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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Peachy's Pantry: A Hint for All Fine Manhattan Restaurants to Make Your Life a Bit Sweeter: Use Petite Stevia by Fresh Origins! It's Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

Stevia is becoming hugely popular as an alternative to sugar. Many argue that it is healthier for you, and it is sweeter than sugar, so less is needed. Fresh Origins has beautiful Petite Stevia leaves that are perfect for adding a sweet garnish to any dessert or cocktail. As you bite into these leaves you immediately taste a sweet and almost fruity flavor. These luscious green leaves will make that chocolate cake look even more enticing, and they will make your favorite fruity cocktail look even more refreshing! They would have really added some style and flavor to my favorite desserts at Destino.  You could even mix them with peppered strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette for a simple, yet delectable dessert. A Stevia Mojito would be a great way to end a long day! There are so many ways to use these small green leaves, and every way is delicious!

I have only used Stevia as a sweetener while cooking. I've never used the leaves before. I can't believe what I was missing out on. I had no idea how many uses it had. I was thrilled that Fresh Origins included a few ideas to use the Petite Stevia. I made the Stevia Mojito recipe and absolutely fell in love with it. It was such a refreshing end to a summer day. It helped quench my thirst. I also tried it mixed with some strawberries and balsamic dressing. This has to be my new favorite summer snack. I wish more restaurants would include this item in their dishes. I know I would be ordering more! I highly recommend it!

Unless you're a diabetic, or very health conscious, sugar alternatives may escape your notice. Stevia is the new hot topic, in case you hadn't noticed. Used as a "substitute", Stevia provides the kick of sweetness without the calories of sugar. Fresh Origins, always at the forefront of the restaurant trends, now offers petite stevia to their customers. As a purveyor of specialized and excellent micro-greens, tiny vegetables, and crystallized flowers, this company brings the breath of fresh to the table. Mixologists will revel in the possibilities of petite stevia. Mulled, it would work in a Mint Julep. As a garnish, it enhances, but as an ingredient, it raises any bar to a higher level of superlative. Cultivate your taste, and the next time you're in your favorite establishment, ask if they have products from Fresh Origins. Name dropping is so chic.

Fresh Origins Petite Stevia leaves are a party in the making! These leaves are key to making any dessert or drink dance in your mouth! Arpeggio restaurant in NYC has amazing foods and drinks. Add these petite stevia leaves to their desserts and drinks and VOILA! I think any restaurant or at home chef could use this as a beautiful garnishes to add flavor to their dish or drink. Not only are these leaves beautiful and delicate but they are so perfectly sweet. I personally love to put them on desserts - it gives a nice sweet taste without having to put sugar on what you're eating. I also love them in my cocktails. MMMMM talk about putting a perfect taste of sweet on something.

Petite Stevia™
• Stevia is rapidly gaining popularity
as an all natural alternative to sugar.
• Extracts of Stevia have up to 300 
times the sweetness of sugar!
• Our Petite Stevia will add a sweet 
touch to tropical cocktails, desserts, and 

savory main courses.
• Medical research has also shown 
possible benefits of stevia in treating 

obesity and high blood pressure.
• This remarkable herb has zero calories 
and zero carbohydrates!
• Native to South America, it has 
been used as a sweetener and flavor 

enhancer for centuries.

Peppered Strawberries with Balsamic and Petite
Stevia™ Dressing, Chef James Montejano
Stevia Mojito (Low Calorie)

½ Handful of Fresh Origins Petite Stevia™
½ Handful of Fresh Origins Mint Spearmint Tops
1 lime
3 ounces club soda
2 ounces white Rum
1 ounce of Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
Ice Cubes
Collins Glass
• Cut lime into quarters, squeeze into glass and drop slices in. 
Tear up Stevia and Mint leaves and drop into glass. Set some 

aside for garnish.
• Take a muddler and grind the lime and Stevia leaves in the 
bottom of the glass. Fill the glass to the top with ice. Then 

mix the ice with the Stevia and lime solution.
• Next, add rum. Add the club soda now to the top of the glass.  
Add Petite Stevia™ and a lime wedge to the top of the drink 

to garnish. Toss in a straw and serve!
*Note: regular Mojitos require simple syrup or sugar in the 
mix, however using our sweeter than sweet Petite Stevia™ is 

a fresher and healthier substitution! This low calorie drink is 
great for dieters and those just trying to eat healthy. 

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