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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Every time Peachy Deegan goes to a trade show, she is looking for EXCELLENCE, but there is absolutely nothing we like better than AMERICAN EXCELLENCE, and we found it with Agave Jeans.  See the tag saying where they are made:
We see the smile on your face now!
Every red-blooded American LOVES JEANS, and we know some people that are even CEO's of brands that literally even go to formal events in jeans...and if you were wearing Agave, we could understand that!  To kick off our coverage of this amazing brand, we begin with something heavenly:
The Goddess jean is a relaxed fit bootcut and particularly flattering for women with shape. It has a higher 9” rise and comes with a 34“ inseam which is great for tall women or to wear with a good heel.  Note you do need to be quite tall or wear very high heels if you are short (under 5'4") to have these fit you correctly-we can't wait until a petite edition comes out for our shrimpy Editor-in-Chief.  We absolutely adore the quality of the fabric which is both soft and durable with a 
“Sea Shore” finish - this is a 9.5oz denim from made of Lycocell/cotton/and polyester and is stonewashed and hand sanded to give it rich medium/dark shade.  Just stunning.
You can see the stitching is careful and neat.
The cuffs are sharp, classy and finished off the right way.
And they even look good from the back:

AGAVE: Pure West Coast Luxury

Founded in 2002 in Santa Monica California, Agave remains true to its roots of designing and crafting beautiful, inspired and authentic denim products using only the highest quality materials. All denim jeans and cut & sewn knits are handcrafted in California. Agave was created by Jeffrey T. Shafer and is represented by friends, artisans and passionate people who stand for courage, compassion, conservation, integrity and full self-expression through style and design. The Agave style is defined by one’s inner confidence and the ability to enjoy the simple beauty of life. Agave style is effortlessly cool and elegantly sexy. The Agave brand is the definition of what we call Pure West Coast Luxury.

These words reflect our culture, achievements and values, and serve as the foundation for Agave’s brand position today – the central theme that embodies the spirit of our organization and commu- nicates what makes us distinct. In today’s highly competitive and overly marketed world, even in the business of blue jeans and tee shirts, we are constantly subjected to messages from a vast array of media that competes for our mind’s attention. Because of the vast quantity and noise of brand messages in the market, and the complexity of our organization, it is critical to our success that we speak with one voice, a voice united around the themes of our brand positioning.

Establishing the brand position to focus all of our communication efforts creates a consistent under- standing in the minds of our stakeholders. This consistency helps ensure that Agave receives the ap- propriate recognition for its strengths, that our reputation benefits fully from the contributions each and every one of us makes to its success, and that we translate that recognition into support that will allow for the full achievement of our vision.

Every member of the Agave community is a brand ambassador. Each time one of us represents the company, we have an opportunity to reinforce the Agave brand and build a strong reputation for our company. Our logo, designs and graphics will help us tell our story in a more powerful and effec- tive way. That’s why I am asking you to embrace these guidelines so as to ensure continuity, a high standard of excellence, and a clear, consistent identity of Agave.

Jeffrey T. Shafer

Founder & CEO

Point Of Difference


These differentiators help us stand apart from other companies and should serve as recurring themes in communications.


Agave is inspired by and captures the spirit and natural beauty of some of most magnificent land- scapes and terrain on the planet, from the Sea of Cortez to the Kenai Peninsula including; Baja California, Southern California, The Central Coast, The Mojave Desert, Big Sur, The Sierra Nevada, The San Francisco Bay Area, Coastal Oregon, The Cascade Range, The San Juan Islands,

The Olympic Rain Forest, British Columbia and Western Alaska, all connected by the Pacific Ocean. Agave is a travel & adventure lifestyle with a focus on an ecological point of view, combined with luxury and ALWAYS in beautiful denim and sumptuous knits.


Jeff and Lauren are the designers, owners and operators. There is no Board of Directors, no

“investors” and no safety net. The have everything on the line, every day.


Agave has been a leader in performance and sustainability by introducing fibers like Hemp, Tencel, Linen and Recycled Polyester, recycled cotton and Supima cotton. Jeff ’s favorite fabric is 100% cotton shuttle loom selvage woven in Japan in vintage looms using plant indigo.


Jeff and Lauren’s design philosophy is the product speaks for itself. The product always comes first and is only as good as the materials used.


Agave fundamentally believes that America can manufacture world-class products successfully in

the United States. Agave manufactures 98% of its products in the USA.

Lauren Shafer

There is a saying in the design room at Agave – Going Lauren on it. “Going Lauren on it” means

you gave it your all, busted your butt, didn’t stop until it was just right, went above and beyond, and broke a sweat while doing it. It means showing up to work with your hair in a ponytail, no make-up and old jeans in order to organize the design room. And organizing the design room doesn’t mean filing papers. It means building library shelves that are taller than you, digging through endless boxes of denim samples, pushing desks into place and hauling junk down to the warehouse. “Going Lauren on it” means making patterns at work, sewing them at home, bringing them back to work to drape, pin, cut and fuss over – and then doing it all again a couple more times until a style is perfect. Lauren is usually standing in front of the mirror with pins sticking out of the sample she is wearing, fit notes written on the sample and tape measure in hand. The wheels are turning as she stares at herself, head cocked to the side, looking over the top of her glasses. This is the kind of designer you want making your clothes.

Lauren has been Jeff ’s partner in business and life for over 20 years. After 14 years of being a

stay-at-home mom, Lauren Shafer returned to the apparel industry as the head designer of Agave

Women’s Collection. It was inevitable. Her natural talent could not sit idle any longer.

Lauren was always around the office but decided to make it her regular gig during the development of Agave’s fall 2011 season. Jeff had surrendered to the fact that he couldn’t master designing for women. Lauren was apprehensive about returning to work. The challenge of designing two com- plete lines each year was daunting. She holds herself to a high standard when it comes to her work, and she didn’t want to let the Agave team down. This was quite the stage to step onto after being behind the scenes for so long. Lauren proved herself quickly, creating the most cohesive, unique and feminine collection Agave had ever seen. She seems to outdo herself with each new collection. Lauren has mastered the art of balancing a consistent point-of-view with a fresh outlook.

The life and design partnership of Jeff and Lauren is what makes Agave “AGAVE.” Jeff is the creative director and focuses on themes, fabrics and color. Lauren brings the theme to life and is a master in tailoring and fit.

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