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Monday, August 27, 2012

Peachy's Pet Pals: Exclusive from Lucy Vonnegut as She Summers in Narragansett!!! Find Out How She Helps Norb With Her Star Power!

The esteemed Ms. Lucy Vonnegut

A note from the Editor: Whom You Know is in the process of reading all of Norb Vonnegut's books.  They are absolutely fantastic, so stay tuned.  Lucy asked us to write in the color of Harvard, so we agreed since it's also the color of Boston College.  Actually it might even be an Exeter color too, but we're not sure since we prepped at Farmington (actually Marty's wife went there...)  The Barney referred to below was first referred to by Strudel Marinelli:
Here's the latest from Lucy, and we are so pleased to kick off our coverage of this pooch and her family!

From the Desk of Lucy

You know I love you. You've been so good to my cousins. That Barney is absolutely adorable. Under normal circumstances, I'd be happy to do an interview. Just you and me, girl. There's so much to cover.

But nothing's normal anymore.

The problem at paw—word leaked out. Anybody who's anything in Hollywood knows about my cameo roll in Norb's new novelette. George Clooney called. So did Brangelina. It seems everybody wants to do lunch and talk movies and get me to bark for this role or that. I told my agent no way to the remake of Cujo.

It's all very flattering. But I want to be alone. Know what I'm saying?

Just yesterday, I turned down Marty. Do you think me awful? It was either Scorsese or Tom Hanks. Ruff, ruff, I'd like to jump on that. If Tom asks me to do Turner and Hooch Two with him, I am so there. I don't care what Ronnie Howard says. My tongue is in a league all its own.

The phone is ringing off the hook, and there's been no time to get the nails done. My hair is an absolute fright. And my ears—when will Norb do something about them? You should try cleaning these babies.

Oh bother, what's a girl to do? All the celebrity is making me belch something fierce. I gave up my spot as the captain of the Narragansett sled-dog team. And I haven't been to the dog park in months. Maybe that's for the best. There's a bad case of kennel cough going around. No way I'm croaking my way through all the auditions. 

Can you ever see your way to forgiving me? Let's do lunch next time I'm in New York. Okay? My people will call your people.

Tootles and BFF,
XOXO, Lucy 

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