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Monday, July 9, 2012

Champagne Wishes: Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Capital Brands is Keeping America on Top!

First of all this bottle is beautiful. Sleek and luxurious just tempting you to “break out” some glasses and sip away! I prefer to drink whiskey on the rocks which does not dilute the smooth texture. It goes down so easily with a truly clean taste. Hints of fruit maybe from the Cherry woodchips. This is a real whiskey drinker's whiskey. Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey will be a staple in your bar once you have tried it. So kick back and let it take the edge off! With each sip you will feel instant relaxation. 
What is the best all American Spirit? That is of course, Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey! This great American whiskey is made by The Tennessee Spirit Company, part of Capital Brands.
The beautiful bottle allows for its light golden color to shine through. This Music City Whiskey will be dancing in your mouth. You can savor it over ice, or mix it in your favorite whiskey cocktail. Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey tasted mighty fine when paired with cherry cola. This smooth whiskey had us from hello, with its sweet caramel notes and a strong smooth finish. Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey is chill filtered, lending to unique taste that you don't find with the others. Let's all raise our glasses, to a truly wonderful American whiskey, Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey!
Normally, I am not primarily a whiskey drinker when given all of the tremendous choices in alcohol. I have never come across a whiskey that I really liked. I am always up for trying new brands and I was so glad I tried the Capital Brands Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey. It had such a smooth finish that I haven't found in other whiskey brands I've tried. I was able to taste hints of vanilla, maple, and caramel. I preferred drinking this whiskey neat. It was so smooth and sweet that it was the perfect after dinner drink that ended up being dessert. It's finish lasted longer than any other whiskey I've tried and I liked that. Because I wanted to try the Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey in as many different ways as possible, the first way I knew I could do was mix it with Coke. I happened to have a bottle of Diet Coke in my fridge that a friend brought over that we never used, so I opened it up and mixed the two. It was very good. Now I can't wait to search more whiskey recipes to try. I have recommended this whiskey to several friends already. Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey has earned its spot among the best whiskeys in my collection, and it should be in yours too. 
Fourth of July! That was the date I attempted my first try of Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey. All-American. Middle of America. Summer. Those were three ideal adjectives used to describe my first encounter of Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey. How perfect would this whiskey go as a gift to your next family summer BBQ? Not very sweet or smoky, this whiskey would be matched up perfectly with the every day summer picnic as well. Another option would be using the Jailers Premium whiskey in your next refreshing Whiskey and Coke Beverage during a summer concert. All in all two thumbs up to the Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey!

Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey (86 proof) – Master Distiller Scheurich begins with aged Tennessee whiskey, then chill filters it for exceptional clarity and taste, and a polished finish. The result is a smooth, complex and balanced flavor with caramel and maple overtones, aromatic, moderate spicy sweetness with a big mouth feel, and a long, pleasant and warm finish. The suggested retail price for Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey is $24.99 

An experienced group of beverage industry experts have joined together to launch Capital Brands LLC to bring unique premium alcohol beverages to the global market. 

The company will create, produce and market its own branded premium spirits. The venture’s first division, The Tennessee Spirits Company, is a family of premium and flavored whiskey products that celebrate the tradition of Tennessee distilling. 

The company also has plans to build a new distillery, located at One Whiskey Way in Pulaski, Tenn., that will be designed as a destination for travelers and whiskey lovers alike. 
Capital Brands has tapped Dave Scheurich as The Tennessee Spirits Company’s master distiller. Scheurich has decades of distillery and production experience, which includes serving as general manager and distillery manager for the Woodford Reserve Distillery and in various capacities with Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, and Wild Turkey. 

The seasoned Capital Brands team leading these efforts includes: President and CEO Ernie Blockburger, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Bob Reider, Chief Financial Officer Pete Lazzari, and Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Tennessee Spirits Company Ray Steelman. 

With a collective resume that reads like a well-stocked bar – representing Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Anheuser Busch, Ironstone Vineyards, Sobieski Vodka, Whalers Rum, Jim Beam, Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Coors, Gallo Wine Company and others – the team pulls from decades of hands-on work in the beverage industry. 

Using the founders’ relationships across the globe, Capital Brands has already established an impressive U.S. and international distribution network. Domestic distribution will be handled by Southern Wine & Spirits, Glazers and other tier one distributors, and will cover all 50 states. Capital Brands’ international network will initially reach into Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and worldwide Duty Free. 
“Our team is big enough to service markets around the world, but small enough to provide our customers with the personal service they demand,” says Reider. “While it was an entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation that brought our team together, our culture exudes a family feel and it’s important to us that our customers, distributors and vendors feel like a part of that family.” 

Capital Brands LLC creates, produces and markets branded premium spirits to the global marketplace. The Tennessee Spirits Company, a division of Capital Brands, produces a family of premium and flavored American whiskeys. For more information, visit or

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