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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Both the Jailers and Breakout Whiskeys have been released by the Tennessee Spirits Company. Having recently tried the Jailers Premium, I had high expectations of the Breakout Premium as well. Boy did it meet my expectations! The bite on this whiskey was hard. However, I felt it to be an ideal "after BBQ" style drink. The sweetness of the flavors and smokiness led me to believe that this version was perfect as an after dinner style whiskey. Bring this bottle along with you again to your next summer concert with a group of friends. I found the Breakout to be ideal with an icy Coca-Cola. It can also make for a nice house gift when attending your next summer BBQ. All in all "two thumbs up" for the Breakout Premium Rye Whiskey!

Crazy on Rye! At least that is what a remember about it from college. I clearly went to a school near the Canadian border as all of the hockey players from there would drink this. Mixed with a splash of water and boy were we off to a crazy Rye night. So.... this Breakout Premium 8-year old American Rye Whiskey is double distilled to make it truly smooth. Tons of flavor is achieved during the process of aging it in white oak barrels for eight years. Half oaky with a hints of rich buttery taste as well. If you are looking to get the night started and keep it going then try the Breakout America Rye as you will be pleased! 

Since I am not much of a whiskey drinker, I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the Capital Brands Breakout Premium 8-Year Old American Rye Whiskey. I was pleasantly surprised. The Capital Brands website says this is "A Smooth Whiskey for Hard Times." I could see how I might enjoy this after a long, hard day at work. While there is a distinct toasted rye aroma to begin, I was able to then pick up some banana, tobacco and black tea. After I let it breath, I was also able to pick up the aroma of caramel and vanilla. Upon tasting, it was very smooth on the palate. Not being familiar with rye whiskey, I wasn't sure the best way to enjoy this awesome drink. I just stuck with drinking it neat. Now that I know what I have been missing, I am excited to do more research on what food best pairs with this or what to mix with it. I know I am going to recommend this to several friends of mine. I can't wait for my next glass! 

One of America's favorite pastimes is sipping on wonderful whiskey. So when it's our time to indulge we go to Breakout Premium 8-Year Old American Rye Whiskey. This great American made Whiskey is from the Tennessee Spirit Company, part of Capital Brands. Breakout Premium 8-Year Old American Rye Whiskey won't disappoint even the most sophisticated
of rye drinkers. Aged 8 years to perfection, it has rich toffee and buttery flavors, that melt in your mouth. This is the perfect sipping whiskey. If you never thought you'd be a whiskey drinker, you may change your mind after sampling this premium American whiskey. Breakout Premium 8-Year Old American Rye Whiskey is very smooth and doesn't leave you with a bitter or hard end taste. Perfect for conversations with good friends, over ice or at room temperature you just can't go wrong. Breakout Premium 8-Year Old American Rye Whiskey is a great new whiskey that will leave you wanting more.



Group’s First Venture Introduces Two American Whiskeys and an American Cream Liqueur 

An experienced group of beverage industry experts have joined together to launch Capital Brands LLC to bring unique premium alcohol beverages to the global market. 

The company will create, produce and market its own branded premium spirits. The venture’s first division, The Tennessee Spirits Company, is a family of premium and flavored whiskey products that celebrate the tradition of Tennessee distilling. 

The company also has plans to build a new distillery, located at One Whiskey Way in Pulaski, Tenn., that will be designed as a destination for travelers and whiskey lovers alike. 

Capital Brands has tapped Dave Scheurich as The Tennessee Spirits Company’s master distiller. Scheurich has decades of distillery and production experience, which includes serving as general manager and distillery manager for the Woodford Reserve Distillery and in various capacities with Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, and Wild Turkey. 

Working with Scheurich, The Tennessee Spirits Company is introducing three new products: 

Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey (86 proof) – Master Distiller Scheurich begins with aged Tennessee whiskey, then chill filters it for exceptional clarity and taste, and a polished finish. The result is a smooth, complex and balanced flavor with caramel and maple overtones, aromatic, moderate spicy sweetness with a big mouth feel, and a long, pleasant and warm finish. The suggested retail price for Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey is $24.99 

Breakout Premium 8-Year-Old American Rye Whiskey (86 proof) – A smooth introduction to those new to the world of rye, Breakout is aged eight years, then chill filtered for clarity. Breakout boasts a full-bodied flavor with smoky, toffee overtones, and a nice warm-mouth feel with a long and pleasant finish. The suggested retail price for Breakout Premium 8-Year-Old American Rye Whiskey is $44.99. 

Forbidden Secret American Cream Liqueur (15% ALC/VOL) – A luxurious blend of pure American dairy cream, Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey, dark chocolate and robust espresso mingle together to create the decadent flavors of Forbidden Secret American Cream Liqueur. The suggested retail price for Forbidden Secret American Cream Liqueur is $24.99. 

The seasoned Capital Brands team leading these efforts includes: President and CEO Ernie Blockburger, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Bob Reider, Chief Financial Officer Pete Lazzari, and Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Tennessee Spirits Company Ray Steelman. 

With a collective resume that reads like a well-stocked bar – representing Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Anheuser Busch, Ironstone Vineyards, Sobieski Vodka, Whalers Rum, Jim Beam, Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Coors, Gallo Wine Company and others – the team pulls from decades of hands-on work in the beverage industry. 

Using the founders’ relationships across the globe, Capital Brands has already established an impressive U.S. and international distribution network. Domestic distribution will be handled by Southern Wine & Spirits, Glazers and other tier one distributors, and will cover all 50 states. Capital Brands’ international network will initially reach into Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and worldwide Duty Free. 

“Our team is big enough to service markets around the world, but small enough to provide our customers with the personal service they demand,” says Reider. “While it was an entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation that brought our team together, our culture exudes a family feel and it’s important to us that our customers, distributors and vendors feel like a part of that family.” 

Capital Brands LLC creates, produces and markets branded premium spirits to the global marketplace. The Tennessee Spirits Company, a division of Capital Brands, produces a family of premium and flavored American whiskeys. For more information, visit or

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