion people worldwide who do not have access to clean, drinkable water. 

Hydros Filtering Water Bottles 

1. Designed with portability in mind, Hydros Filtering Water Bottles provide a convenient and cost-effective way for today’s active consumers to access fresh, filtered water while on the go. 

2. Hydros Filtering Water Bottles with Side Fill™ innovation feature a twist and turn spout that makes filling, pouring and drinking from the bottle easier than any other water bottle on the market. 

3. Hydros Bottles feature a patent-pending Fast Flow Filter™ that can fill a bottle in only 20 seconds. Water filters as the bottle fills, so when consumers are ready to drink they can hydrate faster. 

4. Each filter, which lasts for three months or 150 uses, offers an average savings of $400* and keeps 200 plastic water bottles out of U.S. landfills. 

5. Hydros Bottles reduce harmful chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine and particulates. Made in the U.S.A., they are BPA- and phthalate-free, and contain anti-microbial properties to reduce odor-causing bacteria. They are also dishwasher safe. 
Hydros Filtering Water Bottles come in five colors and are sold in select Whole Foods stores and specialty retailers, and online at The suggested MSRP is $27.99. For more information, please visit the website or Facebook page ( 

Are Hydros Bottles “Green?” 

1. As a direct alternative to bottled water, Hydros helps protect Mother Earth by reducing the more than 60 million disposable plastic water bottles that find their way into our landfills every single day. Hydros Bottle’s goal is to help reverse this environmental catastrophe and help conserve the earth. 

a. Each filter equals a savings of $400* and keeps 200 plastic water bottles out of our landfills. 

2. In addition, Hydros Bottles are easily recyclable, except for the filters, which at this time cannot be recycled through traditional means. To keep Hydros filters out of landfills, the company has introduced a filter reclamation program that encourages consumers to send used filters back to Hydros where they are broken down and the components are then recycled. 

What is Operation Hydros®? 

Hydros is more than just a filtering water bottle. The company’s mission is to help solve the global water crisis through Operation Hydros®. 

When consumers purchase a Hydros Filtering Water Bottle, they are also helping fund sustainable water projects worldwide. In addition to offering active consumers great tasting water on the go, every bottle sold provides clean water to one person in need for one whole year. 

To date, Operation Hydros® has funded three sustainable water projects (dates listed note when Hydros joined each project) and is constantly seeking out new initiatives across the globe: 
Project Gundom, Cameroon: July 2010 
Project Kob, Cameroon: September 2011 
Project Sogoo, Kenya: November 2011 

For more information, visit

Company History 

1. In the spring of 2009, two University of Pennsylvania students, Aakash Mathur and Jay Parekh, decided to start Hydros at 4 a.m. in the basement of a campus study hall.

2. The two undergraduates were busy writing a business plan for the Dell Social Innovation Competition, due in just eight short hours. Their idea: sell a filtering water bottle to raise money for global water projects and help rid the world of plastic bottled water. Shortly after, technical partner Innova Dynamics, Inc., and startup investor Winston Ibrahim, joined the team to bring Hydros to market. 

3. The company introduced the first Hydros Filtering Water Bottle in July 2010. The original product was phased out by a newly enhanced Hydros Filtering Water Bottle with Side Fill™ innovation in December 2011. 

4. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

* Based on the Hydros Bottle replacing the need for 200 disposable water bottles per filter, priced at $2 each. 

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