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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Peachy Picks Da Tommaso Our Coverage Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Dental, Official Dentist of Whom You Know

Executive Chef and Owner Thomas Da Tommaso

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At Whom You Know, we've reviewed more Italian places than any other cuisine so when you are restaurant number 160-something in the review list and you do something new, that's saying something-as in the succulent shrimps above which Peachy will elaborate on.  The Da Tommaso family has had a winner in Hell's Kitchen for the past 25 years and if this is not where you go before or after the shows, you ought to pay owner Paul Da Tommaso a visit and he'll regale you with stories of his inspiration, Executive Chef Croche, who was a Chef of Benito Mussolini prior to working with Paul at Righi in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in the mid-1970's. Paul, his cousin Thomas and Paul's sister Lola have made Da Tomasso a quintessential Italian family affair that we'd encourage you all to partake in.  Peachy Deegan began with the Gamberi Alla Arancia (above): Rolled Shrimp with Prosciutto in a Light Orange Sauce-that was perfectly decadent and also unique among appetizers.  Pineapples added a kick to this starter and it was a lovely combination. This is among the many hits for appetizers at Da Tommaso, and you should know that everything is made on premises.  Peachy sipped a house Montepulciano which was robust and paired well with everything we tried.

They get their fish from Slavin and it was terrific whether nesting inside ravioli or standalone like the branzino.  Peachy is not sure she's ever seen a larger ravioli and this special of the evening had great flavor: lobster ravioli with crabmeat, scallions and crushed tomatoes.  A splash of freshly grated cheese rested atop this remarkable pasta course.  If you are the type that wants to know who frequents such a venue, be aware that Da Tommaso from when it opened in 1987 to about 2002 was right near many recording studios which have since moved downtown, yet it still retains quite a roster of stars as customers, though sometimes they get takeout.  Last month we heard Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys ordered from Da Tommaso and Bill Murray, a pal of Paul's since 1981, also is a fan.  We hear Madonna used to order caesar salad and minestrone and pasts guests also include Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola, Billy Joel, Al Pacino, Celine Dion, Jon Bon Jovi, and three months ago Charlie Sheen dined in the private area, minded his manners and was a fantastic client.
Another aspect of Da Tommaso you should be aware of is that they are more than willing to prepare a dish exactly the way you want it, regardless of how it is presented on the menu.  The fish special of the day was Branzino and though it was originally presented with olives included, you can guess what Peachy asked them to hold.  Not only did they hold the olives, but also they added more garlic which she absolutely adores.  The Branzino was a winner in a garlic lemon wine sauce and the texture and flavor was tremendous.  Sergio the waiter was on the ball all evening as well.

Do not leave without sampling the dessert!  Peachy found the tiramisu and custard the most convincing, and if you are a cheesecake affectionado, we know you'll love the cheesecake too.
Our esteemed panelist adds:
Da Tommaso is a sea of calm in the middle of New York’s frenetic 
theater district. Our early reservation gave us plenty of time to relax and 
enjoy a delicious meal before curtain call, but don’t expect only to see 
other Broadway bound patrons in the seats around you, 
Da Tommaso 
is 70% repeat destination customers who come back to see Paul Da Tommaso, the 
owner, and savor 
 his partner in the business and the Chef, 
classic Northern Italian cooking. Regulars are a “who’s who” of the 
entertainment industry and have included Madonna, Celine Dion, Bill 
Murray, Al Pacino and John Bon Jovi. Charlie Sheen recently rented o
ut the back room for a private party. They even do a small take out 
business that includes fans such as Alicia Keys when she’s in town at 
late night recording sessions.  
My first move was to order a glass of their house white wine, and I knew 
it was a good sign when I was pleased with the Pinot Grigio that they

I then ordered my starter, the avocado salad that was a perfect 
dinner appetizer for a hot day in the city. Accompaniments included 
hearts of palm and cherry tomatoes. The dressing was light enough so 
that the flavors of the vegetables were both distinct and harmonious.  
Our pasta dish was lobster ravioli, which Paul recommended. He said 
that the raviolis are one of their specialties, and judging by this I would 
agree that they are well worth ordering. The lobster was mixed with 
crabmeat, and the drizzle of fresh tomato sauce was both rich and light.  T
he raviolis themselves are made on premises, have a pleasant texture 
and a discernably homemade flavor. 
My entree was by far the winner of the evening as far as I was concerned, 
and the dish that will get me back to 
Da Tommaso 
as soon as possible. 

I had the veal martini, which is cooked in Parmesan cheese, butter, 
lemon and wine. It was so succulent that it literally seemed to melt in
my mouth. The veal was thin and flavorful, and the sauce was once again l
ight and perfectly paired with the serving.  D
a Tommaso
 is a great place to get an authentic Italian meal before or 
after the theater, or when in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York. Paul his cousin the chef
Da Tommaso
 just as they did 25 years ago when 
they first opened. Customers are mostly greeted by name and food is 
freshly prepared by the Chef-Owner to order. This under-the-radar
restaurant is a must for New Yorkers.

Peachy Picks Da Tommaso!
Da Tommaso is recommended by Whom You Know.

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