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Thursday, September 13, 2012

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE: Snowman Hat and Mittens by 32 Degrees Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! We are Pleased to Kick Off Our Coverage of 32 Degrees!

Summer is quickly coming to an end. It’s hard to say goodbye to little dresses and strappy sandals for you and your daughter. But Winter is a great season and who does not love skiing, ice-skating and hot chocolate. So keep your little one warm and cozy this winter with adorable fleece hat and gloves made by 32 Degrees. This winter embracing company makes everything in the USA. Shocking I know! This snuggly hat is blue and white and is livened up with a small carrot nose and eyes peeping out to look like a snowman. What I love is that is works for both girls and boys. And the motif is not in your face and overdone. It is minimal yet has enough for children to enjoy. Plus the mittens add a little more whimsy and are super soft. 

While basking in the warm, sunny, late summer days, it's hard to believe that winter is just around the corner! But it is, and thanks to 32 Degrees, there is a fun way for little ones to keep warm and dry! Their line of handcrafted hats and mittens, made from the finest fleece available, features adorable designs that will make kids WANT to get bundled up! I recently received the children's snowman hat and mittens, and I just know my nephew will be begging to put them on, even with temperatures in the 80s! The hat is white with a snowman face (featuring a carrot-shaped nose that sticks out!), and a blue band at the bottom, which looks like the snowman's scarf. It has ear flaps and ties under the chin, so there's no chance of it slipping or being blown out of place by gusty winter winds. And the fleece is super soft and cozy, too - just right for sensitive young skin. The mittens are just as sweet, with the cute little snowman face and a little bow at the tip to represent the snowman's scarf. They are also long enough to cover the wrists and not leave bare skin exposed between mittens and coat sleeves, which is a great added bonus. And perhaps best of all? 32 Degrees' products are made right here in the U.S.A.! 

It may still technically be summer, but it is not too early to plan outerwear for your children for the upcoming cold months. Remember the freak snowstorm last Halloween (if you weren't in the snow region, we had a big snowstorm on Halloween!)? If your child is lacking in warm hats or mittens, look no further than 32 Degrees. "Funky Hats & Mittens Handcrafted in the U.S.A.", 32 Degrees offers a wide variety of hats and mittens. Constructed entirely in the U.S. and made of anti-pill fleece in very cheerful colors, your child is bound to want to wear these items! Imagine a winter where you don't have to battle your child to wear his/her hat and mittens? My son loved the snowman hat and mittens. About the mittens he exclaimed, "Look mom! They are long so that snow won't get in my sleeve!" If you want to purchase these high quality items, please visit 32 Degrees online to find a retailer near you! FYI, the "one size fits most" hat fits the average adult noggin may want to consider one for yourself once you see how fabulous your child's is! 

32 Degrees is a USA made company that makes the most adorable hats and gloves for children. I am so excited about this adorable product. As you can see in the picture the adorable Blue Snowman hat in gloves are here just in time for winter. This is by far one of the cutest hat and glove combo I have seen out there for children. It's soft and feels great against their skin. It is not only fashionable but cute! Every child should have this in their winter wardrobe. This is a great give for the holidays. Every child must have this set! Trust me they will LOVE IT! 

Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Snowman Hat and Mittens for Children!


32 Degrees LLC is a wholesaler/retailer of uniquely designed fleece winter hats and mittens. 32 Degrees products are soft, warm, fun and practical. Their snowman hat is their very first design in 2007 and it has continued to hold a first place position in sales along with their very popular Penguin Hat. 

32 Degrees LLC prides ourselves on making the warmest, softest, cutest hats and mittens for all ages right here in the USA” said Christine Haley owner/designer. “You won’t be fighting your child put on their winter hat, you’ll be fighting them to take it off!”

32 Degrees Snowman Hats comes in four adjustable sizes and a variety of colors. The three smaller sizes (0-6mos., 6-18mos., 18mos. – 3yrs.) has an under the chin hook and loop closure while the OSFM (one size fits most, recommended for 3yrs and up) has a tie closure. The simply must have matching snowman mittens also come in 5 sizes so no one goes without! 

The fully lined Penguin Hats come in three adjustable sizes (0-6mos., 6-18mos., OSFM recommended for 18mos all the way to adult) All penguin hats have a hook and loop closure….no need to let that neck get cold! The positively must have matching penguin mittens are also fully lined to keep the warmth in and cold out! Both style hats and mittens are made of high quality antipill fleece. They have an adjustable clip in the back to ensure a custom fit. All 32 Degrees mittens are fully lined so you have two soft, comfy layers for supreme warmth on the coldest winter days.

Some of our customer’s quotes are “Your hats kept my family nice and warm on our trip to Antarctica! Thanks” , “We love your funky style!” and “We love your hats!! They are the absolute cutest! And we love that they are made in America! We have a blog that finds products made in the USA and we posted about your hats today!” To view others you can go to our FaceBook page at
32 Degrees is owned by Christine Haley, mother of three. She started designing hats when her first child was born and fell in love with it. When her second child was born with Spina Bifida and hydrocephalous (water on the brain) is when the adjustable strap (now on every 32 Degrees hat) was created. She needed an adorable children’s hat that fit an adult size child’s head. The feedback from her customers was amazing. No need to worry if the hat will fit because you can adjust it for a custom fit for years of wear. Every year she offers at least three new designs inspired by her 3rd child well on her way to designing herself. She only wishes there were more hours in a day to be able to create all the fun, crazy designs filling her head.

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