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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peachy's Pet Pals Star Lucy Vonnegut Contemplates Her Look For Fall Nails and Has a Chat with Peachy Deegan!

Star Canine Lucy Vonnegut, pre-makeover

You know Lucy was previously featured here:

It is all about Fashion Week now, Manhattan and Peachy's going to a show tomorrow-stay tuned for news on one of our Movers and Shakers!  We love nails in classic solid colors like red, pink and maroon and you know dogs have nails too.  We can't start Fashion Week without one of our most fashionable Pet Pals, and Lucy Vonnegut writes in: 

Oh Peachy I also just adore those classic looks too that are all the rage in Narragansett just like on the Upper East Side. Next week, I'm heading back to the salon. Facial. Haircut. Everything snout to stern. Beauty like this takes work, you know. Try sticking your face in a water dish. It messes my hair every time. Know what I'm saying?  Wait until I get on your dining panel-watch out!  I'll bring the groomer with me and hide him under the table because we know the camera comes out during the dinner reviews and I cannot wind up on page 6 not at my best.

So just between you and me, girl to girl. Think I should get my nails done in "vogue"? The grey is perfect for the pads on my paws. And the purple tones with my curly white fur—get out of here, Lady Peach! Adorable, right?

Off to see Ryan Gosling. Norb says he'd be perfect to play Grove O'Rourke. I want to sniff him first. I won't lick just anybody. I mean some of the guys in Hollywood…. Eww.

Tootles and BFF.

PS: By the way, it would be so fab if you could pick up a few copies of Norb's books and give them to all your friends as gifts too-he is financing my makeover bien sur! Fingers crossed that I'll be signing them as well as him when my star really soars post-makeover, pals! I can't believe that Scatter My Ashes at BG book is beating Norb's now but once I get my Hollywood Star they will become even more all the rage. After my nails are done, of course.

Note from the Editor to Lucy: You absolutely must share Ryan!

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