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Monday, June 11, 2012

Salon Peachy: Countess of Color Gaby Bowen and Baroness of Beautiful Hair Styling Mover and Shaker Kelsy Osterman Get Peachy Deegan's Hair Perfect for Summer at The Cutler Salon, Official Hairstylist of Whom You Know!

Peachy Deegan and Mover and Shaker Kelsy Osterman, Baroness of Beautiful Hair Styling

Countess of Color, Gaby Bowen

The word obsessed does not even begin to approach the way we feel about Downton Abbey...our most recent review is on Season One Episode Five:
We are sure that all of you that have had the chance to see this Masterpiece Classic shot in England have loved it as well, and you know Lady Mary is one of our favorite characters.  Anna, Lady Mary's housemaid, is constantly doing her hair, and as the series takes place approximately 100 years ago in England, electricity was making its debut and Lady Mary has one of the first curling in her honor we name Mover and Shaker Kelsy Osterman and Gaby Bowen Baroness of Beautiful Hair Styling and Countess of Color respectively!  Poor Lady Mary did not live long enough to work with Gaby and Kelsy, and their total and complete expertise in their respective fields impress us immensely.  Mover and Shaker Rodney Cutler is a total peach and we were thrilled to work with these two stars of his.  His personal commitment to excellence makes everyone around him that much better and we've never seen a team approach better executed than at Cutler, which is one of the multitude of reasons why they are the Official Hair Stylist of Whom You Know.

As you have seen in recent pictures of Peachy, it was time for a visit to Cutler.  The ends had gotten imprecise, the overprocessed hair near the ends needed to be chopped, and the little silvers needed to be banished.  And, as it is summertime, we wanted some subtle highlights that are blond in nature and not at all red.  Peachy has nightmares about her hair turning red in the sun or red by an inaccurate coloring.  Now she also has nightmares about anyone other than Gaby and Kelsy doing her hair as we love them so much and they know just what to do and do it right!

Gaby first attended to the faded ends that have sadly turned brassy.   She expertly refreshed them with lowlights using her brush which is becoming akin to a wand to us, because not only is she the Countess of Color,  but also she is the Fairy Godmother of it.  We would be horrified to show you an exact before picture...but you should know that at the Shoe Fair right before her visit, Peachy was sporting one of her favorite Boston College baseball caps.  Gaby covered the silvers all over, and added in highlights.  The precision Gaby uses with foil folding in the pieces is perfect.  Gaby has an unequaled vision for balance in haircolor so you don't look overdone or underdone and achieve your color goals.  

When you are sitting in the chair at Cutler being worked on, the overwhelming positive energy that emanates from the industrious creativity in the room is terrific.  From the whir of buzzing hairdryers to the sunny, pleasant upbeat background music, this is a place that is a factory of beauty that makes you feel like you are on the furthest thing from any conveyor belt: each and every client is treated with the utmost bespoke clarity and emerges looking like they just stepped off the runway, because in fact Cutler is known for their many fashion shows, fashion shoots and the like.

Willow is the one you want to wash your hair!  She is new to Cutler and although her real name is Megan, there is another Megan at Cutler so our Megan is called Willow so there is no confusion.    Willow used Redken Color Extend and used Chemistry Extreme and Moisture.  Chemistry is a conditioning treatment by Redken!  You know from the hundreds of times they've been featured, we are proponents of Redken!  Finally, a 9N glaze was put on Peachy to give her an even tone and shine as well.

Next it was time for Kelsy!  Dead ends, be gone!  Kelsy tells us her favorite summer products are the Redken All Soft Argan Oil (we concur!) and the Outshine Styling Cream, also by Redken (which we don't know yet).  Kelsy took two inches off the ends, cleaned up the front, and made some movement through the interior so it can flow in the wind beautifully and not feel so heavy.  Kelsy knows intrinsically how each person's hair should fall and is a total genius.  Additionally, she is key to the perfect blow-out!  She intelligently uses multiple round brushes which she knows just how to use, and does not pull your hair too much-she has perfect tension.  We congratulate her on her first ad campaign that she led, which we cannot tell you details about yet because it hasn't been released, but we'd like her to remind us when it airs!  At the end of your Cutler experience, you will be absolutely gorgeous thanks to the Countess of Color and the Baroness of Beautiful Hair Styling!

Whom You Know gives the Cutler Salon our highest recommendation and we absolutely love this winning team of Gaby Bowen and Kelsy Osterman! 

The Best Hair Stylist in Manhattan


Official Hair Stylist of Whom You Know:

47 West 57th Street 2nd Floor

212 308 3838

465 West Broadway

Park Avenue at the Ganesvoort 

Also in Miami in South Beach at the Ganesvoort

Rodney Cutler is a Mover and Shaker:

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