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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Having grown up playing so many sports, I know the impact it can have on your life. There is nothing more invigorating then getting on the field, playing with a team and fighting towards beating the opponent. But one of the best things I ever remember about sports was having my Dad at almost every game, cheering me on. He shared in my successes and helped me get through the defeats. So reading “Happy Like Soccer” really touched my heart. Sierra loves two things so whole heartedly and wants nothing more than to make them come together. 

How many times can we thing of something we do that make us happy? I know for me, it's reading. For Sierra, it's soccer. Just like reading can make me happy, it also can make me sad depending on what I'm reading. Just like soccer makes Sierra happy, it also makes her sad. She's sad because her aunt has to work on her game days. I know this is a book my students will be able to relate to. They love to tell me things they do outside of school that make them happy and sad. This is a book that should be a must on every classroom bookshelf. 

Happy Like Soccer is a wonderful story. This book teaches children about how to LOVE the sports they play. It also have them realise that even if someone can't be there to root them on that they are there with them in spirit. This book also reminds us that we need to cheer one another on in life no matter what we are doing. It shows children to be encouraging. It is a must have for those soccer loving kids and for those who just love sports. Oh and before I forget the illustrations are just beautiful! It brings these the book to life. 

"Happy Like Soccer" is a wonderful book. Written by Maribeth Boelts and illustrated by Lauren Castillo, this book teaches children about compassion, something I very strongly believe in. In "Happy Like Soccer", Sierra, a young girl, plays soccer every Saturday. She loves the sport, but she is always left feeling sad at the games when she has no one to cheer for her like the other girls do. Sierra lives with her auntie and her auntie has to work every Saturday. My son was sad for Sierra and wanted to know why she lived with her auntie and not her mommy and daddy. This book opened up all kinds of discussions between me and my son. There is a happy ending to "Happy Like Soccer", but I won't give it away. It is most definitely worth purchasing this book to share with your child, you will both love it.


Picture book / Hard Cover
Happy Like Soccer 
By Maribeth Bolts, Illustrated by Lauren Castillo
On Sale 05/2012

$15.99 USD / $18.00 CAD ISBN: 9780763646165
Ages 5 – 9 Kindergarten – Grade 4
32 Pages 10 1/4” x 9 1/16” 

Nothing makes Sierra happy like soccer. Her shoes have flames as she spins the ball down the spread-out sea of grass. But nothing makes her sad like soccer, too, because the restaurant where her auntie works is busy on game days and she can't take time off to watch Sierra play. On game days, her auntie helps Sierra get ready and tells her, "Play hard and have fun." And Sierra does, but she can't help wishing she had someone there to root for her by name, and not just by the number on her uniform. With honesty and rare subtlety, author Maribeth Boelts and illustrator Lauren Castillo portray an endearing character in a moving, uplifting story that touches on the divides children navigate every day- and remind us that everyone needs someone to cheer them on from the sidelines. A warmhearted story about a young girl who finds a way to bring together the two things that make her most happy- soccer and her family.

Author’s Comments:
Maribeth Boelts is the author of many books for children, including Those Shoes, illustrated by Noah Z. Jones, which was a Charlotte Zolotow Award Highly Commended Title. About Happy Like Soccer, she says, "Coaching soccer for a number of years, I saw the amazing impact a cheering family could have on a child-someone who knows and loves us and will root us on." Maribeth Boelts lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Illustrator’s Comments:
Lauren Castillo has illustrated many books for children. This is her first book with Candlewick Press. She lives in Brooklyn.

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