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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peachy Picks Le Marais Our Coverage Sponsored by Stribling and Associates

General Manager Lawrence Barker

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Ooooh you know Peachy is a total francophile and a complete carnivore so we just had to see what Le Marais was all about, and we learned that it is also Kosher.  Le Marais is a historic district in Paris...and you should know our Le Marais has some of the best cuisine around near Times Square!  General Manager Lawrence Barker was a total peach all evening and his tenure at Le Marais has been three years so far, and the restaurant we understand has been open for 17 years.  Le Marais was first featured in Tasty Tidbits:
We are pleased to announce it has joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks!
Its terrific cuisine done just right, lovely old-school atmosphere and fantastic service makes this a place to visit regardless of your religious beliefs.  
Peachy Deegan started with the classic smoked salmon, and it is among the best she's had.  It was sliced to an ideal thinness and cut into appropriate pieces.  As you can see the garnishes were beautiful and also she discovered they were equally fresh and excellent.  The wine list was strong and Peachy sipped on the Bordeaux Superior de la Grave, and later tried an equivalently stunning California Cabernet Sauvignon.
Tournedos "Le Marais" is what Peachy had been dreaming about the entire day prior to her Le Marais experience, as she absolutely adores a lean cut of meat coupled with bearnaise.  She did wonder how the bearnaise would be done without dairy - and fear not, audience!  You cannot tell it is really margarine in there.  Not only was the bearnaise tops, but the steak was commendable, grilled medium just as she asked.  The french fries were crisp and tasty and the salad was fresh and a perfect balance to its companions on the dish.
It is hard to beat a Tarte Aux Pommes with Creme Glacee!
Just optimal for a lovely summer night.
We noticed they also have a butcher shop.
Our esteemed panelist who is a Parisian native adds:
I was delighted to have my first Le Marais experience and adored the loungy feel that is given to  classy casual banter from table to table.   Terrifically comfy, Le Marais is an ideal destination after a long day at work.  I was pleased to see that they served my scotch and water p
erfectly, even in the specific glass I asked for, and promptly as well.  As I am a french culinary aesthete, I was so curious to start to try the cuisine and compare it to what I know and love. 
My appetizer was chaussons aux champignons (wild mushrooms turnovers) and it was delicious.
Tasty and extremely flavorful, the mushrooms were total stunners and Le Marais really brought their essence to life.  
For my entree, I ordered a special cut of beef called Onglet with a Shallot sauce:
It arrived cooked to perfection (blue) and was so so tender! Bravo!!! 
The chocolate mousse was delectable, not too sweet, just perfect.  
And not to forget, the bathrooms were so clean. 
Great dinner! 
Peachy Picks Le Marais!
Le Marais is Recommended by Whom You Know.

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