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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Peachy Picks Grifone Our Coverage Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Dental, Official Dentist of Whom You Know

Owner Mario Belich

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When you enter Grifone, you will become enveloped in an atmosphere of style, distinction, and cuisine on a level where every course is a home run by owner Mario Belich, who having come to the USA in 1970 from Croatia is living the American Dream.  Grifone is his baby.  He must fret about every last detail as there is not a crumb on the floor or a person that is there that doesn't come back.  We are letting you in on one of New York's best kept secrets-this is a place most often frequented by locals who understand the difference between different levels of cuisine and only want the best.  If you are a tourist, you are in for a treat because Peachy can nearly guarantee there is absolutely nothing in your hometown that would compare.  We cannot recall a dining review in recent memory where every course was so high-level and unique, and if you're really lucky, you'll get a chance to sample the best Grappa we've had ever at the conclusion of your Grifone experience.  Mario makes it himself in the backyard...
So, we all know from our history lessons that Croatia was part of Italy before World War II so we feel that Croatians are also authentic in this cuisine.  So in coming to America, Mario had a good culinary foundation....and he started at Carnegie Deli in 1970, which we have reviewed (click here to read what Peachy thought of the Carnegie Deli), and then went to the 21 Club (founded by Mover and Shaker Sascha Rothchild's grandfather, Charlie Berns), and then went to Giraffe, which Peachy is not old enough/has not lived in New York long enough to comment on.   Giraffe became extinct in 1997 when she was living in Chestnut Hill.  Giraffe had a sister restaurant owned by the same 3 partners: Grifone!  So in 1997, Mario came to Grifone and since 2006 he has been the sole owner.  Grifone was first featured in Tasty Tidbits:
We are pleased to announce it has joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks!  The desire to serve outstanding cuisine and genuine care about not only his establishment but also the lives of his guests put Mario Belich and Grifone in top standing.  We were immediately greeted by Mario with a kiss on each cheek, sparkling water and a lovely plate of starters that you see above-the Caccatorini Salami was to-die-for.
This is the full-bodied Italian red wine by Fattoria dei Barbi that Peachy drank-it was absolutely divine.  Its depth was wonderful and its smooth finish delighted her and it was exactly what she wanted.
The menu is quite extensive and the worst part about dining at Grifone is picking what you're going to order, because after menu perusal you'll have a hard time making up your mind.  Peachy always knows what she wants as you know but even she had a tough time!
Mario surprised us with Risotto Milanese first before Peachy even came to a menu conclusion:
This is the kind of surprise Peachy loves.  Every bite was superior to most other risottos we've had-it was fragrant, served piping hot, and as delicious as it looks.  The texture alone was mouth-watering and the saffron flavor blew us away.  It was at first bite that Peachy knew that she was not the one this time that was going to pick what she was going to be ordering (she feels this way in only about 5% of all dinner reviews.)  We also have heard that the White Truffle Risotto (seasonal: December/January) is terribly coveted.  
There is pasta, and then there is pasta at Grifone.  We have never highlighted either of these before: Bosc Pear Ravioli and Paglia e Fieno.  Each respectively melted in our mouths and silenced the table.  Not that it was that noisy before - another commendable aspect of Grifone is that it is classy and quiet so you can enjoy your dinner in peace.  The Pear Ravioli danced in a gracious concoction of butter and sage that accentuated the fine flavor while the Paglia e Fieno's cream sauce was majestic and the pasta was fresh and delicious.  The crusty top really was just beyond.
We heard that a leading entree at Grifone is the veal sauteed in wine sauce with sweet red peppers, shiitake mushrooms, and we chose a side of spinach as well.  Fireworks of flavor by this culinary combination ignited our experience and this main course just confirmed how fine the dining is at Grifone.  The Manchego cheese plate was the perfect after-dinner follow-up and we believed we couldn't eat another bite.  However, we were in for another Mario surprise-and never, ever has Peachy ever known she's eating a dessert with 21 layers in it that was so thin.  We offer a humble 21-gun salute to each and every layer of the Mille Foglie and we thought every bite of creaminess was like a divine heavenly cloud, you know like the one Peachy was floating on getting her facial at La Prairie at The Ritz-but this one, you could eat!  Finally, it would be an understatement to say that the after-dinner Grappa was amazing.  The first we tried was a terrific combination of figs and dates, and the second, raisins.  Mario also does blueberry, banana strawberry, melon and we do have high hopes for peach some day.  We had thought this would be a top review and our experience only confirms that, so with that in mind Peachy brought with her one of the best arbiters of luxurious better living she's met in New York.

Our esteemed panelist adds:
I had a great time!!!  
So where to start!!

To begin with, the Risotto Milanese was just perfect and set the standard for how amazingly impressed we'd be.  Next, the p
ear ravioli tasted very summery fresh and light and was a lovely follow-up.  It was joined by 
Paglia e fieno which was served just like at home in a Italian villa, because after all, Grifone will become one of your homes after you try it.  
The Veal Scaloppini was terrifically light light light served with roasted peppers and the shiitake mushrooms made it even more memorable; 
and dessert what can I say- it started with a course of incomparable Manchego Cheese:

Thin Thin Thin crepes layered with an amazing Kirsch flavoured creme-
amazing amazing- highlighted by divine drizzles of raspberry.  
And then a real surprise: Homemade Grappa!
The dates and figs infused grappa was sublime deserving to be offered at the best hotels and restaurant in the world.  

The whole experience was delightful.

Peachy Picks Grifone!

Grifone is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know

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